Can You Facebook Video Call on a Laptop?

Facebook allows you to keep your family and friends connected wherever they are. Facebook’s video chat feature lets you video chat instantly by following a few easy steps.

If you have a computer with a camera, smartphone, or tablet, you can make free video calls to your loved ones.

I am sure you already have a Facebook account and use it on your phone, tab and desktops.

If you have a laptop, you need to enable the built-in webcam or purchase a webcam with a plugin. It connects to a USB port and may come with third-party software to help you customize your settings.

Today we will learn two methods ofmakingFacebook video calls on your laptop.

How to make a Facebook video call on your laptop?

Messenger.com or facebook.com can be used to do video calls if you are using the Chrome or Opera browser.

Step 1: First of all, install or connect a webcam to chat via video if you don’t have a webcam on your computer.


Step 2: Go to the Facebook desktop site or Messenger desktop site on your laptop by any of your browsers like Chrome and Edge. Now log in with your credentials. If you don’t have a Facebook account you can easily sign up by clicking on sign up.

Sign in for the app

Step 3: Hit on the Chat option present at the top right corner to open the Chat tab (if it is not already open).

Hit on the Chat option

Step 4: You can find all of your friends here. Select the person you want to talk to from the list or by typing their name in the search box at the bottom of the list.

Select the person you want to talk to from the list

Step 5: After the chat opens, hit the video symbol to start the video chat.

Hit the video symbol

Step 6: A new window pops up with a video chat icon. The recipient should press the video chat button to start a video call.

Step 7: This process differs from browser to browser. Normally, they will ask “Allow” or “Share”. Hit option “Allow” to allow Facebook to access your webcam.

Click on allow access

Step 8: Recipients will be notified based on their online status via the Facebook website or messaging app. If they select Answer you should start a video chat. Done!

Facebook video call on laptop

Alternate Method

Step 1: First of all, open any of your browsers like Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

Step 2: Now go to www.facebook.com and login with your credentials, It will reflect the homepage of your Facebook account.

Step 3: Now edit the URL and change it from www.facebook.com/home.php to www.facebook.com/videocalling.

Edit the URL
Facebook video calling

Step 4: It will open up another window with a video calling interface.

Step 5: Now hit on the Get Started option.

Video calling

Step 6: It asks “Who Do You Want to Call“. Select a person you want to video chat from your friend list.

Who Do You Want to Call? message

Step 7: Now, a chat window will pop up and reflect Give a call.

Step 8: Now click on the video icon to start the call and tap the option Set up.

Click on the video icon
Set up video calling

Step 9: It installs a Facebook video call plug-in on your laptop. Note that this plug-in must be installed on your friend’s laptop whom you are calling to place a video call.

Set up video calling

Step 10: Install Facebook video call plug-in and run it. It will take a few seconds.

Install Facebook video call plug-in

Step 11: After installation, it will start calling your chosen friend.

Starting the video call

Step 12: As your friend picks up the call, you are on a video call with your friend, and it’s done!

The video and sound quality in this method is high as compared to other methods and you can do effortless video calling with this method.

Video calling though laptop

Facebook video call on laptop bugs and fixes

  • If your video call is not going through your laptop or you are not able to listen to the sound on the video call, follow this. Go to the Settings of your laptop> Go to the Privacy> Go to the Camera and microphone option from the list> Turn its access on to your video calling browser.
  • Try to log out and then again login with your credentials. After that reboot your laptop and try again.
  • Make sure you allow permission to access the microphone and camera on the Facebook website. Don’t hit on the block option.
  • Try to reset your Chrome browser settings. To do that, go to the chrome settings> Hit option Advanced> Click Restore settings to their original defaults.
  • You can also try Registry Edit. This is the last option you should consider after using all other methods. To do this, Open Run by Pressing Win+R> Enter Regedit and hit ok> Browse folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/WOW6432Node/Microsoft/WindowsMediaFoundation> Select the platform to expand> Switch to the right panel> Right-click on your window empty area and choose New> Select DWORD value (32 bit) and name it EnableFrameServerMode> Now double click, change the value to 0 and hit OK> Atlast restart your laptop.
Select DWORD value


Day by day Facebook comes with a lot of new features and updates. We all use Facebook to virtually connect with our family and friends even when they are far away from us.

The best part is you just need an account to make a video call on Facebook: No Emails, No Numbers!

We have explained two methods to connect with your friends on Facebook through video chat. You can try one of them.

We have also explained the bugs and fixes so that you enjoy your family and friends’ virtual appearance without any glitch.

Follow our guide Can you Facebook video call on your laptop and let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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