5 Best Kodi karaoke Add-ons to Enjoy the Singing

Have you ever tried singing at Karaoke? Or have you ever considered setting up a Karaoke system for your next weekend party?

Karaoke is an amazing fun activity, especially for those who are not confidentof singing in the public.

And the best part is you can convert your TV into a Karaoke system with Kodi.

As you use the Kodi Karaoke addons, different videos are displayed on the screen without the vocal tracks.

And so you can sing along the tunes of the song by seeing the lyrics on the screen.

Just like the Karaoke at a club, you can set up your own Karaoke at home.

So let us begin.

Top 5 Kodi Karaoke add-ons reviewed

Amongst the unlimited add-ons available in the Kodi media library, finding the best Karaoke addon is not an easy task.

But do not worry as we have got you covered. Today we are going to talk about the top karaoke addons on Kodi that you can try.

FTG Karaoke

The first addon for setting up a perfect and classic Karaoke system is the FTG Karaoke addon.

The FTG Karaoke belongs to the Fire TV Guru Group. The brand hosts some of the popular build wizards and has also coded some addons of their own.

And so FTG Karaoke is a trusted and easy-to-use Kodi app for Karaoke. Its user-friendly interface makes navigation, selection of songs, and operation of the entire setup easy.

FTG Karaoke basically pulls all its songs and videos from YouTube and so it has a huge range of songs of all genres, years, and artists. You think of a song and you will get it on FTG Karaoke.

FTG Karaoke

And so the one feature that FTG boasts about is that you can find almost every song that is available on YouTube on this addon.

In addition, FTG Karaoke also has the favorites feature that lets you save your favorite songs for easy access.

This tool comes in handy for marking the songs that you enjoy singing for later use.

However, one downside of this addon as reported by users is the low quality of the videos.

As the videos are pulled from YouTube, some of them are not of expected quality.

And so for a better Karaoke experience, it is advised you select the video version that is marked as “Karaoke version.

Once you have all the right videos, your party night with FTG Karaoke will be easy breezy.


  • FTG Karaoke is an easy-to-use Kodi addon.
  • Navigation and song selection is easy.
  • It hosts a huge catalog of songs.
  • Every song available on YouTube can be played here.
  • Its favorites feature allows easy access to your most enjoyed song at the next party.


  • The quality of some of the videos will not be up to the mark.

Okie’s Karaoke

The next Karaoke addon that we are going to talk about is not a popular one, but still worth trying.

The Okie’s Karaoke addon is the best addon if you want to host a small Karaoke party with some high-quality songs and videos.

Not many people know of this amazing Kodi addon, but you can definitely consider it for a smaller version of Karaoke night.

The addon has all the songs organized properly into different categories. You will find various fun-themed categories like “Party Starters” or ‘Girl Power.”

These categories contain the complete list of songs that you can sing and enjoy.

Another appreciative feature of the Okie’s Karaoke addon is that all the videos that you will find here are of high quality.

It pulls all the videos from the Sing King Karaoke and so you do not have to worry about the video quality.

And so the videos will always be of HD quality, with accurate lyrics and a track without the vocals.

Okie’s Karaoke

However, one of the issues faced by some users is that it lacks the search function.

And so if you want to have access to a particular song you cannot find it quickly, rather you will have to browse different categories manually to look for the particular song.

While this happens to be the biggest disadvantage, don’t you think the absence of this feature is quite helpful as well?

Since you do not have the search option, now you don’t have to crack your brain and think of some perfect song or select the next song.

You can randomly go through different themed categories and pick up songs that the addon suggests.

So if you are ready to browse songs without the search button, then Okie’s Karaoke addon is for you.


  • The best add-on for a smaller Karaoke setup.
  • It pulls songs from the Sing King Karaoke.
  • The videos are always of HD quality with accurate lyrics.
  • The media is categorized into different categories on the basis of interesting themes.


  • It lacks the search function and so browsing songs becomes difficult.

Kodi Karaoke Lite

The next addon is one of the most popular ones for setting up a Karaoke system. If you are a fan of Karaoke then you might have used Mikey’s Karaoke addon. Though this addon doesn’t work now, you can use the Kodi Karaoke Lite, a fork of the former, to sing Karaoke.

Yes, it has proved to be a great alternative and works really well.

