How To Fix Ethernet Cable Not Lighting Up?

Do you connect your computer or gaming console to the Internet via Ethernet cables?

If yes, then this post will help you.

Right, a lot of people who use

Ethernet cables to connect their router to various devices raised Ethernet cable not lighting up the issue.

While most of us don’t want to get into the mess of cables, some people do not have a choice.

If your WiFi is working just fine, but the wired connection doesn’t seem to catch up then it is due to a faulty Ethernet cable.

So let us have a look at some of the ways by which we can fix the Ethernet cable not working issue.

Solutions to Fix Ethernet Cable Not Lighting Up

People terminate their bulky cables and replace them with Ethernet cables. However, even after plugging the cables correctly from the router to the gaming console or computer, they do not work.

Or sometimes the Ethernet cable is not detected. If you are also stuck in such a situation, here are a few tips that might give you a heads-up on the issue.

Method 1 – Make sure you use Right Terminations On Your Wires

It might sound weird but for the success of connecting and terminating cables, you need to follow the right wiring scheme.

You need to arrange the wires in the right order and wire both ends in the same scheme. You can follow several ways to terminate your copper cables.

The two most common wiring schemes used to terminate cables are t568b or t568a.

The former scheme is more prevalent and better for troubleshooting. Here is the order of wires that you need to follow –


  • Orange stripe
  • Orange
  • Green stripe
  • Blue
  • Blue stripe
  • Green
  • Brown stripe
  • Brown
t568b wiring scheme

Method 2 – Try with Different Ethernet Ports and Ethernet Cable

Ethernet ports can also be one reason behind your router not being detected. And so you can try to plug your Ethernet cable into another port. It is one of the best ways to check if your router is faulty or not.

There are various ports present on your router or modem. These are basically called LAN ports. So start checking with the first one, and if it doesn’t work, then check your cable with the remaining ports.

Try Different Ethernet ports

If none of the ports work, then the issue might be with your Ethernet cable.

So now try to set up the router with some other cable. In case you have an extra cable with you, you can check the ports with the new or spare cable.

If the router works, then your Ethernet cable was at fault. If not, then maybe your router needs to be changed.

You can get more information about the router from the manufacturer.

Method 3 – Make Sure the Cable Makes Proper Contact

Another issue that might need to be resolved is the wires of your Ethernet cable.

Yes, so you need to check if all the wires of the cable are inserted properly till the end. The gold part of the port should come in contact with the wires of your cable.

Make proper Ethernet connection

And so push the wires so that a strong and solid electrical connection is made.

Also, insert the plug correctly into the router. It might seem to be straightforward, but a lot of times we plug the cable lightly without making a proper connection.

Method 4 – Make Sure Ethernet/ LAN is Enabled

Running both WiFi and Ethernet connections simultaneously can play with the Settings.

If you are using a Windows computer, then it will always select Ethernet over a WiFi connection. However, if your Ethernet cable is not lighting up, then check the Network Settings.

Step 1 – Go to the Network and Internet Settings. And then look for your WiFi option.

Step 2 – Toggle the button next to it and switch it off.

Step 3 – Then enable your Local Area Network Setting. Right-click on LAN and then click on Enable.

Enable Local Area Network

That’s it. Wait for a few seconds till your device gets connected.

Method 5 – Update Computer Drivers

To stay away from various bugs and glitches it is important you keep your software updated. It also helps in the smooth running of your CPU.

The drivers of your computer work together with other applications and assist your device to work smoothly.


Waiting for the Ethernet cable to get detected so that you can access the Internet on your device can be annoying.


There are a number of reasons due to which the Ethernet cable is not lighting up. Also, we’ve covered a few common mistakes you should avoid.

We need to be patient and make all the connections correctly when, usually, the problem is not severe.

If you are still facing issues, then feel free to share them with us.

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