How to Use Kodi with Gear VR?

All of us are looking forward to the marvels of virtual reality in the entertainment industry. And the Samsung Gear VR, developed in association with Oculus VR is an amazing virtual reality headset.

With the help of this headset, you can run 2D-screen applications on the Gear VR.

It ensures an amazing and futuristic visual experience. And the best part is, if you are a part of the cord-cutter clan, you can still use the VR headset to stream movies and shows.

Yes, you can use your Kodi with a Gear VR headset or a 3D TV.

So today we are going to share with you the complete step-by-step guide to set up Kodi for a Gear VR headset.

Also, you can use the virtual screen of the Gear VR to watch unlimited videos.

Want to know how?

Then keep reading.

How to Set up Kodi with Gear VR?

You can stream Kodi 3D movies by placing your Android device within it and then watching the content side by side. To sideload VR with Kodi, follow the steps given below.

So open Kodi on the device that you want to connect with the Samsung Gear VR or any other VR that you are using.

Note- Remember to use the latest version of Kodi as most of the apps and addons are not supported by Kodi v16.

Step 1- Open the Settings of Kodi. And go to the Players section.

Kodi home screen

Step 2- Click on Videos. Choose Stereoscopic 3D.

Step 3- Under the Stereoscopic 3D section find the Playback mode of Stereoscopic 3D videos. Set this option to Preferred Mode.

Playback mode of Stereoscopic 3D videos

Step 4-Return to the Settings. Click on System.

Step 5- Choose the Display option.

Step 6- Now click on the Stereoscopic 3D option. Under this section, find the Stereoscopic 3D Mode/ Current option, and set it to Side by Side.

Stereoscopic 3D Mode or Current option

Step 7- Further set the Side by side option to Preferred Mode.

For Android devices, hardware acceleration can split the interface side by side and so you need to disable it.

Step 8- Go to the Player section under Settings. Open Videos.

Step 9- Click on the toggle button against the option- Allow hardware acceleration- MediaCodec (Surface) and the Allow hardware acceleration- MediaCodec option. Disable the two options.

Allow hardware acceleration- MediaCodec option

Step 10- Now start playing the video.

Start playing the video

If the video is playing right, then you are good to go.

But what if the video is stretched to the full height of your screen? If you are facing such an issue, then you need to make the following changes.

Video screen stretching

Step 11- While the video is playing click on the gear icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. And click on the Video Settings option.

Kodi video settings

Step 12- Change the View Mode settings to Stretch 16:9.

Kodi view mode

You can observe the video playing in the background to play in the right ratio. But your work is not done here.

Before you return to the video and start enjoying, go down the Settings window and click on the “Set as default for all media” option.

Set the default as video

This will apply the changed settings to all the media files you will be playing further.

Android phone inside the VR Gear

That’s it. Now place your Android phone inside the VR Gear and adjust it to center it perfectly.

Use Kodi with Gear VR using PhoneCast App

Another way to run video streaming platforms like Kodi on Gear VR headset is with the help of PhoneCast like apps.

The PhoneCast app works with the Samsung Gear VR headset. It is the best and trusted app for Gear VR.

And so you can now stream all your favorite shows and movies on a virtual screen.

Use Kodi with Gear VR using PhoneCast App

You can download the PhoneCast app from the Oculus store. The process to install and execute the application is the same. You can dock your phone into the Gear VR after this.

After wearing the headset, you can see the VR menu with all the approved and white-listed apps. You can go ahead with the app of your choice and start streaming or even play video games.

If you want you can always go the Oculus Kodi way.


So that’s all folks.

Kodi is a popular streaming platform and used by many all around the world. And so its compatibility with different devices is important.

If you own a Samsung Gear VR headset, then you can set up your Kodi easily and get all your movies and TV shows on the virtual screen.

There are different apps to use Kodi with Gear VR and PhoneCast is one of the best Gear VR apps.

We hope with the help of this guide you can now set up Kodi and use it via the VR technology.

Share your views on Kodi Gear VR with us in the comment section.

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