How to Fix Discord Keeps Restarting Randomly?

Discord ensures that gamers maintain a seamless connection with their friends and family without any kind of interruption in their game.

You can form your own servers and join up to 100 servers for free.

Yes, most of the services offered by Discord are completely free. And this could be one of the reasons behind Discord restarting randomly.

A majority of the users complained about Discord crashing unexpectedly; without any error message, their Discord was restarting or crashing.

If you are also experiencing an issue like this while startup, or during playing, or creating and joining the server then this guide will help you resolve it.

How to Fix Discord Keeps Restarting Randomly?

Depending on the situation when Discord is causing the problem, you need to troubleshoot it.

So start by knowing when Discord restarts on its own, like on startup, or on phone, or on iOS only. Once you know the reason behind the problem you can easily resolve it.

However, if you are still not sure then you can do hit and trial and fix Discord keeps restarting randomly.

Method 1 – Delete AppData Discord Contents

Corrupted cache ad fields can cause the crashing of the Discord app. And so you can remove the AppData Discord content and resolve the crashing problem.

Follow the steps given below to remove the Discord cache and files –

Step 1 – Press the Windows icon key + E together.

Step 2 – The Windows Explorer will open. Enter %AppData%\Discord in the address bar and hit the Enter key.

Step 3 – You will enter the Discord folder. Look for the Cache folder and open it.

Step 4 – Delete all the contents in the folder. Press Ctrl + A and then select the Delete option.

Step 5 – Return to the Discord folder. And now open the Local Storage folder.

Step 6 – Again delete all the content within the folder by pressing Ctrl + A. then choose the Delete option and confirm your action.

Method 2 – Disable Key Binds

Key binding can also cause random Discord crashes. And so let us delete key binds and check if the issue gets resolved.

Step 1 – Open the Discord app. Then go to its Settings.

Step 2 – Look for the Keybinds option on the panel present on the left side.

Select Keybinds in Discord

Step 3 – All the active Keybinds will have a red cross option. Click on the red cross to disable it.

Delete Active Keybinds

After deleting the Keybinds, restart the Discord app and check if the issue persists.

Method 3 – Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

The Hardware Acceleration of your device uses a lot of graphics and texts and ensures a smooth Discord experience.

However, sometimes disabling this feature comes in handy, and resolves the currently active technical bugs.

Step 1 – Launch the Discord app. Go to the User Settings.

Step 2 – Within the User Settings, click on the Appearance option on the left side menu.

Step 3 – On the right side, locate the Hardware Acceleration option.

Step 4 – Turn off the Hardware Acceleration feature by clicking on the toggle button against it.

Turn Off Hardware Acceleration

Now restart the Discord app to save the changes and check the crashing issue.

Method 4 – Enable the Legacy Mode

If the methods mentioned above do not work, then you can try entering Legacy Mode. This method will work for those who are facing crashing issues while using a microphone or earphones.

Step 1 – Open the Discord app. And then open the Settings.

Step 2 – Now from the left side panel, click on Voice and Video.

Step 3 – Now on the right side, look for Audio Subsystem. Under this section, choose the Legacy option.

Enable Legacy Mode in Discord

Step 4 – Click on the Yes option to confirm your action.

Now that you are in Legacy mode, your crashing problem should resolve.

Method 5 – Turn Off Compatibility Mode

According to some users, compatibility mode also leads to crashing issues. And so disabling it can be a potential solution to your issue.

Step 1 – Close the Discord app. Then right click on the Discord app icon and select Properties.

Step 2 – Next click on the Compatibility tab.

Select Compatibility option

Step 3 – Now uncheck the box against Run this program in Compatibility Mode for option.

Disable Compatibility Mode

Step 4 – Click on the Apply option and then choose Ok.

Now launch the Discord app and observe the crashing error.

Bonus Tip –

If none of the methods mentioned above works, then you can try updating the device drivers. Sometimes an outdated or corrupt driver can be the main cause behind the crash of the app.

Also, you can try uninstalling the Discord app, and then reinstalling the updated version.


Discord is the ultimate app for gamers where they can share their experience and communicate with people while playing their games.

However, recently a lot of users reported that Discord keeps restarting randomly or crashing without any warning.

But it is not a great or worrisome issue. You can fix it easily, provided you know about the right solutions.

And we have got you covered. Try the methods mentioned above and let us know which technique helped you resolve the crashing issue.

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