How to Fix Firestick Home is Currently Unavailable Error?

Whether it is the Amazon Firestick or the Amazon Fire TV, these devices are worth using. They offer amazing features at an affordable price.

You just need to have your Amazon Prime subscription and you can start streaming your favorite shows, movies and TV series.

But is that all?

Nope. Having the correct device and a subscription doesn’t save you from the various Firestick errors.

And today we are going to talk about the “Firestick Home is currently unavailable” error and some ways to troubleshoot it.

There can be different reasons behind the error like hardware malfunction and technical bugs.

So if you are also facing the Firestick Home is currently unavailable error then keep your reading glasses on.

How to Fix “Firestick Home is Currently Unavailable” Error

You are playing your favorite TV series or are at a critical point in your movie, and suddenly you get the message Home is currently unavailable.”

Really irritating right?

But do not smash your device against the wall because we have got a few fixes that will get your device back to working.

Method 1 – Restart Firestick Operating System

A simple restart is the first solution that you should always try. So press the Select button along with the Play/Pause button simultaneously for about 15-20 seconds.

Restart Firestick

Wait till the OS restarts. This is a simple way to fix the Home is currently unavailable error on Firestick.

Method 2 – Check Network Settings

According to some users, their device was not connected to the Internet which led to the error. Sometimes, unknowingly our device disconnected from the Internet.

And so another thing to check before going all technical is your network settings. Make sure your device is connected to the Internet.

Also, you can try disconnecting the device and then reconnect it.

Sometimes, a poor or weak Internet connection can also be the reason behind such an error.

Look into the Network settings to which your device is connected to troubleshoot the issue.

Method 3 – Disconnect Firestick

Another way to fix Firestick Home is currently unavailable error is disconnecting the device. To begin with-

Step 1 – Unplug the Amazon Firestick power adapter.

Step 2 – Disconnect the Firestick from the HDMI port of your TV.

Disconnect Firestick

Step 3 – Also unplug the Micro USB power cable.

Step 4 – Wait for a few minutes, and then reconnect all the plugs and connections. This is a type of cold reboot.

Step 5 – Now reconnect to the Wi-Fi connection and start playing.

Method 4 – Reconnect to Wi-Fi

Reconnecting to the Wireless network is also one way that fixes the Firestick issues.

Step 1 – Firstly, unplug the router from the power adapter. And then restart your router.

If you are using mobile data, then re-enable it.

Step 2 – Next go to the Settings of your Firestick device. And click on Network.

Firestick Network option

Step 3 – Select your Home Wi-Fi Network. If you are not able to see the Network, then hit the Rescan option.

Step 4 – Enter the Wi-Fi password and connect to the network.

WiFi  connection

This can free up some of the resources on your router making it ready to accept the new data packets. This method has also proved to work in troubleshooting Firestick errors

Method 5 – Deregister the Firestick Device

If the above methods do not work for you, then you can take it to the next level. Deregistering the Firestick device from your Amazon account can also do the trick.

Step 1 – Launch the Firestick device. From the home screen, go to the Settings.

Firestick settings

Step 2 – Then choose My Accounts option.

Firestick My account

Step 3 – Now go to Amazon Account.

Firestick Amazon account

Step 4 – Select the Deregister option. You will be asked to confirm your action before your Firestick account is deregistered permanently.

Deregister Amazon account

Click on deregister again. And that’s it.

Once you have deregistered a Firestick account, you will be redirected to the registration or the login page. Enter your login credentials and then sign in. check if the error has been resolved.

If the issue disappears, then you have successfully resolved it. However, if the “Firestick Home is currently unavailable” error still pop-ups then try the next method.

Method 6 – Try Different HDMI Port

Another quick fix that can help you with the Firestick issue is changing the HDMI port.

Sometimes a faulty port can also lead to errors like this.

Every TV has two or more HDMI ports. So try to insert the Firestick into the other port and check if the issue still persists.

If not, then it could be due to an issue with the port. Or you can also try checking the port with some other cable or if you have a spare Firestick device, then try that.

Method 7 – Factory Reset Firestick Device

Last resort to fix “Home currently unavailable” issue is to factory reset the device. It is the final fix for all sorts of errors on Firestick or Fire TV like devices.

Step 1 – Go to the Settings of your device.

Step 2 – Then choose Device or My Fire TV.

Step 3 – Next click on Reset to Factory Defaults option.

Factory Reset

It might ask you to enter the parental pin, if you had set it previously.

Step 4 – Then click on the Reset option. Wait till the device resets and restarts itself.

While the process takes place, do not switch off the device or unplug it.

After the device restarts, enter your Amazon login credentials and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your Firestick device.

This should hopefully fix the problem.


The Amazon Firestick comes with so many benefits. You can watch your favorite shows and movies at any time, from the comfort of your home.

However, there are chances of getting stuck at a blank screen or errors at any point of time.

So if you are facing the “Firestick Home is currently unavailable” error, then try out these methods.

These methods will help you gain control over your Amazon Fire Stick within minutes. But in case none of the methods work for you, and you are still getting the error message, then get in touch with the Amazon officials.

Also share which method worked for you in the comment section.

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