How to Get HBO With YouTube TV?

YouTube TV gives you the best live TV streaming experience with 85 and more channels. It allows easy recording with no storage limits.

You do not require any cable box, or contract and six different people can have access to the content through a single account.

The YouTube TV channels are available to the residents of the United States.

One of the channels that is quite popular and has always been in demand is HBO and HBO Max.

But its absence had a massive impact on the viewers.

If you too have been missing HBO on YouTube TV then we have some good news.

WarnerMedia and Google have signed an agreement according to which you will be able to see the prestige network on YouTube TV soon.

How to Get HBO with YouTube TV?

HBO and HBO Max have been added as add-ons on YouTube TV. And so now you can watch the live HBO shows, and dig into the old ones to catch up with your favorite ones.

Previously the WarnerMedia networks has made the CNN, TBS, TruTV and many more channels and now HBO and HBO Max will be added.

 Get HBO with YouTube TV

YouTube TV offers a free trial of two weeks wherein you can enjoy 85+ channels and various add-ons.

With YouTube TV you can customize your TV and enhance your experience by adding channels that host movies and TV shows that you love.

You can build your dream library of content by adding sports, movies, news, TV shows channels and more at no additional cost. It includes the fees for all the traditional services in its pack.

And since according to the new agreement you get HBO and HBO Max on your YouTube TV as an add-on, here are some simple steps to follow.

Step 1 – Use your Smart TV remote to open the YouTube TV app.

Step 2 – On the top right corner you can see your profile picture. Just next to it, there is a Store icon. Click on it.

Profile pic at the top right corner

Step 3 – Select the Add-on you want to add, say HBO. The information window will add, along with its price.

 Select the Add-on you want to add

Step 4 – Click on Add Network option. And further make the purchase by filling in the details and confirming your action.

Click on Add Network option

YouTube TV also has a News and Noteworthy tab where you can search for any network or channel or addon you want to get on your TV.

So browse for the network, select it and further make the purchase.

Bonus Tip

We do not know what YouTube TV pack you have chosen for your home.If you want HBO and HBO Max in it, then we have a recommendation.

Instead of choosing it as an add-on and paying that extra cost, you can choose the Entertainment Plus bundle.

This bundle includes HBO Max, along with Starz and Showtime, the three streaming services which would cost you more if taken individually.

So you can get the Entertainment Plus bundle and enjoy more channels at low cost.

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YouTube TV is a great alternative to those who have cut the cord.

However, it had denied access to the WarnerMedia channels like HBO and Cinemax. But they are back.

You can now get the add-on of these two channels on your YouTube TV and get on-demand access to all the live shows and old videos.

It is cheaper than its competitors and so gaining a lot of traction these days.

If you still haven’t given a thought to getting a YouTube TV subscription, then it is worth trying, especially after the introduction of new services.

So let us know what you think of this new agreement between Google and WarnerMedia, and is it useful for you.

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