How to do Instagram Video Call on a Laptop?

Instagram is trying to get ahead of the other social media platforms.

From introducing IGTV to Reels, its current addition, Instagram is taking over the teenagers and the youth.

The disappearing pictures, disappearing chats and the video call feature were rolled out with the latest Instagram updates.

You might be wondering that Instagram video call is not a new feature, right? But it is.

Did you know that you can do an Instagram Video call on your laptop?

You might have not noticed the video call icon on the Instagram web version. But you can easily make video calls from your laptop or computer on Instagram.

Interested to know how? Then keep reading.

How to do an Instagram Video Call on a Laptop?

There is no such platform that lets you run Instagram on the web. However, if you get some service that claims such a feature then be careful.

Do not share your information till you are sure of the authenticity and safety of the third-party application.

And so one way to make and take Instagram video calls on a laptop is by running the Android app. This is possible by using the Android emulators. An emulator helps you run Android applications on computer or laptop.

Another way to do Instagram Video Call on a laptop is without emulators. But it is a bit complicated.

So go through both the ways and choose the one that suits you.

Method 1 – Use Android Emulator to do Instagram Video Call

Part I – Using Bluestacks

Bluestacks is one of the easiest to use and popular Android emulators. You can download it on Windows and Mac operating systems. However if you are running the Linux system, then Bluestacks doesn’t support it.

Step 1 – Go to the official Bluestacks website. And download the Bluestacks app on your laptop.

Use Bluestacks Android Emulator

Step 2 – After the file is downloaded, launch the software and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

Install Bluestacks

Step 3 – Next, open the app. And in the search bar, type Instagram. Click on one of the results and install it.

In the search bar type Instagram

Step 4 – Once it gets installed, you can see the icon on the homepage of Bluestacks. You can open the app from there.

Instagram icon on the homepage of Bluestacks

However, if you cannot see, then restart your system once. It is needed in some cases.

Step 5 – After opening Instagram app, login to your account. Enter the username and password.

Login to your Instagram account

Step 6 – Click on the button or paper plane icon at the top right corner of the Instagram window.

Adding people for video calling

Step 7 – Then click on the top bar to search for the person and click on their name.

Opening the chat with people

Step 8 – Your chat with the selected person will open. You can now do a video call by clicking on the video camera icon.

Instagram video call from laptop

For the Instagram video call from laptop to be successful, you need to give the app access to your microphone and camera.

Part II – Using NoxPlayer

Another Android emulator that is used by many people to run Instagram like apps on Windows PC is NoxPlayer.

It too doesn’t support Linux OS, however, if you are using Mac or Windows then you will definitely have an amazing experience.

Step 1 – Download the NoxPlayer emulator on your device. And install it.

Step 2 – Launch the app. Go to the search bar and search for Instagram apps.

Step 3 – Click on the Install option. And follow the on-screen instructions to install the Instagram app on your PC via NoxPlayer.

Step 4 – Next open the Instagram app. And login to your account.

Open the Instagram app

Step 5 – Once you enter the app, click on the paper plane icon at the top right or the DM icon as we know.

Step 6 – You can now select the person from your present chats. Or click on the Search bar and look for the contact you want to make the video call to.

Method 2 – Do Instagram Video Call without Emulators

One more way to do Instagram video calls or receive then is without installing the Android emulators. In this method you will require some developer tools.

The process is more complicated than the previous one, but it takes up less space, and the process of your device.

Step 1 – Open the Google Chrome web browser. And go to the Chrome web store to download the ARC Welder app. Or you can click on the given link.

Download the ARC Welder app

Step 2 – Now go to Google Play and look for Instagram. Copy the app’s link.

Step 3 – Navigate to the APK Downloader website. Paste the link on the website and install the app.

Navigate to the APK Downloader website

Or you can just type the following link – “”

Step 4 – It will be downloaded as a package. You can copy it to a more familiar location.

Step 5 – Now go to the ARC Welder app. You can add the APK file that you downloaded here.

Step 6 – Next click on “Portrait” and select it as the Orientation. And in the Form Factor, choose “Phone.”

Select the Orientation

Step 7 – Now click on the Launch App option.

Your Instagram app will be launched.

Step 8 – Enter the credentials and login to your account.

Step 9 – To make a video call, click on the DM icon at the top right corner. And then select the contact.

Step 10 – Once you enter into the chat window, you will be able to see the video camera icon. Click on it.

That’s it.

So this is another way to do Instagram video calls from computer or laptop. There is no other third-party application that hosts Instagram calling services.

So be careful while you give your information.


Instagram on PC is another notable feature. However, you cannot access all the features on the web version.

One of those features was making a video call.

But with a few workarounds like Android emulators and developer tools like ARC Welder you can have Instagram Video call.

Do give these methods a try and share your opinions on using emulators and third-party apps to run Instagram on laptop.

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