How to Fix CDATA on Kodi? – 7 Proven Fixes to Try

Kodi saves you from all the mess of cable cords and going to different platforms to watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

However, this amazing platform too has its own glitches. And the worst part is you do not know the cause behind the error.

One of the Kodi errors that a lot of users have reported is- “TV Shows not working on Kodi.”

While streaming your favorite Kodi addon, if instead of the TV shows, you get a message like CDATA [Name of the Show], then this guide will help you fix CDATA errors on Kodi.

How to Fix CDATA on Kodi?

TVDB is Kodi’s centralized database which acts as the source for all the TV show content for every Kodi add-on.

And therefore any problem with TVDB affects the Kodi add-ons. Recently, TVDB faced some scraping problems due to which some of the popular add-ons stopped working.

However, the developers fixed the issue from their end. If you are still facing the issue then you might be doing some things in the wrong way.

This scraping error seemed to have affected the TV shows section.

Method 1- Install Updated Addons

Kodi is a platform that keeps on updating itself. And so you have to stay updated.

The addons are introduced to the interface, they get popularity and then just disappear. For instance, Exodus replaced Genesis and it has been further replaced.

The Kodi TV addons like The Crew, Exodus, and Numbers are a few addons that have been showing CDATA errors on streaming TV shows.

So if you are still using an old Kodi repository that hosts these outdated addons then it might be raising the CDATA issue on Kodi.

However, after the error, a few Kodi addons released their updates. The Crew and Numbers were the first two Kodi addons that announced their updates in order to fix the error.

Crew Kodi add-on

So you can update these addons by downloading the new updates released.

And in case you didn’t have these addons before, you can install their updated versions now on your Kodi TV Box and fix the issue to stream your favorite TV shows.

Installing The Crew and Numbers addon

Another important thing to keep in mind, if you are installing The Crew and Numbers addon, is to clear the cache.

You can do it by going to the installed addon and then opening the Tools section. You can then choose the Clear All Cache option. And that’s it.

This is one of the easiest solutions to fix CDATA on Kodi.

Method 2 – Use TV Calendar to Access TV Shows

A few of the Kodi TV addons within their TV Show Category include a TV Calendar option. One such add-on is Exodus Redux.

Using this feature you can get access to the TV shows and stream them without any issue. Though you cannot get access to live TV, you can definitely enjoy shows after they have aired.

And if you know the details of the show like its air date and time slot, then the process becomes all the easier.

 Use TV Calendar to Access TV Shows

If even without updating to the latest Kodi Leia version or the addons, you are still facing the Kodi TV shows not working issue then it is a good fix.

So go to the TV Shows section. And then click on TV Calendar. Now lookup for the show that you want to watch and start streaming.

Method 3- Use APK File of the Addons

Another tried and tested fix for CDATA error is using the APK file of the addon.

So if you are using an Android mobile or Android TV Box, Firestick, Smart TV like an Android-based device to stream Kodi then you can use APKs.

According to some users, the APK files are a more reliable option than Kodi addons.

Here are a few Kodi addons whose APK files are quite popular.

  • Cinema HD
  • CatMouse APK
  • CyberFlix TV

Method 4 – Use UnlockMyTV App

If you are using NVIDIA Shield, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Mi Box, or Fire TV Cube like devices, then here is another simple way to fix the CDATA error.

You need to install the “UnlockMyTV” app on your Android-based device. This app will allow you to watch TV shows without any interruption.

Use UnlockMyTV App

This app is an easy and absolute source that works better than the Kodi addons. And so you can use it to stream your favorite TV shows and movies.

Method 5 – Restart Kodi

One of the reasons behind the Kodi TV shows not working issue can be a newly installed repository.

Some repositories require you to restart Kodi and add up something new. So if you have recently installed any repositories, then try restarting Kodi.

Method 6 – Try Using Real Debrid

This next method is for those who are using the APK files as Kodi addon or The Crew and Numbers addon. If you are using any one of these then we would recommend you to use Real Debrid instead of TVDB.

Since the CDATA error is due to the scraping error in the TVDB database, you can try the Real Debrid downloader. Real Debrid will enhance your chance of streaming TV shows amidst the CDATA issue.

Try Using Real Debrid

With Real Debrid you get access to tons of streaming links of high quality. It helps you stream links that you might not find easily. Your viewing experience will be enhanced and you will be able to stream all that you want.

Method 7- Check your Internet Speed

The Internet speed can also lead to TV shows not working or buffering issues on Kodi. So if everything mentioned above is working properly, then you might be facing the issue due to the Internet speed.

Switch to a connection with a higher speed than your previous one.


So these were the probable causes and solutions to fix CDATA on Kodi.

There can be various reasons behind the CDATA error or the TV shows not working on Kodi issues. And so we would advise you to understand the cause in your case and try troubleshooting the error.

If you are passionate enough to watch TV shows on Kodi, then these methods will definitely help you stream your shows seamlessly on Kodi.

If you ask us the best way is to go ahead with the updated “The Crew or Numbers” Kodi addon.

Do let us know which method worked for you in the comment section.

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