How to Fix Kodi Cinema Experience Not Working?

Who doesn’t want a theatre experience at home without even going to the theatres and of course, it spares your makeup and clothes as well…I would love to experience this and you?

Yes yes, I am in my complete senses while discussing this with you. This is possible on your couch in your home! Yes, you can still enjoy popcorn and drinks.

Cinema Experience is an add-on to Kodi that provides a full cinema experience when you watch movies and shows on Kodi.

You will experience the thrill of movies, reviews, Dolby titles, and gives you the real cinema feel that usually comes before the movie starts.

Kodi Cinema Vision

Cinema Experience adds charismatic elements to your theater system, making you feel like you are enjoying a real theatre movie.

However, Kodi Cinema Experience hasn’t been updated for a very long time and is slow and difficult to set up for many users. But…..but we have a solution for you.

The CinemaVision plug-in can directly replace the CinemaExperience add-on which has some cons. Feel the same experience you went to the cinema and customize your cinema experience with this add-on.

You can configure the default settings out-of-the-box or customize settings for video intros, Q&A slides (video and static), drawers, audio style intros, arrangement intros, tasks, tasks, and more.

Today in this article we will explain to you Ways to Fix Kodi Cinema Experience Not Working. So, we are ready….are you?

 Kodi Cinema Experience Not Working


It has issues like-

  • Frozen Images
  • No Sound
  • Dupe Images
  • Videos stop in the middle
  • Videos go out of the sequence or sync

Kodi Cinema Experience Not Working – How to fix?

By changing code

Many of you hesitate by knowing that this fix involves changing code and think it’s difficult.

Trust me, it’s not.

You can do this very easily by following our simple guide below and yes it’s a tested one..so let’s go!

Step 1: First of all download and install the development version of CinemaVision 1.1.1a10 from the authentic link.

CinemaVision Kodi

Step 2: Open the Add-on folder within your Kodi. This folder includes all the add-ons installed that will land in this folder of Kodi along with the updated one. This varies depending on the operating system.

Step 3: Now go to the URL addons/script.cinemavision/lib

Step 4: Delete all the files with the extension .pyo in this folder as they don’t matter means not important.

Step 5: Open experience.py.

Step 6: At this point, you can restore the file to a different location, but the changes are insignificant and will not damage the file. You can also reset the plugin, and all changes will be disabled.

Step 7: Now delete the line of code self.playlist.add(self.fakeFileNext). Your code must look like the one in the image below.

Editing the line of code

Step 8: Save the file and replace it with the existing file or another thing, be sure to save it with the same name and extension before submitting.

Step 9: Go to the Advanced Setting of Cinema Vision> Now enabled debugging

Step 10: Restart your system after necessary changes are made and it’s done!


We hope that the above guide will give you a theatre-like experience at your home with top-notch quality pictures.

The cinema experience add-on is very much suitable for outdoor cinema. With easy installation on laptops, projectors, garage doors, exterior walls, and more, one can enjoy popcorn and a cold drink on his couch.

If you still have any doubts about Cinema experience or Cinema Vision, feel free to comment below. In case you want any information on any tech-related topic let us know. We will try our best to satisfy our readers and give them the best reading experience. I will wait for you on our next post….till then take care!

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