5 Best Kodi Chinese TV Addons Reviewed in 2021

Kodi is an exceptional platform that hosts content from different countries, cultures, and genres.

And one such media content is the Asian drama series. The K-pop culture is trending right now.

If you are looking for some platform to binge-watch the Asian drama then we have got the 5 best Kodi Chinese TV Addons for you.

You can use these addons to stream movies and TV shows from China.

You might not find enough Chinese content online. However, if you research a little, you will find plenty of on-demand as well as live content.

So here are a few Chinese Kodi addons that will help you keep up with the latest C- drama and some classic action movies.

Top 5 Chinese Kodi TV Addons

YouKu TV

Youku is the biggest video hosting service from Beijing, China. It has been dominating the Chinese market as the top online video streaming platform.

And you can now access the vast library of user-generated content hosted by YouKu on Kodi.

The YouKu TV addon on Kodi includes licensed TV shows and movies from China. Here you will also get access to their original content.

YouKu TV Kodi Addon

It is one of the best alternatives to YouTube. As in China, you cannot stream YouTube, YouKu TV is a popular TV add-on to watch movies and TV shows.

The home page is designed skillfully with all the featured videos, along with their original content in a grid.

It brings in a massive volume of Chinese content and therefore is one of the most popular addons for C-drama.

However, there are a few downsides for English viewers. As the addon is in Chinese, navigation can be a little difficult.

Also, some of the content on YouKu TV might be restricted in certain geographical areas. And so we would advise you to use a VPN to prevent such situations.


  • It hosts on-demand content including movies and TV shows.
  • You can also enjoy some original content and clips.
  • Their homepage is neat and clean in its design and form.
  • One of the best alternatives to YouTube, Netflix and Hulu like huge platforms.


  • It doesn’t support English readers.
  • Certain content can face geo-restrictions.

Catch Up TV & More

Catch Up TV & More is another TV addon that allows you to watch Chinese movies online.

It is a well-known video add-on that you can find in the official Kodi repository.

You might have heard of the Catch-Up TV, and this addon brings all the videos from various channels and services that come under it.

Also, you can access various other videos and content from different websites easily.

Catch Up TV & More Kodi Addon

Catch Up TV & More addon is the easiest and safest way to watch live TV. It is an excellent add-on to stream content from various countries, including China.

There are more than 15 CCTV channels of Chinese origin that you will find under the China section. And that too without any dead links.

However, if you want to stream something on-demand then you won’t be able to watch that.

But, still when you have got about 15 CCTV channels, then you will not miss much. I can guarantee that.


  • It is the legal way to stream Chinese live TV.
  • You can easily download it from the official Kodi repository.
  • More than 15 CCTV channels are available.
  • It hosts content from other Chinese movie websites as well.
  • It is compatible with Kodi Krypton and Leia both.


  • It doesn’t support on-demand content.
  • Channels other than their CCTV channels might be restricted.


The Azdrama is a popular Chinese Kodi addon for watching movies and TV shows.

It is one of the oldest add-ons where you will find a massive volume of titles. It hosts shows from Hong Kong and even content from the Chinese TV networks.

However, the add-on cannot be used in China itself. That is a great irony of using the Azdrama addon.

Azdrama Kodi Addon

Azdrama is the ultimate choice for those who love Chinese drama. You can easily access it all around the world.

You will not find this addon in the official repository. It is a third-party addon that you can download from GitHub.

However, some users have reported Azdrama not working. And so users have shifted to the use of other Kodi Chinese addons.

But, if this add-on works for you then it is the perfect option for you.


  • Azdrama is a third-party application that you can install easily like any other add-on.
  • It hosts massive TV shows and movie titles.
  • Easy to navigate interface.
  • Perfect addon for those looking for movies from Hong Kong or Japanese drama.


  • It is not available in the official Kodi repository.
  • The installation will require a few more steps than the official Kodi addon.


IcDrama as the name suggests is a Kodi addon full of movies and TV shows.

And so if you are looking for a platform that hosts a collection of all the dramatic Chinese movies and shows then do check out IcDrama.

The interface of the addon is quite user-friendly. All the videos, movies, and TV shows are divided and arranged according to their genre, release year, and more.

IcDrama Kodi Addon

It basically scrapes the links for you from different sources, so that you can access them in one place.

The installation of the addon is very easy, just like every other addon.

And once you install the addon, you can enjoy the latest, trending as well as old TV shows from Taiwan, China, Korea, and Japan.

Apart from TV shows, you can also stream movies, Manga series, Anime, and every other type of entertainment.

However, if you are using Real Debrid, then you might face some issues. As it doesn’t support link scraping, you can only stream the free links.


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Well-designed menu.
  • Hosts old, attest, and trending TV shows from different Asian countries.
  • Also has Anime and Manga series.


  • It is not compatible with Real Debrid.


The last Chinese TV addon that you can try is One242415. The name might sound a bit weird, but it is one of the most wonderfully and thoughtfully curated Kodi addon.

Here you will find an eclectic mix of movies and TV shows from all over the world. And the best part is that it has a great collection of martial art movies.

One242415 Kodi Addon

Yes, if you are into martial art films from Hong Kong, then this addon is for you.

After the Phoenix add-on, the One242415 Kodi addon is back to be the standalone add-on. Its unique set-up and free to use features make it worth trying.

And the best part about the One242415 addon is that it hosts a massive library of movies that are categorized into sections like-

  • Animated
  • Retro TV
  • New Movies
  • Documentaries
  • Movies based on Games

And that is why it is one of the best Chinese movies app.


  • It is a standalone addon after separating from the Phoenix addon.
  • You can watch TV shows, movies, live TV channels, sports, movie trailers, tips and tutorials, and more.
  • It hosts a wide range of media content with great picture quality.
  • Its set-up and interface are quite unique.


  • You will require a VPN service for better streaming.


That would be all for this list. So these are the top 5 Chinese Kodi Addons for TV shows and movies.

While residing in China or out of the country, you can stream Chinese or Asian content using these addons.

You can find these addons in the official repository or install them as a third party application.

We hope your Kodi library gets expanded with some good and great content with these addons.

So what is your favorite Kodi addon? What addons are you using to watch Chinese movies online? Let us know in the comment section.

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