Kodi Krypton vs Jarvis: Which is the Best?

Kodi, the popular open-source media streaming platform is slowly replacing the traditional local cable connection.

It releases new versions regularly. Every fresh Kodi version claims to have updated features, but is it really worth upgrading?

The Kodi Jarvis 16.0 version, released in 2016 was one of their most popular and updated versions.

However soon, in 2017, they announced the release of Kodi Krypton.

Kodi Krypton 17, just like its name hosts a set of updated and cool features.

But should one upgrade to the latest version?

Are you also wondering whether to switch to Kodi Krypton or not? Which version is the best?

The decision can be tough. However, it won’t be, if you go through their features and compare them.

And so we have decided to make your work easy, and today we will be discussing the two versions of Kodi.

Let’s have a look at the key changes that are brought in with Kodi Krypton and should we upgrade to this version or not.

Kodi Krypton vs Jarvis

Before Kodi Krypton was released, people were quite happy using the Kodi Jarvis 16.0 version. Even though it was more like an improvement of its predecessor it had some interesting features.

From event logging, different Add-on Manager, long button press, and simple interface, Kodi Jarvis was indeed the best version of Kodi.

However, to fix the Kodi v16 bugs, the developers introduced Krypton v17.

This new version came with a cool interface, fewer crashes, enhanced support, and much more. Its additional functionality and improved performance are giving it an edge over the previous version.

Having said that, let us dig a little deep and study each feature closely to find answers to all our questions.

Default Skin

If you are using Kodi for a long time now, then you would know that the default Kodi skin used to be Confluence.

And so when Kodi Jarvis came into action, the same outdated and not so appealing theme was active.

However, this tradition seems to have changed with Kodi Krypton. Kodi has introduced a brand new skin called- Estuary, or Estouchy, especially for the touch-enabled devices.

Kodi Skin

Due to this new skin, it seems that the Kodi interface has got a makeover. It looks a lot more clean and modern now.

Also, if you have a huge TV then Kodi Krypton for Android is the best option as this new Kodi version and the new default skin are designed keeping a big screen in mind.

New Interface

The web interface is basically controlling the Kodi system via your mobile or PC. And with Krypton the web interface has also improved.

You can now browse the entire Kodi library and easily create playlists, queue your videos and music.

The position of the sidebar on the right ensures more screen space.

Here you will find different options like Music, TV shows, Pictures, Videos, Weather, Radio, Add-ons, and more. At the top, you can find the Search icon along with the Settings and Power option.

New Interface

The blue-black skin with flat icons gives the interface a modern and clean look.

Improved Settings Page

An improved Settings page is what every Kodi wanted. And with Kodi Krypton you definitely get a brand new Settings page. In the Kodi Jarvis 16.0 version, the different categories were arranged in an old style.

However, you can see some changes with the new update. While the style remains the same, the categories are grouped better for quick and easy use.

Improved Settings Page

Different setting categories are created and positioned in style for better understanding and experience.

And so we can say that with the Kodi 17.6 Krypton version, customization has become a lot easier.

PVR and Live TV

In terms of PVR and Live TV recording, Kodi has become more stabilized. You can now access some more widgets on the home screen of Live TV.

So now you can check your recent recordings or the last played channel easily.

PVR and Live TV

Even the PVR user interface is updated. The channels are sorted into different categories, separating them into radio and TV content.

The introduction of various tweaks has made the use of the PVR section stable and easy.

Add-On Manager

The Kodi Add-ons are the real power of the platform. Different add-ons allow you to stream the content of your choice. And so one of the most desired and expected changes in the new Kodi version was a better and functional Add-on Manager.

As we all know that Kodi doesn’t allow the installation of third-party add-ons and repositories.

However, by enabling the Unknown Sources option, you can still enjoy the unofficial addons.

This default feature follows in Kodi Krypton as well. In addition, you can see a new “Recently updated” option which was not present in the Jarvis version.

New feature - My add-ons

This feature helps you to keep a track of the possible updates on your favorite addons.

Music Library

Kodi’s music library definitely needed improvement. Over the years we have seen some improvement but it has still not reached the mark.

With the previous Kodi version, there were no tag reading or artist role handling options.

However, with the updated version, scraping and tag reading like features have improved.

They have also added an artist role handling option and so now you can handle your playlists and arrange them according to their albums or artists.

Mood-based playback

And one of the best features introduced is mood-based playback. Yes, you can now create music files and choose songs on the basis of your mood. Isn’t that cool?

Video Player

Kodi Jarvis hosted a decent video player, known as the DVDPlayer. Just like all the other features it also worked just fine.

However, due to the old code, some users complained of it being clunky.

The developers have considered this issue and replaced the DVDPlayer with the latest Video Player. You might feel it to be the same but there are various under the hood changes.

One of its added features is Video Stream Selection. So now you can quickly change the video stream, whether for a better resolution or for a different language.

Windows Store Availability

Now even Windows users can easily download and install Kodi on their devices. Kodi can be accessed through the Windows Store.

It is quite popular and has topped the list of most number of downloads.

The version available here is the normal Kodi application present inside the UWP wrapper. And so you can install it easily on the Windows 10 OS.

Windows Store Availability

This proves to be a handy upgrade for people using the Windows Store ecosystem.

This feature has been updated to the Kodi 17.6 Krypton, which was not present in the previous versions.

Additional changes

When we compare the two Kodi versions, we also notice that there are various other features that Kodi Krypton hosts.

  • The stick-handling has been improved.
  • The design ensures fewer crashes.
  • Improved Blu-ray ISO support.
  • Enhanced auto-refresh rate switching.
  • Code has been re-written for better compatibility.
  • New Audio DSP engine included.


So that was all about the two Kodi versions. And we would say that the upgrade from Jarvis to Krypton is definitely worth making.

With this new version, you get enhanced audio and video streaming options.

All the new upgrades are like fixing the bugs of the preceding version and thus promise a better and faster experience.

However, if you are using Kodi on a small screen, and thinking about the Estuary skin to be a setback, then don’t worry.

You can enjoy the best of both worlds by choosing your favorite theme from the repository. And there you have all the advanced features with your old and classic look.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade to the latest version of Kodi now and share your experience with us.

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