How to Use Jackbox on Roku

Jackbox and its collection of party games are tailored for family gatherings and hangouts with friends.

Since 2014, both gamers and non-gamers are enjoying the packs of party games released by the brand. If you are unable to recall, then titles like Fibbage, You Don’t Know Jack, and Trivia Murder Party might ring a bell.

Its cross-platform compatibility makes it a popular digital gaming platform. It supports platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Steam, and Epic Games.

You can go ahead with any of these gaming platforms. However, if you want to stream your games on Roku then there can be an issue.

Roku TV doesn’t support Jackbox like third-party applications and so should know some workarounds to be able to use Jackbox on Roku.

So let us get started with the three methods to use Jackbox on Roku.

How to Use Jackbox on Roku?

Roku is a great streaming platform and once you start your streaming journey with it, you won’t be able to switch to any other platform.

And so you can bring Jackbox on Roku as well. You only need to know a few tricks.

Yes, you can play all the Jackbox games while using your computer, gaming system, or any other streaming device.

So let us check out all the three ways to play games using Jackbox.

Method 1- Use Chromecast to Play Jackbox on Roku

If you have been using the typical cable connection to stream movies and TV shows, then you might not have noticed the HDMI ports present at the back of your Roku TV.

The HDMI ports that are already present on your Roku device serve as a point for digital connection to other devices like Chromecast.

Use Chromecast to Play Jackbox on Roku

Google introduced the Chromecast platform that allows the users to project the screen of their phones on the Roku TV.

This third-party streaming service comes with a share screen function that has proved to be helpful in using Jackbox on Roku.

So connect your Chromecast to your phone and Roku TV, and easily get your Jackbox games to the big screen.

Without getting involved in all the confusing connections, wires, and complicated device setup, you can play games on your TV.

Isn’t it great!

Method 2- Use Android Emulator

Another working way to play Jackbox games on Roku is using an Android Emulator.

Some of you might be wondering what an Android emulator is? So for those, an Android emulator is basically software that transforms your TV into an Android device.

And so you can download and install an Android Emulator of your choice on the Roku TV.

The Android OS is one of the versatile operating systems in the market and so you can easily use Jackbox on Roku with the help of the Android system.

However, the Android emulators available online are generally not from trusted sources.

Since these are third-party applications you might face compatibility, security, and performance issues. And this can also affect your Roku TV and game. So be careful while you download it.

Method 3-Use an HDMI cable

If you are looking for a way that is cost-friendly, then we would suggest you do not invest your money in Chromecast. You can instead use your present gaming console like Xbox, PC, or PS as an alternative.

You can connect your gaming console via an HDMI cable to the Roku TV.

Then install the Jackbox games on your console. Complete the setup and you are good to go.

Use an HDMI cable

You can now play all your favorite Jackbox games using your gaming controller and keyboard, but definitely on a much bigger screen.

It is one of the best, safest, and cost-effective ways to enjoy the Jackbox games on a bigger Roku screen.


Jackbox games are rated as the best games for teens. However, you can also change these games to a family-friendly mode in order to make your family gatherings more fun.

Only one person in your family needs to have the Jackbox product. And all the others can join in with their phones or tablets.

The main action of the game takes place on your Roku TV as the players make their choices and input their answers using their mobiles.

So, all you gamers out there try these methods to play your favorite Jackbox games on Roku.

Let us know which method you liked, and if you know of a better way to use Jackbox on Roku TV, then share it with us in the comment section.

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