Get Facebook Top Fan Badge

How to Get Facebook Top Fan Badge?

Facebook has introduced this new feature of appreciating the users who have been contributing to various communities.

Did you come across the terms- “Top Fan” or “Valued Commenter” or “Top Fan Badge” while scrolling your Facebook newsfeed?

If you are wondering what can be the possible meaning and use of these terms, then you have landed on the right page.

Facebook came up with this rebrand strategy globally, to enhance the engagement around groups and events.

The brands thus identify their top fans or followers and reward them with these cute badges that you often see against the name of your fellow commenter.

So let us dig a little dip and know more about this Top Fan status and how you can get Facebook Top Fan Badge.

How to Get Facebook Top Fan Badge?

Both Facebook Pages and Groups give top fan badges to the people who contribute and take part in sharing their views on the page or group.

They started with the Valued Commenter and Top Fan badge, and now there are a few more.

So to earn the most Valued Commenter badge, as the name suggests you have to comment on the posts shared by that one particular page or group more often.

Get Facebook Top Fan Badge

On the other hand, for winning the Top Fan badge, the process is a bit intensive. To qualify for the Top Fan status you have to be more engaged and active on the page.

Get Top Fan Badge

That means –

  • Watch every video on the page
  • Like or react to their content
  • Comment on the posts shared
  • Share the posts on your timeline

And if you qualify and win the Facebook badge, then whenever you will be interacting on that particular page everybody will be able to see a small badge next to your name.

However, even after liking and being active, there are chances you are not awarded with a badge.

Wondering why so?

Now not all pages and groups on Facebook reward their loyal followers with badges. The group or page must have at least 10,000 followers.

This means that if you are following your local library group or music club, then you might not win a top fan Facebook badge.

Also, the page should have enabled the badge feature from their end for the Facebook algorithm to work.

Now you can confirm this, by checking their previous top fans.

Step 1 – Go to the Facebook page or group that you follow.

Step 2 – Then click on the More option. And choose Community.

Step 3 – On the left-hand side, you can see the Top Fans list.

Salesforce community

That’s it. If you see a list then the page or group has enabled the Top Fans badge feature. And if you follow them religiously, then you can also win one of the badges.

How to Award Top Fan Badges?

If you are running a Facebook page or have started a group, then you can get a Facebook Top Fan badge for it.

Step 1 – Open Facebook on a web browser.

Step 2 – Then go to Settings. And click on the Facebook badges option.

Facebook badges

Step 3 – Toggle the button against the Turn on top fan badges option and turn it on.

Turn on top fan badge

That’s it. The Facebook algorithm will select the top fans on the basis of their interaction.

In addition to rewarding the badge, you can even remove the badge if you want. At any point in time, you can take away the privilege of any top fan.

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Facebook is taking that extra step to build more engagement. Apart from entertaining the users, it has also become a platform for marketers.

And with the Facebook Top Fan feature, both consumers and brands can be benefitted.

While the brands get to know about their potential customers and their top thread, the commenters and users win a sense of satisfaction.

So if you are a Facebook page owner or running a brand then you should make use of this feature to gain trust and engage your audience.

And as a Facebook user, guys go ahead and show your love to the pages and posts that you like.

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