Kodi Clean Library Not Working – How to Fix It?

Kodi is a huge platform and so is its library.

With the addition of addons and builds a lot of unwanted files and items add up. And so the clean-up library function is important.

Actually, Kodi goes through your library in repeat and removes all the missing and deleted items.

However, it is possible that your Kodi crashes every time you run Kodi clean library function.

This is an issue that a lot of users have reported and so we have tried to cover some ways to fix the Kodi Clean Library not working issue.

How to Fix a Kodi Clean Library not Working?

Running the Kodi Clean Library function is easy. You just have to go to the Settings, and within the Media Settings, open Library and click on the Clean Library option.

However, if this method isn’t working for you, then here are some ways with which you can troubleshoot the problem.

Method 1- Use Library Auto Update Add-on

If you are one of those who frequently delete videos and want to remove them from your library then this addon is worth trying.

The Library Auto-Update add-on automatically updates your library at particular time intervals. And the best part is you can set the time interval according to your need.

This method seems to be a great fix for clean library, not working issues.

Part 1- Install Library Auto Update Add-on

Step 1- Open Kodi. And click on Add-ons.

Step 2- Then click on Add-ons browser.

Step 3- Next click on Install from the repository. And then go to the Kodi Add-on repository.

Step 4-Now choose Program Add-ons. Scroll down the list and select Library Auto Update.

Library auto updater

Step 5- the information page of the add-on will appear. Click on Install and then wait for a few seconds till the addon gets installed.

Part 2- Tweaking Settings

Here are some tweaks that you can make to the Settings to get it running.

Step 1- From your home screen, click on the Add-ons option.

Step 2- Then open Program Add-ons. And locate the Library Auto Update addon.

Step 3- Right-click on it and open Settings.

Step 4-Under the General section, disable the Show Notifications option.

Library auto update settings

This will prevent the notifications from interrupting your work. And so the updates will work in the background while you do your work.

Step 5-Next, in the Videos section you can set the time limit between two updates. By default, the time between two updates is set to 4 hours. You can change it according to your convenience.

Settings - Library auto update

Step 6- Lastly, click on Cleaning. Enable the Cleaning Libraries option. You can set the Clean Library option to the music or video library you want to clean.

Step 7- You can also set the frequency to once a day, week, or month. All the deleted files will be removed and your library will be cleaned according to your set schedule.

Method 2- Update Library Manually

So this next method will work for you if you don’t need to update the library every few hours. So whenever you want you can update the library manually.

Follow the steps given below to update your Kodi library manually.

Step 1- Launch Kodi. And open Settings.

Step 2- Then choose Media Settings.

Kodi media settings

Step 3- Click on Library from the menu on the left-hand side.

Step 4- You will find the Video Library and Music Library on the right side. Under both sections, there is an option to update the library on startup.

Update library on start up

You can enable this option for either one of those or both of them depending on which section you wish to manually update.

Step 5- Also just like the previous method, you can disable the hidden progress of the library updates option. And so all the notifications will be hidden while you are busy at your work.

Method 3- Clear Cache Files

Since the Kodi clean library functions lead to crashing of the Kodi platform, clearing the cache files can help you restart it.

You need to have one of the addons like Exodus, Indigo to complete the process.

Step1- Launch your Kodi app. And open the Exodus addon.

Step 2- You will find the Tools option in the main menu. Click on it.

Step 3- Under the Tools section, you will find various options like clear cache, clear search history, and clear providers.

Kodi cache clear

Step 4- You can choose any one of the options or all. Once you select them, relaunch Kodi.

Clearing all the cache fixes crashing like issues on Kodi.

Method 4- Factory Reset Kodi

Just like Exodus, Indigo too is a maintenance addon. With the help of these addons, you can clear the cache and reset Kodi to factory settings.

Step 1- Install the Indigo addon just like the other addons.

Step 2- Once you have installed the addon, you will be able to see the Factory Restore option on the home screen.

Kodi factory restore

Step 3-Click on the option. It will then ask you to confirm your action. Click on Yes to continue.

Kodi Indigo

Step 4- Once the process completes, restart Kodi.

You can now import your media library once again. And try running the Kodi Clean Library function.


Kodi needs to be regularly updated to keep the media library going.

The clean library function helps you remove all the unwanted, deleted, and missing files from your library.

And if you are facing the Kodi clean library not working issue, then you can try one of these methods to fix it.

Share your thoughts about updating the Kodi library and which method worked for you with us.

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