4 Quick Ways to View Kodi Download Progress

Kodi started as a free media streaming platform. And today it offers various other services to its users.

Streamers can now download their favorite movies, videos, TV shows, music, and more to enjoy it offline later.

But when you download any file on Kodi, one thing that concerns most users is that they cannot view the progress of their download.

Everyone wants to know how much time the media file will take to download completely. Right?

But is it possible?

Yes, apart from the basic notification that you get on your device, there are other ways to check the download progress on Kodi.

How to View the Kodi Download Progress?

There are only a few addons that offer the download feature on Kodi. Exodus forks and Covenant are the two most popular and easy to use addons to download Kodi movies.

And so today we are going to consider methods keeping these addons in mind.

Method 1 – Check Kodi Window

The streamers who have been using Kodi for years now say that initially, the updates of their downloads used to appear on the Kodi window only.

The increments of the downloading file are updated to the user in 10-20% fraction.

And so while you are browsing or streaming on Kodi, you can easily view the progress updates.

Just check the bottom right corner of your device’s screen to know the progress.

Check Kodi Window

However, a lot of users have reported a glitch in this Kodi feature. It seems that currently, this feature is not working.

And so if you are unable to see a flashing notification in the right corner of the window then try the next method.

Method 2 – Check the File Size

Another classic way to view Kodi download progress is by checking the size of the file you are trying to download.

This method is suitable for Windows users. So if you are streaming Kodi on Windows, then follow the given steps-

Step 1- Open File Explorer.

Step 2- Then go to the folder where the file is being downloaded.

Step 3- Right-click on the file and then open its Properties. Here check the size of the current file.

Step 4- Now keep checking the size of the file so as to know how much more the download is left.

This was an alternate way to view the progress of your Kodi downloads. However what if the file size seems to be the same even after a few minutes.

If you are also facing such a condition, then exit the download folder. And return to the main folder.

Go to the downloads folder again and check its properties. You will now see the updated file size.

Method 3 – Access the Download Functionality

The Covenant add-on comes with a special Download functionality. And so if you are using the Covenant addon then you can enjoy the Kodi movie free download.

To enable this feature, follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – Go to your Video Add-ons section. Hover over the Covenant add-on and click on the Menu option.

Kodi add-ons window

Step 2- Then choose Add-on Settings. And click on Downloads.

 Access the Download Functionality

Step 3- Here enable the Downloads feature. You can further set up different folders for TV shows and movies.

Now you can easily download any stream to your device and check the progress via the Downloads function.

Method 4 – Sync your Trakt Account

Syncing your Trakt account with Kodi also makes your downloading experience better.

It not only offers library integration, but you also get various other features like you have control over your watch history, ratings, customizations, and even watch the status of the download.

Here is how you can sync Trakt to your Kodi.

We have taken the Covenant addon into account.

Step 1- From your home screen, go to Add-ons. Choose the Video Add-ons option.

Step 2- Hover your arrow over the Covenant add-on. And open Menu.

Step 3- Open add-on settings. And go to the Accounts section.

Step 4- You will get a prompt message to redirect you to the listed Trakt website. Sign in to your account and validate the Covenant Kodi addon.

Sync your Trakt Account

Step 5- You will receive a code. Enter the code after clicking on the Enter Pin option.

Enter the code

That’s it. Your Trakt account will be synced to Kodi. Now you can check the status of your download and the progress easily.


Kodi hosts legal copyrighted content. While streaming content legally is different, downloading the same content can be different.

And so if you are thinking of downloading movies or TV shows on Kodi, go ahead without any worries.

Its progress control feature allows you to keep a track of the download process. You can know the time and length of the media content left for download.

If none of the methods work, then make sure you are using a VPN service. It will make your streaming safe and secure and be beneficial in downloading Kodi movies and TV shows.

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