How to get Dailymotion on Roku

Roku is a digital media player hardware company based in America that gives legal access to streaming media content from various online platforms. When Roku was first introduced, it was made in collaboration with Netflix.

A France-based media streaming and sharing platform, Dailymotion was primarily owned by Vivendi, North American launch partners including BBC News, Vice Media, Bloomberg, and Hearst Digital Media. Available in almost 183 languages and 43 localized versions too.

Have you been trying so long and hard to get Dailymotion on Roku? But, Dailymotion, the second-biggest streaming site does not have its own private Roku channel. So maybe you’re thinking that watching Dailymotion on Roku will stay a dream. But, yes! You can get Dailymotion on Roku and we’ve come up with ways you can use to get over this limitation.

How to get Dailymotion on Roku

A digital video recording on your smartphone or your PC including the audio is screencasting. We will be using screencasting to get Dailymotion on Roku for a smart TV.

For smartphones:

  1. Download the ‘Web Cast Video’ app on your smartphone from Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  2. Launch Dailymotion using the in-app browser on Roku
How to get Dailymotion on Roku

For PC:

Turn “screen mirroring” on in Roku

Screen mirroring Roku

Cast via Windows settings tab on “Connection” options

Select screen casting

If this 3rd party hack seems a bit over technical for you, it would just be easier to shift to an inexpensive streaming device such as the Amazon Firestick also because side loading in Roku devices is very unrealistic. It works out of the box for everyone.

Isn’t there a private Dailymotion channel on Roku?

A previously secret Roku channel “Dailymotion” is now nonoperational. And currently, there are no operational, non-certified, private channels for Dailymotion on Roku.

Also, the Web Video Cast app workaround seems to be more logical compared to mirroring or screening using Chromecast or Miracast as there are fewer lags involved and almost no gap in lip-syncing. And the app also can be used in place for the Roku remote.

So, if you’re comfortable with it, these are the ways in which you can run Dailymotion on Roku.


Listed above are the ways in which you can get your Dailymotion on Roku. If you’ve still got doubts, feel free to contact us for further information without any hesitation. Though, I don’t think that would be necessary anymore. Enjoy!

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