Kodi Cannot Download OBB

Kodi Cannot Download OBB – Error Solved Forever

Suppose you just got the new device, but when you tried to install and run the Kodi you jumped to the Kodi start screen and got the message “Error: Could not load OBB “….annoying?

If you are experiencing the same error that Kodi Cannot Download OBB, then this guide will help you correct this in three different ways.

Want to know How?

Read this article till the end.

Opaque Binary Object (OBB) usually refers to a lot of data that looks like binary garbage. OBB files are files generated by developers and various APK packages that support your application.

These OBB files contain encrypted data such as media and graphics which are not included in the APK file. OBB file is not an installed Android app, it is an application data file used for data extension. With OBB, you can package large files and save them to an SD card so that only applications can decrypt and use them.

Why am I getting the error “OBB Boot Error”?

We have found several important reasons in the “Unable to load OBB error” message. First of all, this is not a Kodi bug, it is related to Android.

Android apps over 50MB are split into multiple files, similar to the zip file of an APK file. Therefore, OBB files cause excessive size. OBB boot error indicates that all Kodi files may not be fully installed on the Fire Stick or Fire.

Users who install Kodi on Fire Stick or Fire TV using the Android charging method rank second compared to users who install Kodi in another way using the iPhone charging method.

How to Fix Cannot Download OBB error in Kodi

Method 1: Fix error in Android without installing ES file explorer.

Step 1: Open Google play store on your Android phone.

Step 2: Install Apps2Fire or AGKFire from Play Store.

Step 3: After installation, launch Apps2Fire.

Launch Apps2Fire.

Step 4: Then get the IP address by going to the Settings option > select Network.

Step 5: Once you get the Firestick’s IP address> enter IP address in the Settings tab of the app.

Step 6: Select Apps2Fire option Local Apps.

elect Apps2Fire option Local Apps.

Step 7: Select Kodi from the list> Install.

Step 8: Kodi downloads, installs or uploads unpublished files to Firestick.

Step 9: Find Kodi in the list of apps > launch Kodi on the Fire Stick.

Step 10: Finally, install the TV plugin to secure your streaming connection.

Method 2: Fix OBB error in IOS by installing ES file explorer.

Step 1: Enable ADB debugging and applications permission from unknown sources on Fire TV or Fire Stick.

Step 2: Install the free Dropbox app on your Phone or use Google Drive.

Step 3: Download the version “ARM” of Kodi for your iPhone.

Kodi installer file

Step 4: Send the Kodi installer file from your iPhone to your Dropbox account

Step 5: Then install ES File Explorer on your Fire TV or Fire Stick.

Step 6: In ES File Explorer, under Cloud, select Dropbox. Then use Fire TV to sign in to Dropbox.

Step 7: Log in Dropbox on Fire TV (using ES File Explorer)> select> download the Kodi installer.

Step 8:When the download is complete, select Open File.

Method 3: Fix error with ES file explorer+Custom DL Server.

Step 1: Go to Fire TV home screen> menu> search> ES file.

Step 2: Select the ES file explorer app> Click install.

Step 3: Launch the ES file explorer app> Select favorite from the menu> Add.

 Select favorite from the menu

Step 4: In the pop-up window that appears, select the first field and enter http://downloadkodi.com in it> click OK.

Step 5: Then select another field, type “K” for KODI> click OK.

Step 6: Add favorite by clicking on Add> Select the new favorite “K”.

Step 7: Go to the folder kodi-fire tv> select kodi161arm.apk.

Step 8: Click More> Go to Open In Browser> Choose ES downloader.

Step 9: Install and launch KODI.

Step 10: In case error appears, uninstall and again install KODI multiple times.


We have explained multiple ways above to resolve this issue of Kodi cannot download OBB error.

Whether you have Android or IOS, it will work on your device if you follow step by step our guide.

We can understand your annoyance when you face such errors on your device and we also understand that you are not ready to waste your precious time resolving these issues.

So, here we compile all possible ways to make you get rid of these errors and save your precious time as well!

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