How to Install Evolve on Kodi? – A Quick Guide

Kodi, a media-center software that provides access to streaming media content such as videos and music was developed by XMBC and works across various devices and operating systems.

It is free and open-source making it a quite popular entertainment hub today. Kodi allows the users to watch through a range of movies and music while storing the same and allowing them to view it at home.

Now comes the quest to make the Kodi experience even better by using add-ons. One such add-on that can be installed here is the Evolve add-on.

Evolve was mainly developed to centralize its content through a group of third-party developers. It is an interesting mix of movies, TV links, music videos, workout videos, live TV, sports, and much more.

Before heading on to how the installation of Evolve is done, let’s see what the Evolve add-on is all about.

  • Gorgon: consists of a bunch of things like PPV replays and rock music.
  • Slim: this consists of ideas like the Drumming world, Golfing world, and Rockumentaries.
  • Trapper: This subsection takes care of Rugby, Sports, and Concerts.
  • Markov: this one fills you up on karaoke and recaps of the news.
  • Parnell: this section is a little unique with things like comedy and tech-related videos.

So now that we know what Evolve has in store for its users, let’s jump into the process of installing it.


Before installing, it is important to note that the Fusion add-on should be pre-installed from the TV-addons so that it will make the installing of Evolve even easier.


Once the Fusion Installer has been installed, browse to the program menu and click the enter button.

Kodi programs


It takes you to the next window and where you can browse and click on the Video-addons.

Kodi add-on installer


Within the program window, scroll right to the bottom and click on the Next Page.

Kodi programs


You will find a bunch of add-ons and you will have to click on the Evolve add-on.

Kodi Evolve add-on


Now all you have to do is hit the enter button to install Evolve on Kodi.

This is the easy way to install Evolve.

Method: 2

Now let’s look at another way of installing Evolve through Jarvis that does not need Fusion Installer to be pre-installed.

  1. Start by opening the box and opening Kodi.
  2. On the main menu, select System 🡪 File manager.
  3. Click on Add Resource.
  4. Select <None>
  5. Type the URL “ click done.
  6. When asked to give a name type Evolve and click ok.
  7. Now after returning to Home Screen, go to System 🡪 Add-ons 🡪 Install from zip file.
  8. Select Evolve.
  9. Select and install from repository. After which select Evolve unofficial Add-ons Repository.
  10. Video Add-Ons 🡪 Evolve 🡪 Install.

After the installation process, you will be greeted with a message that says you may need to install a few add-ons to elevate the experience of using Evolve. You may choose to do it or simply continue using Evolve without it.

This pretty much sums up the whole process of installing and using Evolve on Kodi.

Happy Streaming!!

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