How To Install Echo TV Guide On Kodi

Echo TV Guide lets you enjoy combined entertainment like live-streaming plugins with a fully-featured EPG (Electronic Program Guide). You can get a list of live channels By installing the Echo TV Guide and enjoy your favorite shows on your favorite channels through your favorite add-ons used by the Echo TV Guide.

Third-party Kodi-ons are in constant updation and Echo TV Guide on the Kodi-on Guide should always be using the latest version to function properly. If due to some reason the “Echo TV Guide Code” add-on stops working, then to resolve this try uninstalling the add-on and the corresponding official archive and then install it again.

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How To Install Echo TV Guide On Kodi

Step 1: First of all, Launch Kodi

Step 2: Go to System> Select File Manager> Go to Add-ons

Step 3: Replace <None> with

Step 4: Click Done

Step 5: Then you need to provide the name of the media source. Enter an easy-to-remember name and identify the accessory. Select the name EchoTV Guide here.

Step 6: Hit OK

Step 7: Now go back to the KODI home screen

Step 8: Go to the System again> Select Add-on

Installing echo TV guide

Step 9: Select Install from zip file> Choose EchoTV Guide> Select the zip file

Step 10: After a few seconds, you will see an “Add-on is enabled” notification in the lower right corner of the screen.

Step 11: Go to Echo Repository

Step 12: Select an add-on program and click on Echo TV Guide.

Step 13: Hit the button Install and wait for a few seconds to let the installation process complete

Step 14: Return to the home screen to access the add-on> Select Programs from the main menu> Click on Echo TV Guide

Use a VPN for Kodi

There is no doubt that Kodi offers free content for all users. However, before streaming, you should pay attention to internet safety. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you use a strong and efficient VPN service to manage your device’s internet connection. It also hides your online identity and protects you from malware so that nobody can track your online activity.


Many people regularly watch many live TV channels. Through Kodi, you can enjoy a variety of real-time content from around the world.

However, there are so many options that things can get a bit overwhelming. This add-on lets you sort your favorite, popular TV shows, and live channels. You will have a successful live streaming experience on Kodi with this add-on.

The Echo team is an independent Kodi developer. They offer many third-party add-ons and internal versions. These are unofficial third-party providers and are not supported by Kodi.

However, you can ask the Echo team for help. We have also explained various Kodi add-on on this website to help you understand all aspects of Kodi.

We have explained above how to install the Echo TV Guide add-on and enjoy your favorite shows. So, install this add-on today on your Kodi for never-ending entertainment.

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