5 Proven ways to fix Kodi Black Screen on Startup Error

Using Kodi isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. After all, as Kodi users, we have to deal with various errors and issues on a daily basis. And though we solve most of the issues and bugs, some of them are stubborn and need unique solutions to get rid of.

One such sneaky bug is the Kodi Black Screen issue.

If you are having a Kodi black screen while startup, then read on to find out the solution to this issue. The issue occurs when you try to start Kodi and it shows a black screen. This issue happens on different types of devices.

While the android screen going black is a common issue, many users have also reported Kodi not working on Firestick also. There might be different reasons behind this issue, on OS as well as software level. Hang on with us as we present you with some proven ways to fix the Kodi Black Screen issue.

How to Fix Kodi Black Screen on Startup?

There can be multiple reasons behind Kodi not launching and getting a black screen on startup. We have taken into account all the different types of aspects while finding a solution for this problem. Here are some of the proven ways that you should try:

Method 1: Clear cache on your device

This is the first step you should try before delving in any further. Oftentimes, the issue lies in our operating systems and the solution can be as simple as clearing the application cache.

So what you need to do is just clear the cache of the Kodi installation on your respective device. As Kodi runs on different devices, there are different ways to clear cache in every device. You can follow the below guide.

Android: Click and hold on the Kodi app → click on App Info → Force Stop → Clear Cache

Windows: Type Windows + R key and delete all the files in the temp folder.

Firestick: Open settings → Apps → Locate “Kodi” → Force Stop → Clear Cache

Mac: Go to /Users/<username>/Library/Application/Support/Kodi/userdata/ and clear the cache

Linux: Go to ~/.kodi/userdata/ → Delete the kodi AppData

Method 2: Update your Kodi

It’s best to keep your softwares updated, particularly if they are open-source. So Kodi not being an exception needs to be updated regularly. Most of the bugs and errors are fixed in latest updates, so make sure you don’t miss out on them. This can solve your Kodi black screen issue.

Method 3: Delete Add-ons data file

Chances are that your addons.db file might get corrupted if you have recently updated your Kodi. So deleting the corrupted addons data file can solve your Kodi black screen. Follow these steps to fix the issue:

On your device, go to File Manager → Locate the user data folder for Kodi Installation → Delete addons.db file.

Note that the user data folder might have different locations for different devices. So make sure you locate the correct folder.

Method 4: Lower the refresh rate on your Android Device

If you are using Kodi on Android Device then the higher refresh rates may cause the Kodi black screen on startup. Make sure you set the refresh rate to 60 Hz if it’s higher. This will fix the issue.

Method 5: Enable Hardware Acceleration

If you are getting Kodi black screen while playing videos, then there’s a simple fix. Just turn ON Hardware Acceleration from the Kodi settings and restart Kodi. Now your problem will be solved. Follow the below steps to turn ON Hardware Acceleration in Kodi:

1) Open Kodi and Click on the gear icon to open settings.

Go to Kodi settings
  1. Click on Player
Click on Player
  1. In the “Videos” tab, click on “Allow hardware acceleration – DXVA2” .
Allow hardware acceleration

Hardware Acceleration is turned ON for your Kodi. This will fix your issue. These are some quick ways to fix your Kodi black screen. If the issue is still not solved, then we have two proven workarounds that will definitely solve your problem.

Read on to know about them.

#Workaround 1:

While the accurate reason behind the Kodi black screen issue is not clear, there are events that seem to trigger this issue. Most of the users reported that while playing videos when they shut down Kodi and restart again, they face the Kodi black screen on startup. One major finding is that while this issue occurs, the two data files profiles.xml and guisettings.xml are corrupted and reset to 0KB.

So to fix this issue, you can simply locate and delete the guisettings.xml file and restart Kodi.

On Windows, go to C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/Kodi/Userdata/ and locate guisettings.xml file. Delete the file and restart your Kodi.

This will definitely solve your issue. But note that, this will also reset all your Kodi settings so you need to configure them again.

#Workaround 2:

This workaround assumes that you are willing to do some extra tasks to solve this error. While the above workaround fixes the issue, it also deletes your Kodi GUI settings. So, if you don’t want to delete the settings, again and again, follow the below steps.

  1. When your Kodi is running perfectly fine, locate the Kodi user data folder as shown above.
  2. Locate the profiles.xml and guisettings.xml files.
  3. Take a backup of these files by copying them to another location.
  4. Now, whenever you face the Kodi Black Screen issue, go to the userdata folder, delete the two files stated above and copy the ones you backed up earlier.
  5. This will fix your issue and also won’t reset the settings of Kodi.


Kodi is a great application to stream your favorite videos and content. But sometimes while watching videos for a longer duration, Kodi might show the black screen error. It is best to keep your Kodi updated to the latest version all the time to avoid any errors. You can follow the above-mentioned steps to solve this issue. Also, you can alternatively try to reinstall your Kodi application if nothing seems to work.

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