How to Install Kodi on Asus Chromebox?

In addition to the main multimedia streaming box like Roku and Kodi, you can go for a Chromebox without a second thought as it matches all your entertainment needs.

Chromebox is a small desktop computer with Chrome OS installed. You can use your Chromebox to access almost any video streaming service available on the internet.

Chromeboxes have a smaller market than Chromebooks, so there aren’t many options. The major Chromebox manufacturers are Asus and HP.

You can install Kodi on a ChromeBox in several ways. The two most common are by using LibreELEC or Gallium OS + Kodi in standalone or dual boot. This is done by using the ChromeBox Kodi E-Z installation script. This script should run from Chrome OS (at least initially).

The EZ installation script simplifies all steps required to install dual-boot or custom firmware. This way you can install your Linux based operating system easily. This guide explains How to Install Kodi on Chromebox easily.

How to Install Kodi on Chromebox

Step 1: For the installation of the Chromebox for Kodi, take a thin Phillips screwdriver and a needle (eg. A tool to remove the SIM card from your smartphone). The Chromebox will reset, so backup all locally stored data.

Step 2: Open the Chromebox. There is no need to replace RAM, just remove the write protection screw. The location may differ depending on the model. You can find those images on Kodi-Wiki. The screw is no longer used.

How to Install Kodi on Chromebox

Step 3: Then use the SIM card needle. Connect the keyboard, power supply, and monitor.

Gently press the needle until it fits into the hole next to the memory card slot and press this hidden button while turning on the power.

You will see a white screen with the “Ctrl + D” key combination and press this hidden button again with the needle.

Step 3: Chromebox becomes ‘Chromebox Developer’ within 5 minutes of factory reset. Obviously, there is a weird timeout of 30 seconds each time the system starts but it can be customized later.

Step 4: Here we use the Linux distribution LibreELEC to install Kodi. It provides a sufficient operating system for Kodi.

Linux distribution LibreELEC

Step 5: Kodi-Wiki recommends powering your Chromebox first in the installation guide using E-Z Setup-Script.

Step 6: Press Ctrl + D.

Step 7: Connect it to the network like WiFi.

Step 8: Select Ctrl + Alt + F2 and log in without a password.

Step 9: Now, typed in cd; curl -LO https://mrchromebox.tech/firmware-util.sh && sudo bash firmware-util.sh and press Enter.

Step 10: Then, the installation wizard will guide you. It handles downloads, partitioning, and offers boot sequence options. You can choose Dual-boot off.

Installation wizard

Step 11: Turn your Chromebox into a dual boot system with Chrome OS + LibreELEC.

Step 12: A 5GB saving for Kodi/LibreELEC while partitioning is enough. Sometimes, even if you have a lot of Kodi plugins installed, 3GB is enough.

Step 13: If you want to change the boot sequence or timeline at any time repeat the above steps for the E-Z installation script.

Step 14: On the time screen, press Ctrl + D (for Chrome OS) and Ctrl + L (for LibreELEC). After waiting for 30 seconds, choose LibreELEC by default. You can also run faster by reducing the time on the Kodi home screen to 1 second.

Step 15: Configure specific settings of your Chromebox if you want. Now connect your TV and Chromebox with Wifi.

Step 16: Go to the Settings> Go to the Service Menu> Select Item Control> Enable the option Allow control over HTTP.

Step 17: Now download an app called Kore and network with Kodi Chromebox.

Step 18: Go to your audio settings and configure it. In case you are using Bluetooth speakers, pair them with LibreELEC settings.

LibreELEC settings

Step 19: You can now use Kodi to scan and prepare your local film collection for use in your database. You can also connect to streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon.

You can access all audio recordings and subtitles in both. However, the buffer may take a long time or it may take some time for the device to fully function.

Kodi add-ons

Step 20: Alternatively, Kodi can also be set up with Spotify through a plugin called “Librespot”. Unfortunately, you can no longer define a Chromebox as a Chromecast receiver on Linux/LibreELEC.


Chromebox is a great and economical way to browse the web with Chrome OS. It’s easier and safer to use than a computer. In terms of hardware, these are just ordinary compact computers.

LibreELEC is specifically designed to run Kodi at no extra cost, so all your content will work on the lowest possible hardware. This means that if you look at the recording and find what you hear or see, everything will be faster.

There are two ways: How to Install Kodi on Asus on Chromebox but we have explained one, obviously the easy one. We hope that you liked the above guide and enjoy Kodi on your Chromebox by following our guide. Don’t forget to comment in the comment section below.

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