How to Install Fios TV App on Roku Quickly?

Fios TV is a popular digital cable TV provider which gives access to over 425+ channels. You can watch these channels on all your devices such as TV, mobile, PC, and laptop. Fios TV also has its own app which can be installed on smartphones.

But here’s the catch! The app is only available for Android and iOS devices. That means you can’t install it on Roku. Since Roku has its own operating system, it has its separate apps.

So it can’t run Android or iOS apps. So, if you want to install Fios TV App on Roku, there’s bad news, you can’t do it.

But we have a workaround to this. Follow the tutorial below to know.

How to Install Fios TV App on Roku?

Access Fios TV App on Roku

Well, Roku has its own native apps and Fios TV App is not on that list. So, if you are looking to install Fios TV App on Roku, you can’t simply do so directly. But to help you watch your favorite Fios TV channels on Roku, we have a clever solution to this.

As the Fios TV App is available on Android and iOS devices, you can install the app on these devices. Then you can stream your Fios TV App from your mobile device to Roku. This way you would be able to access the Fios TV app on Roku.

Follow the steps below to access Fios TV App on Roku.

Android users

1) Go to PlayStore

  1. Download and install the FiosTV App on your Android Device
  2. After installing the app, go to your device settings
Wireless connection settings
  1. Search for a screencast option (Most devices have it under Connection Settings)
  2. Turn it ON, and connect to your Roku device (Note that both devices must be connected to the same network) Screencast option
  1. Now, go back to your Fios TV App and open it
  2. Your screen will be now streamed to your TV and you can watch the Fios TV App on Roku!

Apple users

  1. Go to Appstore
  2. Download and install the FiosTV App
  3. Now, again search for “Mirror for Roku – Airbeam TV” App
  4. Download and install it
  5. Open the Mirror for Roku app and search and connect to your Roku device
  6. You will receive a prompt to add Mirror for Roku channel on your Roku
  7. Click on Add Channel and open it
  8. Now on your smartphone, select your Roku device from Mirror for Roku app again
  9. Click on Allow Notifications
  10. Click on Start Mirroring and then click on the Start Broadcast
  11. You can now stream your FiosTV from your iOS device to Roku.


FiosTV is a great option for those who want to enjoy different varieties of TV channels. With the FiosTV app, you can watch your favorite channels on all of your devices.

But the exception is with Roku. As of now, FiosTV doesn’t have its app for the Roku OS. So if you want to access FiosTV App on Roku, you can just install it on your mobile devices and stream it to your Roku device. Follow the tutorial above and if you have any queries, let us know in the comments.

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