How to Watch Hallmark Channel With Kodi?

All of us crave a cozy, feel-good weekend with our family. And what can be better than a movie night or a family targeted miniseries on Hallmark Channel.

Hallmark Channel is a well-known American TV channel that targets family-friendly content, featuring a mix of original television series and movies along with lifestyle programs and miniseries.

It is the best channel to catch up with Christmas and Holiday movies. While the classic way for Hallmark streaming is through cable cord connection, you can also install the Hallmark Channel app on your TV.

Want to know how?

Kodi is your answer. You can now watch movies and TV shows on Hallmark Channel without a cable TV subscription using Kodi.

Today we are going to share with you the complete guide to watch Hallmark using different Kodi addons.

Watch Hallmark Channel with Kodi

There is a large selection of channels under the Hallmark Channel where you can stream on-demand movies and TV shows in high quality.

Their two popular channels are Hallmark Movies and Hallmark Channel Everywhere.

You can definitely access both these channels easily if you have a Hallmark subscription.

But if you have cut the cord at home, then go to their official website directly and start streaming.

Or here are two ways by which you can watch live TV and on-demand content using the Kodi platform.

Method 1 – Use Cypher Media Add-on to Watch Hallmark Channel

Hallmark Channel was previously present in the form of an add-on on Kodi. However, they locked their streams and now you need to have Cypher Media add-on to access live TV.

Follow the given steps to access the Hallmark Channel app on Kodi.

Step 1- Launch the Kodi app. Go to Settings and open File Manager.

Step 2- Click on the Add Source option.

Step 3- Choose None. And then in the address bar, enter the following address- https://cyphermediagit.github.io/.

Step 4- Give your file source a suitable name, say Cypher. Click on Ok.

Step 5- Return to the Kodi home screen. Choose Add-ons.

Step 6- Then click on Add-on browser, an open-box-like icon at the left corner of the screen.

Step 7- Now choose the Install from zip file option.

Step 8- Click on Cypher> repository.Cypherslocker-3.0.zip file.


Wait for a few seconds till the add-on gets installed. You will get a pop-up message.

Step 9- Now choose the Install from repository option.

Step 10- Go to the Cyphers Locker> Video add-ons.

Step 11- Choose the Project Cypher option. And click on Install.

Project Cypher

Wait till the Project Cypher addon gets installed. Now you can watch Hallmark Channel streams easily from here.

How to Use Project Cypher Add-on?

Now that we have installed the Project Cypher addon on Kodi, you can stream the Hallmark Channel. Follow the steps given-

Step 1- Launch your Kodi app.

Step 2- Open Add-ons> Video Add-ons.

Step 3- Then click on Project Cypher.

Step 4- In the new window that opens, scroll down to locate the Cypher IPTV Channels. Select this option.

Step 5- Now choose Cypher Mobdro> Entertainment.

Step 6- Scroll down the list and find the Hallmark option. Click on it and start streaming your favorite Hallmark TV show or movie.


Method 2 – Use Cerebro IPTV+ Add-on to Watch Hallmark Channel

Another good option to watch Hallmark movies and TV shows is using the Cerebro IPTV+.

It is a good option for those who are living within the US or abroad. It hosts a large number of live streams and the classic Holiday films of Hallmark.

If you have the Covenant or Exodus add-on already installed on your system, then you can integrate this add-on with it as well.

If not, then just follow the steps to stream Kodi Hallmark Channel directly.

Step 1- Open the Kodi app. Go to the Settings and open File Manager.

Step 2- Click on the Add Source option. Then click on None.

Step 3- In the address box, type the following address or simply paste the following link-https://kdil.co/repo/.

Step 4- Give the source file a name, like kdil. And hit the Ok button.

Step 5- Return to the home screen. And go to the Add-ons section.

Step 6- Open the Add-ons browser. Choose the Install from zip file option.

Step 7- Now choose the kdil file that you previously saved. And then click on the zip file.

kdil file

Wait for a few seconds till you get the notification.

Step 8-Return to the Add-on browser window and choose the Install from repository option.

Step 9- Select the www.Kodisrael.co.il Repository.

Step 10- Go to the Video Add-ons. Choose Cerebro IPTV+.

Step 11- The Cerebro IPTV+ information page will open. Click on Install.

Cerebro IPTV

Within a few seconds, the addon will be installed.

How to Use Cerebro IPTV+ on Kodi?

Streaming Hallmark using the Cerebro IPTV+ Kodi addon is similar to the previous addon.

Step 1- Go to the home screen of Kodi. Choose Add-ons> Video Add-ons.

Step 2- Then click on IPTV+, followed by the IPTV option.

Step 3- Next, select Mobdro. And then browse to locate the Hallmark option.

Hallmark addon

Now choose the TV show or movie you want to watch. Wait till the stream gets loaded and voila.

You can watch Hallmark channel content for free on Kodi.


Even if you do not have a cable TV connection at home, you can still stream the Hallmark channel.

You will find various options for streaming like the Hallmark channel on YouTube TV or DirecTV or on Philo. However, the best option is to stream the Hallmark channel app on Kodi.

There are two Kodi addons that host legal and active links for TV shows and movies on Hallmark Channel.

It is the best alternative to a pricey cable package. And what can be a better option for a family evening than a classic sitcom or festive movie?

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