Unlike the other addons mentioned above, Kodi Karaoke Lite doesn’t pull songs from one source. Rather it includes videos from different sources including YouTube.

And so it hosts a massive library of songs. It has almost every song that you can think of even if it is not that popular or obscure.

You will definitely get a video of all the songs here.

But it is not certain that all the videos will be of high quality.

Kodi Karaoke Lite

And this is one downside of the Kodi Karaoke Lite addon, that due to the humongous video song library, not all songs are in HD quality.

Also sometimes, when you select a song to play, rather than the Karaoke version it can produce a track along with the lyrics.

So if you want to play the proper Karaoke video with the vocal track missing, then it can be an issue.

However, this feature happens to be a plus point for all the nervous and casual karaoke singers.

A pre-recorded vocal track helps them give a more confident and better performance.


  • It is a fork of Mikey’s Karaoke addon, one of the most popular addons for Karaoke.
  • An easy-to-use add-on that works very well.
  • It pulls video songs from different sources.
  • Its massive library ensures that you can play every song on your mind.


  • Not all videos are of HD quality.
  • Sometimes it pulls up a track that is not the perfect Karaoke version.

Goliaths Karaoke

Another fork of the old and popular Mikey’s Karaoke addon is the Goliaths Karaoke. This add-on was introduced as the premier destination for Karaoke songs and tunes.

It hosts a huge section of audio tracks and authentic instrumental music. You just have to watch the lyrics as they come on the screen and sing along.

Here you will find all your favorite songs easily. It is undoubtedly one of the best Karaoke addons for those who are looking for a nice source of songs and music for their party.

The Goliath Kodi addon for Karaoke further has two sections. The first section is the YouTube section where you will find all the karaoke versions of songs along with instrumentals.

Goliaths Karaoke

Even though it hosts a huge selection of songs, you might miss out on some songs if they do not have the Karaoke version.

On the other hand, there is another section called the Sunfly Karaoke. This section is dedicated solely to Karaoke.

Here you will find songs of all artists made with specific karaoke instruments.

As you launch the addon you can choose one of the two sections and start playing.

Also if you want you can download the Karaoke songs to your device by enabling the option. The Goliaths Karaoke is definitely living up to the name of its predecessor.

While it is a great Karaoke option one disadvantage of this addon is that you may not find the Karaoke version of all the songs you want.


  • Goliaths are the premier destination for Karaoke music.
  • It contains two sections- YouTube and Sunfly Karaoke.
  • The YouTube section offers a huge range of songs and instrumental music.
  • The Sunfly section is designed specifically for the Karaoke nights.


  • You might find your favorite song here, but it is not certain that the Karaoke version of the same song will be available.

Rock the Mic

Rock the Mic is another Kodi addon that offers a Karaoke option. Even though this addon is not dedicated entirely to Karaoke, it offers a wide range of music and songs to select from.

You can find the Rock the Mic Kodi addon in the UKodi1 repository or in the Magnetic Repo.

The Rock the Mic addon has a simple and easy-to-use interface with the standard layout.

Rock the Mic

And so you can easily navigate between different categories and play music according to your taste.

Apart from Karaoke, this addon also offers links to stream movies, TV shows, sports, and pre-recorded content. It even has a section dedicated to live TV.

And so you can even search for live TV shows here.

The Karaoke section of the Rock the Mic addon is sectioned into categories like RNB Karaoke, Classic Rock Karaoke, Rap, and Hip Hop, Country Karaoke, Michael Jackson Karaoke, Drake Karaoke, and much more.


  • It has a separate section for Karaoke.
  • The songs are categorized into different categories.
  • It scrapes links from different sources, sometimes magnetic links offering 4K content.
  • Unlike other Karaoke addons, it also offers streaming links for movies and TV shows.


  • It is a third-party addon.
  • Doesn’t give tough competition to other Karaoke addons in terms of the media library.


You can now easily make a Karaoke system at home with Kodi.

With the help of these Kodi addons, you get access to a wide range of music like rock, pop, classics, and more.

You can now create the exact party scene and atmosphere and hear your friends and family sing.

All the five add-ons mentioned above are quite popular and easy to use.

You can install them easily on your device and get access to the huge library.

Have you ever tried one of these Karaoke Kodi addons before? Which is your favorite addon for singing Karaoke?

Share your views with us in the comment section.

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