How to Install Kodi Hyper TT for Amazon Firestick

How to Install Kodi Hyper TT for Amazon Fire Stick

The Hyper TT version is often considered as one of the most popular versions in the Kodi community and has many add-ons.

Hyper TT build has all the add-ons you would normally use, nice details, and a great interface that makes it suitable for everyone.

In a specific area of ​​the Kodi home screen, workflows are great and some popular plugins create their modules.

The best Hyper TT features are based on Kodi krypton 17.

  • Watch live TV everywhere.
  • Watch movies and TV shows on the big screen.
  • Respond to all sporting events around the world.

Firestick is the perfect tool for working with Hyper TT Build add-ons. Supports many devices. Also, the Hyper TT has all the capabilities to support multiple devices.

If you want to stream content with any Kodi add-on, we recommend using a VPN. VPNs perform anonymous online activities, protect them from ISP scans, and provide unrestricted access to add-ons and content.

Make sure unknown sources are enabled in Kodi before proceeding. Not all add-ons and internal third-party versions can be installed unless an unknown source is disabled.

Install the Amazon Fire TV Stick on Kodi to get all the free channels, movies, sports, and more. You can buy it on Amazon and at many other online stores and local stores. Installing Kodi on an Amazon Fire TV stick can be difficult at first, but in most cases, you only need to install it once. This way you have free and unlimited access to all the important channels.

To launch the Kodi application into your Amazon Fire TV Stick, first, go to Settings > then select Applications > Go to Manage Installed Applications > Then choose Kodi >At last, hit “Launch Application”.

How to Install Kodi Hyper TT for Amazon Fire Stick

Step 1: First of all, launch “Kodi”.

Step 2: Go to the System> Select the “File Manager”.

Step 3: Go to “Add-source”.

Install Kodi Hyper TT for Amazon Fire Stick

Step 4: Replace <None> with http://toptutorials.co.uk/kodi and press option “Done”.

Step 5: Select the field called “Kodi”, i.e. the field “Enter a name for the media source.”

Step 6: Type file name as HyperTT> Hit “Done”.

Step 7: Then tap OK and remotely press the Amazon Fire TV stick until you return to the Kodi home screen.

Step 8: Go to the System> then select Settings> Go to “Add-ons”.

Step 9: Then scroll down to install from a zip file and select it to find a list of places found and “select the name of the resource you added”.

Hyper TT for Amazon Fire Stick

Step 10: Select option builds.

Step 11: Choose plugin.video.ttwizard.zip and wait.

Step 12: In the lower right corner, you will see that the Top Tutorial Wizard add-on is enabled.

Step 13: Go back to the Kodi home screen> go to the option Programs> Choose Top Tutorials Wizard.

Step 14: You will see several different options for the version of HyperTT you want to install. If you are using Firestick, select Hyper TT Firestick Edition.

Step 15: If you are using a computer, select the UltraTTLatest version> TTWizard downloads and installs, the HyperTT Kodi version.

Top tutorials wizard

Step 16: Restart Kodi after installation is complete. You also need to restart your device. If your device is an Android TV or Fire Stick box, power cycle your device.

Step 17: Go to the Videos> Go to Add-ons> Enjoy Hyper TT.

Enjoy Hyper TT Addon

Hyper TT installation error and fixes

  • If you are using a computer and get the “Failed to shutdown” message, use Windows Task Manager to complete the task in Kodi, restart your PC, and restart Kodi.
  • If you cannot use the Hyper TT Build Wizard installer, try resetting Kodi first. Then try to install HyperTT again.
  • Make sure to reboot your device after installing the Hyper TT Wizard.
  • You may need to reset your device to factory settings.


Kodi is the perfect home entertainment system for you. It is easy to use and can be used for your movies or movie streams, videos, podcasts, photos, music, shows, and even games.

Hyper TT Build is one of the well-known add-ons for Kodi. There are also specifications and variations. Kodi has a huge collection of extremely powerful storage space. However, the HyperTT add-on for Kodi offers good flow.

The procedure above is useful for step-by-step installation. The best pictures of the described approach are also presented there.

This version looks like a third-party version, but you can follow the steps above to install this version on Kodi.

This version is available for Kodi with add-ons. It is very fast and great. We hope you love to use it!

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