Discord Mobile Screen Share no Audio – 5 Proven Fixes

Discord started out as a chatting platform for gamers. In later years it introduced the screen sharing feature by testing the Beta feature on Android as well as iOS.

While this feature allows you to share your screen with your friends and fellow gamers, some of the users reported an issue.

They were not getting any audio while you shared the screen on Discord. As this became a common problem, we dug into a few fixes that would work to get Discord Mobile screen share sound back.

The Discord mobile screen share no audio issue can be due to a handful of reasons.

So let us take a quick look at what causes the Discord screen share audio not working on the mobile issue and how you can resolve it.

Solutions to Fix Discord Screen Share no Audio

The exact problem of not being able to share screens on Discord is faced by a lot of Discord users.

The most common reason behind the error is a faulty audio driver. However, some other causes may be an outdated Discord version, no administrative access, inappropriate applications, temporary files, no route to transfer Discord audio, stream incompatibility, or antivirus programs.

Keeping all these causes, here are a few solutions you can try.

Method 1 – Reset Discord Voice Settings

If you have made changes to the Discord Voice settings recently, then it is time you set it to default. Wrong Discord Settings can cause Discord screen share no audio issue.

Step 1 – Open the Discord Application. Click on the Settings icon.

Discord Settings

Step 2 – From the left navigation bar, click on Voice and Video. And hit the Reset Voice Settings button.

Discord Reset Voice Settings

Step 3 – A new dialog box will open. Click on Okay.

Confirm Discord Voice settings

Exit Discord and relaunch it. Now try to share your screen and check if you can hear the sound. If not, then try the next fix.

Method 2 – Check Discord Server Status

One of the best ways to fix any Discord issue is by checking the Discord server status.

Here you will get to know about any outages, and whether it is a maintenance issue or a problem from the Discord’s end. This mostly interrupts the recording and streaming of the games.

If you can see all the Discord servers, then the error could be due to some other reason.

Method 3 – Use Discord Legacy Audio Subsystem

Hardware incompatibility with the Audio Legacy Subsystem of Discord can also cause the mobile screen share sound not working issue.

So try switching the subsystem, to check if the issue gets resolved.

Step 1 – Launch the Discord app. Open the Settings.

Step 2 – Choose the Voice and Video option from the left navigation bar.

Step 3 – Now under the Audio Subsystem section, select Legacy.

Update Legacy Audio subsystem

Step 4 – A confirmation dialog box will open. Click on the Okay button to save the changes.

Change Audio Subsystem

Method 4 – Update Audio Driver

A faulty or outdated audio driver can also cause the no audio issue on mobile screen share.

So let us go to Sound Hardware to update the audio driver –

Step 1 – Open the Run dialog box by pressing Windows key + R. and give the command devmgmt.msc to open Device Manager.

Step 2 – Go to the Audio input and output option. Expand it and right-click on the Sound and Hardware option.

Step 3 – Click on the Update driver option.

Update Audio Driver

Now follow the on-screen instructions. And once the process completes restarting your system and check if the no sound from Discord screen share issue persists.

Method 5 – Update the Discord App

If you cannot hear any sound with screen sharing on the Discord application, then it is possible that you have missed one of its updates.

Discord’s latest updates fix various bugs that come along the way, and so a new update might get the screen share with audio working.

Step 1 – Open the Run dialog box and enter the %localappdata% command.

Local app command

Step 2 – Now double-click on the Discord folder.

Discord folder

Step 3 – Next double click on the Update.exe option and wait till the update completes.

Update Discord file

So make sure you are using the right version of Discord and always look out for Discord updates.

Method 6 – Add Discord Activity

Discord usually detects the activity you are running along with it. And so add the program files to Discord manually.

Step 1 – Open Discord Settings.

Discord settings

Step 2 – Click on Game Activity> Add it.

Discord Add Game Activity

Step 3 – Next click on the drop-down arrow and select the program you want to add.

Select Discord game

Step 4 – Choose Add Game.

Step 5 – Also click on the desktop icon to enable the Overlay option.

Enable Discord Overlay

This should resolve the Discord no sound issue. But if you are still facing it, we have a few more tips for you.

Bonus Tip to Fix Discord Issue

  • Damaged or corrupt Discord files can also cause sharing in Discord issues, and so reinstall the Discord application.
  • Give administrative access to Discord. This is another way to fix the Discord Screen share issue without altering the Audio Settings
  • Try clearing the Discord Roaming Data and Discord cache files.
  • Avoid playing games in Full-Screen mode. Rather play games in a minimized, windowed mode.
  • For better streaming, disable the Antivirus program for the time being.

Make sure you follow all the instructions carefully.


The Discord Screen Sharing feature is mostly used by gamers. However, sometimes when they try to screen share audio doesn’t work.

There can be various reasons behind the Discord mobile screen share audio not working issue from wrong audio settings to the piling up of temporary program files.

And so we have got a few solutions that can help you resolve the Discord screen share audio not working issue.

However, if none of the methods mentioned above works, try to run the Discord app in Safe Mode.

Also, make sure you download the Discord screen share feature from a trusted source, else you will keep facing issues like this.

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