How to Connect Xbox app to Xbox with Code?

Our smartphones are not restricted to running different apps and texting and calling. You can now use it as a controller as well.

Yes, Xbox has introduced the Xbox app which you can install on your Android device and use as a controller.

If you are using your phone as an additional Xbox controller then it has its own benefits that you can enjoy.

So how can we connect the Xbox app to Xbox?

There are various ways in which you can connect your phone to the Xbox console. Today we are going to share with you the basic method to connect an Xbox app to Xbox with code.

How to Connect Xbox App to Xbox with Code?

Before we begin with the process to connect Xbox with Xbox app via code, update your mobile device with the latest operating system.

Part 1 – Download and Install the Xbox App

Step 1 – Once you have the latest Android or iOS version, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store. Download the Xbox app.

Step 2 – Install the Xbox app on your device and launch it.

Part 2 – Check your Network Settings

The next part of connecting your Xbox app on your phone and your console is setting their network.

Step 3 – Make sure both the devices are running on the same Internet connection.

To check the Network settings, open the Xbox Settings. Click on Network > Network Settings.

Xbox Network Settings

You can set up an Internet connection on your phone and Xbox console separately.

Part 3 – Sync your Xbox Console to Smartphone

The next step is to sync your console with your Xbox app. Follow the steps given below –

Step 4 – Launch the Xbox app. Click on the three horizontal bars present in the top right corner.

Step 5 – Select Console. Then choose Connect to your Xbox One.

A list of options will appear. Choose your Xbox and click on Turn On.

Part 4 – Activate Xbox App on Console

Next, make sure you have the Xbox app on your console. Once you install the app, follow the given instructions –

Step 1 – Launch the Xbox App. And click on Sign in.

Step 2 – You will get an activation code.

Step 3 – Now open the Activate page on your phone. Login to your account and then enter the activation code.

Xbox App activation code

Step 4 – Click on the Activate option.

That’s it. Your Xbox will load and soon you will be able to stream your games and watch them.


The Xbox app is very versatile and allows you to control the console with your phone or other external devices like a computer.

You can easily download and install the Xbox App through the official Play Store.

Once you have the Xbox app on your phone and console, you can connect the two devices easily via the Internet.

We have tried to get you the complete guide for the easy and successful connection of Xbox App to Xbox with code.

If any issue comes up during this process, share it with us in the comment section.

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