A Guide on How to Install Kodi on Ouya

In case you are looking for the best hardware to use as a Kodi multimedia platform, trust me the Ouya Android game console is for you.

OUYA is a game console that is android-based with a set-top box for most of the open-source community. However, Ouya has received a lot of criticism from the gaming industry since its release.

How to Install Kodi on Ouya

Ouya is easy to use and can handle any high-quality XBMC application like Kodi. The speed and response you experience when streaming media is similar to that you experience on a home theater computer.

The $ 99 Ouya console is mostly used for open-source gaming, but we only suggest it because it gives you a flawless and high-speed experience with Kodi.

Kodi v14 is a great video player that can be run flawlessly on Ouya.Kodi is now asking Ouya users to upgrade to version 17 or use version 14.

So, today we will explain to you how to Install Kodi on Ouya by following a few simple steps. Follow the below guide to get this done.

How to Install Kodi on Ouya?

Step 1: Go to the Ouya Developer section (Make tab)

Go to the Ouya Developer section

Step 2: Hit Yes or OK to open the Developer section.

Step 3: Open your default browser> Press Y in your controller> Enter your own URL. Use the controller touchpad to highlight different parts of the URL.

Developer portal

Step 4: Now select version 14.2 by entering

Step 5: Wait till the download completes. The file is around 50.6 MB. To know the download progress, install and use Chrome and File Explorer. In the case of ES File Explorer, open the file after the download finishes and simply install it.

Wait till the download completes.

Step 6: After downloading go to the option Manage> Go to the option System> Select option Advanced

Step 7: Now go to option Storage> Select Download. Some suggested restarting OUYA after the first scan to see this section.

 Select Download.

Step 8: Now select Kodi from the download list and hit Install.

Now select Kodi from the download list
install Kodi

Step 9: At last go to the option Make tab to locate Kodi and it’s done!

Alternate Method

For this guide to work, OUYA and the other device with the browser must be on the same network.

Step 1: First of all, get the correct file of Kodi on your computer (not the OUYA).

Step 2: For this, go to the Kodi download page and get the ARM file under the Android logo. It is just under 60 MB in size.

Get the ARM file

Step 3: Instead of Make, you simply click on Develop for an OUYA.

Click on Develop for an OUYA

Step 4: Now go to Upload and select the UPLOAD button.

Now go to Upload and select the UPLOAD button.

Step 5: Once that has happened, the OUYA will give you the link where you can upload the APK.

Upload the APK

Step 6: Enter the address just mentioned in the browser and get another window, just put an APK in the box by dragging Kodi to the appropriate box.

Drop the APK file here

Step 7: It then takes a while for the file to be loaded onto the OUYA.

Wait for a while to upload

Step 8: Once the file is uploaded, Kodi (or any other APK) will be automatically installed on the OUYA. You should now find it in software and/or your apps.

Wait for the installation

Note: May the browser after downloading on your computer give you an error that the upload was interrupted or not completed. Despite this error message, download has been completed and it worked wonderfully.

Step 9: Now the Kodi 14.0 is installed on the OUYA. It’s very easy.

Kodi installed on Ouya

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We have explained two solutions above to answer your question: How to Install Kodi on Ouya.

You can try either one of them or both in case the first one did not work. We have explained along with the screenshots to make this easy for you, after all, that’s why you like our post and follow our guides.

If you know someone who is finding ways for months on different forums to install Kodi on Ouya, suggest this article now.

Enjoy unlimited entertainment by following our guide above! We will see you in the next article and yes don’t forget to comment in the comment section below. We value your feedback. Take care.

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