3 Proven Ways to Fix Kodi Context Menu not Working Error

Kodi is a powerful media streaming platform that comes with unlimited customization options.

Once you enter into the Settings, you can change almost anything to everything.

Its interface and navigation are one of its kinds and so you need to have a working context menu at different points.

However, according to some users, their context menu was not working.

This can be quite an issue when you have the habit of going to the various independent setting options for different files and folders.

It offers you advanced extended functionalities in add-ons.

And so today we are going to look at some of the working ways to fix Kodi context menu not working errors.

The Kodi’s context menu differs with the device and so it is important to understand the settings of your device and the probable reason causing the issue.

How to Fix Kodi Context Menu Not Working Error?

The Contextual menu or context menu offers different functionalities depending on the option you have selected.

One of the main uses that most of the users resort to for Context Menu is when they pop up to show information of the movie or TV show.

So whenever you highlight a video, you will get this information as a context menu, within any add-on.

But in case your context menu is not working, then try the methods mentioned below.

Method 1 – Use the Shortcut Key

Use the Shortcut Key

Usually, to open the context menu, we right-click on the item. This quickly gives you access to the contextual menu.

However, some users reported that on right-clicking on the video, the context menu didn’t open.

So if you are facing the same issue and the context menu isn’t opening, then here are the shortcut keys that you can try.

Now depending upon the device you are using, the shortcut key to open the context menu varies. These shortcut keys help you get the contextual menu of the add-ons and files and folders within the add-ons.

Step 1 – Select any video file whose setting you want to edit.

Step 2 – Now press the C key, and different options like Play, Mark as Watched, and Add to Queue will open.

This shortcut key is your alternative way to go to the context menu, besides right-click. For Kodi running on a computer, you can use the C key on your keyboard. For other devices, here is the list of shortcut keys that you can use.

  • Tablet: Double-Finger Tap
  • NVIDIA Shield TV Gamepad: B Button
  • NVIDIA Shield TV Remote: O Button
  • Amazon Fire TV: Button with 3 Horizontal Lines
  • Apple TV Remote: Hold the Menu Button
  • Razer Forge TV Remote: U Button
  • MCE Remote: Guide Button

If you are using a device other than the ones listed above, then press the option or select button. This can also fix the context menu not opening issue.

Method 2 – Map Remote Button to Context Menu

Map Remote Button to Context Menu

If your context menu isn’t working, then here is another way to get access to it easily. You can map one of your remote buttons to the context menu option.

So when you download and install Kodi on your device, default keymaps are also included.

One should not edit these keymaps directly instead place the keymaps that you have edited in the userdata/keymaps directory.

You need to define the keymap in an .xml file. This will help you override the mapping over the previous .xml file.

You can use the given link to override the files.

You can save your new .xml file in a location that will look like this- /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/keymaps/.

In this way, you can map your context menu to a new remote button like the left button or the down button.

Mapping it to a new button has worked a lot of times for users who were unable to get the context menu.

Method 3 – Delete the Add-on

In case, while using a specific add-on, the context menu is not showing up, then it can be due to a defect in the add-on. It is possible that your addon is not updated. Or if it is a third-party application then also it can trigger the settings of your device.

And so the best way is to either uninstall and delete the addon and reinstall it. Or you can check for updates.

To delete the addon, follow the steps given-

Step 1 – From your Kodi home screen, click on Add-ons.

Step 2 – Then open the Add-on browser, and click on My Add-ons.

Step 3 – Now go to the All option. A list of all the addons will open.

Kodi - My addons

Step 4 – Now right click on the addon that is causing trouble. Or you can also press the C key.

Step 5 – Now click on the Information option.

 Now click on the Information option

Step 6 – The info page will open. Here click on Uninstall. And then confirm your action.

Kodi MP3 streams


The Kodi system requires proper and regular maintenance to keep all the functionalities in running condition.

You can start by keeping a check for updates, deleting the unused addons and repositories, and backing up your data.

However, errors like Kodi Context Menu not working can demand more. If you are also facing issues in accessing the context menu then try these methods.

And if nothing works, then we would suggest you go for a complete factory reset.

Do let us know which method worked for you to fix the context menu error on Kodi.

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