How to Fix Kodi Failed to Start CommonCache Error

All of us are aware of Kodi or the XBMC box. It is a popular, open-source platform that has replaced the cable cord style of connection.

Now you can stream your favorite content online without any hassle.

The Kodi software is compatible with a lot of platforms and so you can run it on your PC, TV set, Xbox, and more.

However, not everything is golden when it comes to Kodi. If you are reading this article then I’m sure you too are facing the “common cache plugin error.”


Recently a lot of users reported that while launching Kodi on Xbox, they get a pop-up saying- “Kodi failed to start commoncache. Please check your log.”

So if you are looking for a potential fix for the Kodi cache plugin error, then we have got you covered.

What is the Commoncache Plugin Error?

The Common cache plugin is important for the working of some addons. And so almost everybody has it installed on their system.

However, recently the Kodi script failed issue has been reported due to which the addons have stopped working.

And so when you launch your Kodi application, an annoying message comes up saying that Kodi failed to start Commoncache.

Another similar error says that “failed to start script.common.plugin.cache”. Due to this error, the addons stop working.

A lot of users reported that their streaming was disrupted and none of the content would load.

The reason behind the error can be many. One of the reasons is that you might be using a different Kodi version or a fork of the Kodi app.

It also happens with some particular builds.

So how can you fix it?

Uninstalling the plugin is one solution shared by a few users. But this might lead to the non-functionality of various other addons.

Therefore it is not a great solution for many.

While some other users tried to restore the backup. But this also didn’t fix the Kodi common cache plugin error.

How to Fix “Failed to Start CommonCache Error?”

After trying a lot of ways to troubleshoot the cache plugin error, here is one way that works best for dealing with such issues.

Step 1- Launch the Kodi app.

Step 2- Open the Settings. Go to System.

Open the Settings. Go to System.

Step 3- Go to Add-ons> My Add-ons.

 Go to Add-ons> My Add-ons.

Step 4- Now choose the Services option from the left menu.

Choose the Services option

Step 5- Click on Common Plugin Cache option.

 Click on Common Plugin Cache

Step 6- Click on Configure. And then the Settings window will open.

Click on Configure

Step 7- Check the Autostart with XBMC option. If it is enabled, then click on it.

Check the Autostart with XBMC option

Step 8- Finally press Ok.

Press ok

That’s it. Now exit from all the windows and close the Kodi app.

Wait for a few seconds and launch the Kodi app again. The commoncache plugin error on Kodi will be resolved.

Another reason for this error can be due to certain Kodi add-ons. And so try to observe the add-ons which might be causing the issue.

Usually, third-party add-ons cause Kodi script errors. The last solution to troubleshooting the error can be deleting the common cache and then reinstalling it.

It might bring in some relief.


Kodi and entertainment go hand in hand. And any issue that stops the streaming needs to be tackled there and then.


And so if you are facing errors like “Kodi failed to start commoncache” or the “Kodi script failed” then try these ways to fix it.

We hope this solution works for you. Do share your experience with us.

Also, if any other method worked for you then let our community know in the comment section

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