How to Install FTV Addon on Kodi?

Filmon.TV aka FTV is a large, popular platform for streaming live TV channels. The Filmon TV guide offers quality streams, HD videos, and more for every platform like Android, iOS, Firestick, Chromecast, and Roku.

You can use this video addon to access video songs, movies, TV shows, sports, and more at a slow Internet connection.

Yes, this makes FTV one of the best TV guides for Kodi.

From casting any video or movie of any size or at a slow Wi-Fi connection, FTV allows flawless access to channels from all around the world.

The FTV Kodi addon is updated weekly or monthly, and so as a streamer you should always stay updated.

So want to know how to install FTV Addon on Kodi?

Today we are going to share with you two easy and straightforward methods to install the guide on Kodi.

Also, check out some tips and tricks to prevent the common errors that can interrupt your streaming.

How to Install FTV Addon on Kodi?

As FTV is a fully working Electronic Program Guide, it allows you to integrate your liked live TV plugins.

There are two ways by which you can install the FTV TV guide on Kodi, either using the Fusion Installer or via Git Browser.

Method 1 – Install FTV using Fusion Installer

The Kodi Fusion Installer or the Fusion Repo holds the FTV guide and so you can easily install it using the former.

Given below is the complete Kodi Fusion tutorial to install FTV Guide. Just follow the steps properly.

Step 1- Launch your Kodi app. Open Settings and go to the Add-ons section.

Go to the Add-ons section.

Step 2- Check the Unknown Sources option. If it is not turned on, then click on the toggle button to enable it.

Check the Unknown Sources option

Step 3- You will get a warning message. Confirm your action by pressing the Yes button.

Confirm your action

Step 4- Return to the Home Screen. And click on Settings.

Step 5- Open File Manager. Choose the Add the Source option from the menu given on the left side.

Open File Manager

Step 6- A text box will open. Click on None and then enter the following address in the space given-http://fusion.tvaddons.ag

Enter the file path

Step 7- Next give this media source a suitable name. So in the text box given below, type Fusion and hit the Ok button.

Step 8- Press the Esc key or the back arrow to return to the home screen. Then open the System.

Step 9- Choose Add-ons. Click on the Install from Zip file option.

Install the add-on from the ZIP file

Step 10- Select Fusion> XBMC repos> English.

Select Fusion> XBMC repos> English.

Step 11- Choose the repository.FTV-Guide-Repo-x.x.zip file.

Wait for a few seconds till the add-on gets enabled. You will receive the notification at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 12- Next from the Add-ons browser window, choose Install from Repository.

Choose Install from Repository

Step 13- A list of repositories will appear. Select FTV Guide repo.

 Select FTV Guide repo

Step 14- Click on Program Addons. And finally, click on FTV Guide.

Click on Program Addons

The information page of the FTV TV Guide will open. Click on Install and wait for a few seconds.

The FTV guide will be installed and you can stream it directly from the home screen.

Method 2 – Install Kodi FTV Guide using Git Browser

If you are comfortable using GitHub, then you can install FTV using the Git browser as well. Check out the entire process here-

Step 1- Open Kodi. Click on the Add-ons option given in the left menu.

Step 2- Choose Program Add-ons.

Step 3- Now from the right side, open the GitHub browser tool.

Step 4- Click on the Search by GitHub Username option. And choose the “New Search” function.

Step 5- Now with the help of a virtual keyboard, enter the GitHub username of the addon developer, which is rayw1986. Press Ok.

Step 6- In the next window of the list of repository files, choose the corresponding zip file, like repository.FTV-Guide-Repo-1.1.zip.

Step 7-Click on the Install option. Wait for the process to complete and then move on to the next step.

Step 8-Click on the continue option to proceed. And then choose the script.ftvguide-2.0.25a.zip file.

Step 9- Again click on Install and wait till the process completes.

At this time all the files and dependencies get installed. Wait till you get the prompt message. And then restart your system to complete the installation.

Common Installation Error on Kodi

Even after having the complete step-by-step guide to install FTV on Kodi, there are chances that the addon refuses to get installed.

Quite irritating right?

The reason behind such an issue can be an outdated addon.

Or the developers do not support the addon version that you are trying to install.

In such a case you cannot do much as a user. Older versions are not well supported by the Kodi interface. It can pose higher risks as the new version isn’t even comparable to the older ones.

So make sure you are installing the latest version of Kodi addon and from a reliable source. For keeping up with the FTV updates, check out the official Kodi website.

Also, some users report stuttering and buffering of videos while streaming media on Kodi. But in the case of FTV streaming, even a slow Internet connection works.


Kodi TV guides are very useful to stream all sorts of content from drama, sports, TV shows, movies, cartoons, news, and more.

You can stream channels of your choice with the help of one addon.

However, when you are using a third-party addon, you should be extra careful. We advise you to use a VPN service along with such platforms for better and secure streaming.

If you are thinking of installing an addon that can be a one-stop solution for your entertainment needs, then the Filmon TV guide is the best option.

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