How to Chromecast Steam Games to TV?

Steam is a cloud game engine that allows you to download and play your favorite games on any available device.

In addition to gaming, its features let you chat with your friends during the online game and support a variety of features.

Ever wonder how to play your favorite Steam games on TV?

However, there is usually a problem. The computer is in one room and the TV is in the other. It is difficult to connect your TV with long HDMI cables, especially when rooms are different.

We have a solution for this: Cast Steam games from your device on your TV by following our guide How to Chromecast Steam Games to TV.

If your device and Google Chromecast are linked with the same network, you will be able to mirror your device to your TV.

You can run any content (including games) from your PC to your TV by using Chromecast. So we are ready to explain the solution below.

How to Chromecast Steam Games to TV?

There is no official Chromecast support for streaming on Steam. However, you can cast games from your smart device to your TV by using Chromecast.

Steam games run only on selected devices like Android, iPhone, iOS and Apple TV, Samsung TV, and some other devices.


It is available on Android, so it can be used on all Android smartphones, tablets, and TVs.

Step 1: First of all, open your Play store from your Android device and download the application Steam link from the Play store.

Chromecast Steam Games to TV through Android

Steam lets you enjoy the latest news, updates, games and chat with friends. Steam Link also allows you to enjoy and play PC games on your own Android device.

Step 2: Install and run the Steam link application on your device.

Steam link

Step 3: Sign in on the Steam Link with your credentials. In case, you don’t have it, sign up by clicking the right option of sign up. In case you don’t remember your password, click on forgot your password to reset it.

Sign in to Steam

Step 4: Go to the Settings of your phone.

Step 5: Now select connections> hit option Screencast or Miracast or you can also find the screen cast option on the notification bar of your Android phone.

Steam screen cast

Note: Each device has a different location. Look for Screencast on your device.

Step 6: Screencast will automatically detect nearby available devices.

Cast screen to device

Step 7: From the list select your Chromecast device and hit on it.

From the list select your Chromecast device

Step 8: Wait for a few seconds to get connected. Make sure all devices are connected with the same wi-fi network.

Step 9: After connection, you will see your Android device screen on your TV.

Step 10: Now open Steam Games on your mobile to cast it on TV and it’s done, Enjoy!

Steam link settings


It is also available for iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices and can also be used to play Steam games on Apple TV.

Step 1: Again go to your App Store and search for the Steam Link application to download it.

Step 2: Install and run the application on your Apple device or iPhone.

Step 3: Sign in with your login credentials.

Step 4: Now, again open your App Store and download Chromecast Streamer.

Connect to chromecast

Step 5: Install and run Chromecast Streamer on your phone.

Step 6: Connect with your Chromecast device and select the screen mirror option.

Screen mirror option

Step 7: Customise your settings according to your need like sound, picture quality, mode, resolution, etc.

Select mode

Step 8: Hit the Screencast button to start screen mirroring and select Start Broadcast to cast it.

ATp to start mirroring

Step 9: Wait for a few seconds to let your device connect.

Step 10: Once your device gets connected, open the Steam link app on your Phone and enjoy your gaming experience on the big screen.

Open the Steam link app on your Phone


Step 1: First of all, turn on your TV.

Step 2: Choose HDMI input to which Chromecast is connected.

Choose HDMI input to which Chromecast is connected.

Step 3: Now open your PC and open the Chrome browser.

Step 4: Sign in on Chrome browser with your credentials.

Step 5: Now go to the official Steam Website> Sign in with your credentials.

Now go to the official Steam Website
Steam login

Step 6: After entering your credentials, you will be logged in. Now click on the three dots of your Chrome browser window present at the top right side.

Select cast option from Chrome

Step 7: From the list, select option Cast.

Select option Cast

Step 8: After clicking it will start searching nearby available devices. Select your device from the available devices on the list.

Step 9: You will be prompted to select either the cast tab or the Desktop Cast option> Choose Cast Desktop.

Choose Cast Desktop.

Step 10: Once connected, you will see your desktop screen on the big screen of your TV.

Step 11: Open Steam Link to play games on your TV.

Open Steam Link to play games on your TV

Chromecast Steam Games to TV Bugs and Fixes

  • If your Chromecast Steam Games to TV are not working, try to restart your Chromecast device. Unplug it and plug it again, cast your device again.
  • Make sure all the devices are connected to the same network and your streaming speed is excellent.
  • If the cast option is not working on your browser try to update your chrome browser to the latest version.
  • Factory reset your Chromecast by pressing and holding the button on the back of the device for at least 25 seconds without turning off the Chromecast. Eventually, the TV screen turns black and the factory reset process begins. Once done, you can restart the installation process. We recommend that you use a different device than the one originally used, if possible.


There are several ways to play Steam games on Android, iOS, and desktop explained above in our guide How to Chromecast Steam Games to TV.

However, Steamcast is not available on Chromecast, but you can still play your favorite games on any of the other devices listed above.

However, many smart TV stores have Steam Link. It is easy to download and use without hassle. There is no need to use Chromecast. You can connect the device by using a PIN.

However, both devices must be connected to the same LAN. Of course, Steam Link is a great app that makes it easy to stream Chromecast games from Steam to your TV.

That’s all from our side, share your feedback in the comment section below. Bye folks!

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