Google Home Mini Won’t Connect to Wifi – 5 Proven Solutions

Having Google Home at your house is just like having a good friend by your side.

And its new counterpart, Google Home Mini possesses similar features like using Google services with voice commands.

This means you just have to say OK Google, and Google will be ready to work at your command.

However, sometimes your Google Home Mini can stutter too.

The fact that Google Home Mini requires an active Internet connection makes it very likely that it won’t connect to WiFi.

And so today we will be talking about the various reasons that cause connectivity issues, and some ways to troubleshoot the Google Home Mini won’t connect to WiFi error.

Proven Solutions to Fix Google Home Mini Won’t Connect to WiFi

There can be various reasons why your wireless device is unable to connect to WiFi like low Internet speed, changed password, or low signal from the router.

So let us start with some easy ways to resolve the issue, and then move on to the complex ones.

Method 1 – Ensure Proper Connection

The first thing to make sure is that your Google Home is properly connected to the Internet. Now the device doesn’t know how to connect itself to the internet if you do not do it correctly.

You can set up Google Home Mini using the Google Home app. Here is how you can configure your Google Home. Also, if you have changed the password of your WiFi service recently, then you can follow the same steps to reconfigure it.

Step 1 – Open the Google Home app. And then choose your device.

Choose Google Home device

Step 2 – Then click on the Settings button on your device.

Open Google Home Settings

Step 3 – Now click on WiFi, and then select Forget Network option.

Step 4 – From the main screen of the Home app, click on the Add option.

Step 5 – Next click on Set up device> New device.

Step 6 – Select the home you wish to add Google Home to, and then click on Next.

Then follow the on-screen instructions and complete the setup process. This method can help you connect your Google Home Mini to a WiFi network.

Method 2 – Move your router to Fix Low Router Signal

Your router basically connects your Google Home Mini to the Internet. And so issues with WiFi connectivity can be because your device is placed far away from the router.

Now since your router cannot be shifted to a new place, you can try to change the place of your Google Home Mini.

Google Home Mini

Placement of the two devices close to each other will ensure a good connection.

Now check if your Google Home connects to the network, and works better. If yes, then the issue might be due to some interference between your router and Google Home Mini device.

It is also possible that other electronic devices are interfering with the connection. And so you can try to de-clutter the area around the Google Home device.

Method 3 – Restart Router and Google Home Mini

Another way to resolve connectivity issues with Google Home Mini is by restarting the router and your Google Home Mini.

You can either restart your device via the official router manual. Or you can unplug the router and wait for a few seconds before plugging it back in.

Follow the same method to restart your Google Home Mini device.

You can also restart the Home device using the app. Follow the given instructions carefully –

Step 1 – Select your Google Home device from the app.

Step 2 – Then open the Settings and click on the three dots to access more options.

word image

Step 3 – Click on Reboot. And wait till the process completes.

word image 1

Your device will restart automatically. Now try connecting it to your WiFi network and see if the issue has been resolved.

Method 4 – Limit Other Network Devices

The bandwidth issue doesn’t seem to be problematic, but it is a probable reason for causing the Google Home Mini won’t connect to WiFi error.

As more and more devices connect to the Internet, less bandwidth is available.

So, identify the problem like downloading issues, or Google Home stops playing music, and more, to confirm that you are facing the problem due to lower bandwidth.

Try to cut off the devices that are connected to the same network.

Method 5 – Reset your Device

If none of the methods mentioned above works, then here is the last way to get everything back to the point from where you started.

After Factory Reset you will have to begin from scratch, and your Google Home Mini WiFi connectivity issues will be resolved.

So just press the FDR circle button and hold it for about 15 seconds.

Reset Google Home Mini device

Once the device restarts, log in to your Google account and connect it to your WiFi network.


I’m sure, by now you would have configured your Google Home Mini device following the methods given above.

One of the easiest ways to fix WiFi connectivity issues is by changing the placement of the router or the Google Home Mini.

However, if the connection is still weak or drops in between or doesn’t connect then you can try to reset the router and the Google device.

Also, small tips like keeping other electronic items at bay, and disconnecting other Network Devices can also do the trick.

So we hope that you were able to fix the Google Home Mini won’t connect to WiFi error. You can write to us for any further assistance.

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