A Quick on How to Communicate Between PC and PS4?

Some PS4 games require intense tactics, planning, and teamwork.

And so it requires you to be in touch with your teammates via voice or text chat.

But streamers usually complain that their device differences prevent them from communicating with their friends in chat.

So does that mean if you are using a PS4 and your teammate is using PC to play Warfare Warzone you cannot communicate and plan your next move?

Definitely not.

You can communicate between PC and PS4 using different apps like Discord or the PS4 Remote Play app.

So today we are sharing with you the complete guide that will help you set up different apps on your PC or PS4 so that you can communicate with your friends and teammates while playing.

How to Communicate between PC and PS4?

While some games have an in-game voice chat option, which makes chatting over text or voice easily.

However, not all games have this feature and this is when you can try the following two methods to communicate between PC and PS4.

Method 1 – Install Discord on PS4

The Discord app version is not available for PS4. But you can still get Discord on PS4 by logging in to your account through the browser.

The process of using Discord on PlayStation 4 is not as easy as on PC or Xbox. So follow the steps given below carefully.

Step 1 – To begin with, connect the optical cables between your PC and Mixamp Pro TR. This will help you in switching the audio.

Step 2 – Now open the Settings of PS4. And go to Sound and Screen.

Step 3 – Under the Audio Output Settings, locate Primary Output Port and change it to Digital Output.

Step 4 – Now further make connections between your base station and computer via USB cable.

Step 5 – Next, open “” on your PS4 browser. Enter into your account using the login credentials.

Step 6 – After opening Discord on PS4, go to voice settings and change the input device to Mizamp Pro TR.

Discord Voice Settings on PS4

Step 7 – Lastly use an audio jack and connect it to the computer audio port. Then in Discord’s voice settings, make sure the output device is set to the audio port on your computer.

This is how you can use the Discord chat feature on your PS4 and further use it to communicate with your friends through Discord.

Method 2 – Use PS4 Party Chat on PC

The Party Chat is an amazing feature of PlayStation 4, and you can now get it on PC so that the device barrier doesn’t stop them from communicating.

With Party Chat you can voice chat with your teammates while gaming and even share your screen with the chat party you are connected to.

So let us see how you can get the Party Chat feature on your PC.

Step 1 – Open a web browser on your PC. And search for PlayStation remote play.

Search PlayStation Remote Play

Step 2 – Download the Remote Play app for Windows. And install it on your PC.

Remote Play for Windows PC

Step 3 – Now when you open the PS4 Remote Play app, you will have to choose a PlayStation controller. This can be your own controller kept in some other room or even your friend’s controller.

Your PC will search for the PS controller over the WiFi network, and so make sure both the devices are connected to the Internet.

Step 4 – Once you connect to the other PS4 controller, you will be able to see a microphone icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. You can select it and unmute your device.

Switch On Microphone

Step 5 – You can now connect to the Party Chat or create a Party yourself.

PS4 Party Chat option

This is how you can run PS4 Party Chat on your PC and talk with your friends.


Gamers come on board to play different games using different devices, like PC, Xbox, and PS4.

And the difference in platform becomes a barrier to communication, till you know about these two methods.

So if you are using PS4 and want to chat with your friends paying via PC, then you can get the Discord app on your station.

On the other hand, you can download and install the PS4 Remote Party Chat app on your PC and connect with your PS4 friends.

So do not worry and get going with these two easy methods to communicate between PC and PS4. In addition, if you encounter any issues or get stuck at any point, please leave a comment.

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