4 Proven Solutions for Kodi Keymap Editor Not Working Error

Kodi is an open-source platform that allows easy customizations.

It allows you to download and install builds and repositories of your choice so that you can stream all your favorite shows and movies.

Another notable feature of Kodi has been its keymaps. Using the XML base files, you can define your remote keys and map them to Kodi actions that you want.

The Kodi Keymap Editor is the official tool that you require to customize the keymaps for remote or keyboard.

However, what if the Kodi Keymap Editor is not working only?

This issue has been reported by many, and so we have got you some proven solutions that can debug the editor and get it back to normal working.

How to Fix Kodi Keymap Editor not Working Issue?

When you install Kodi, there are some keymaps that are included as default and saved in a separate “Keymaps” folder within the Userdata folder.

If you are taking the manual road to edit the keymaps, then make sure you do not modify the default files directly. Rather place the keys in the given location- userdata/keymaps/directory.

However, Keymap Editor saves you from all the manual stress. But there are chances that you might be making some error while using the official editor.

So here are a few things to keep in mind while you are using Keymap Editor so that you do not get stuck.

Method 1 – Reset to Default

If after setting new actions to the keys on your remote or keyboard, it doesn’t work, then try resetting the function to default.

This will restore your setting and undo the changes you have made.

Step 1 – Launch Kodi. Then go to Add-ons.

Launch Kodi. Then go to Add-ons.

Step 2 – Click on Program Add-ons.

 Click on Program Add-ons.

Step 3 – Now select Keymap Editor.

 Now select Keymap Editor.

A new window will open with different options.

Step 4 – Click on the Reset to Default option.

Click on the Reset to Default option.

That’s it. All your settings will be restored. You can now make the changes as you like.

Method 2 – Save the Keymap Change

Another reason the Keymap Editor has stopped working or the change you have made is not working is because you have pressed the Okay or Enter key.

So check out the correct way to use the Keymap Editor and see where you would be making a mistake.

Step 1 – Launch Kodi. Then go to Add-ons> Program Add-ons.

Add-ons - Program Add-ons.

Step 2 – Click on Keymap Editor. And then click on Edit.

Click on Keymap Editor

Step 3 – Now choose Global. This will dedicate a function to the key wherever in the interface you use.

 Choose Global

Step 4 – Then select Navigation.

Select Navigation

Step 5 – Now for instance we want to set one of the keys as a shortcut to Context Menu. So click on the Context Menu.

Click on the Context Menu

Step 6 – A new window will open. Click on Edit Key.

Edit key

Step 7 – Now you will have a few seconds to click the button on your remote or your keyboard key that you want to set as a shortcut to open the Context Menu.

Click the button on your remote

Step 8 – As you press the key, a function will be assigned to the key. You can see the code of the key written in front of the function.

Select action to assign a key

Now is the step that most people do wrong. Do not press Ok or hit the Enter key. This might lead to a temporary closedown of the Keymap Editor.

Since you do not know the reason behind the stopping of the add-on you will keep repeating the same mistake. So here is what you have to do.

Step 9 – Once you edit the key, go back three times to reach the first window. Click on Save.

save the changes

That’s it. Now the key that you assigned a function will work as you wanted without any issue.

Method 3 – Enable Debug Logging

Some of the users reported that while they pressed a key to assign it to a certain function, it did not work.

If your device is also not reading the button right and accepting the action, then it might be because the debug logging option is enabled on your system.

Due to this feature, all the key presses that you try to register get logged in the debug log. And so all keys are not passed through the TV to your Kodi interface.

Change the settings and then try to map the key again.

Step 1 – Go to the Settings of your system.

Step 2 – Then choose the System> Debugging option.

Step 3 – Now click on Enable debug logging option.

Enable debug logging

Step 4 – Close your Kodi app, and restart it.

Once the process is completed, try to map any key on your keyboard or remote to some specific Kodi functions.

Method 4 – Update the Keymap Editor

Lastly, the Keymap Editor addon that you are using might be outdated. And so check for any pending updates that are available.

You can manually update the add-ons.

Step 1 – From the home screen of Kodi,, click on Add-ons.

Step 2 – Then go to the Add-on Manager. And choose My Add-ons.

Step 3 – Next click on All. And then locate the Keymap Editor add-on.

Step 4 – Now select the latest version. And install it.

Outdated and incompatible add-ons can also lead to various glitches. And so if none of the above methods work, this is the ultimate solution for you.

You can also try to uninstall and reinstall the add-on if necessary.


The Keymap Editor addon gives Kodi an extraordinary feature of customizing your remote or keyboard with functions that you use regularly.

However, sometimes due to bugs and our personal negligence the Kodi Keymap Editor stops working

It sometimes freezes or the keys that we try to assign don’t work accordingly.

But it is not as complicated as it seems. The issues can be easily resolved.

We have tried to cover the solutions that have proved to work to fix the issue. Let us know which method worked for you. And in case of any doubt or query, hit us up in the comment section.

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