How to Get and Cast VLC to Roku

VLC aka Video LAN Client is one of the best media players where you get access to both local and online content.

It is a free and open-source project that allows you to playback multimedia files.

The media player is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, Chrome, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox, and more. However, if you have Roku TV, then there might be a little problem.

Roku is undoubtedly a nice streaming platform, but you will not find the VLC app in the Roku Channel Store. Until now, no official version of the VLC media player is available on the Roku device.

But you can still get and cast VLC on Roku.

So get ready with your personal collection of movies and music or a list of the latest online content because you can now cast VLC on Roku.

How to Get and Cast VLC to Roku?

Since VLC Media Player is not available on the official Roku channel store, you cannot install it directly. Also, on Roku, you can sideload certain apps that are not available on the Store.

However, this method also doesn’t work with VLC media players. And so the only way to get VLC on Roku TV is through screen mirroring or casting.

Yes, Roku supports Miracast functionality. So you can easily mirror your Windows or Android screen to your Roku device and playback video and audio content without any issue.

Before we move on to the step-by-step guide to cast VLC from Windows and Android, make sure you download and install the VLC media player on your Windows and Android device.

Part I – Cast VLC to Roku from Android

If you have the VLC player application on your Android smartphone, then you can mirror your screen or cast it on the Roku player.

Follow the steps given below to mirror Android to Roku-

Step 1- Connect the Roku player and your Android smartphone to the same WiFi connection.

Step 2- Now if you haven’t downloaded the VLC app then get it from the Google Play Store.

VLC for Android

Step 3- Next configure the screen mirror settings of Roku. So, open the settings of your Roku device.

Roku settings

Step 4- Under the System section, click on the Screen mirroring option.

Roku screen mirroring

Step 5- Set the Screen Mirroring mode to “Prompt.” Or if you want you can set it to “Always allow” as well.

Screen mirroring mode

Step 6- Now on your smartphone select the casting feature. This option is named differently in different Android devices. So just slide down to open the quick access icons and look for options like Cast, Smart View, ScreenCast, HTC Connect, Quick Connect, or Smart Share.

Casting option

You can also go to the Settings and find the casting option under the Connection and Sharing section.

Step 7- As you enable the Cast option, your device will start searching for nearby devices.

Step 8- Select your Roku device, and confirm your action. Click on Start Now.

Roku Ultra Basement

Step 9- On your Roku device, you will get a message. Use your remote and select the Allow option.

Roku home

That’s it. Your Android screen will now be mirrored on Roku. You can now open your VLC app and start streaming it.

So this was one way to cast a video to the TV. However, if you have your media library on your PC, then here is how you can cast VLC to Roku from PC.

Part II – Cast VLC to Roku from Windows PC

Another way to Chromecast VLC to Roku is via your Windows desktop. You can playback your VLC media files from your PC, provided you have the latest version of the player running on your Windows system.

Step 1- Download the VLC media player from their official website.

Cast VLC to Roku from Windows PC

Step 2- On your taskbar, click on the Action Center aka chat bubble icon. If needed, expand the actions tiles.

Choose connect with PC

Step 3 – Now choose Connect. Your PC will search for all the nearby devices that are connected to the same network. So make sure your Roku device and PC are running on the same WiFi connection.

Step 4 – Select your Roku device from the list and connect the two devices.

Step 5 – Soon a message will pop-up on your TV set. Use the remote and click on Allow.

PC screen mirrored on Roku

Your PC screen will not be mirrored on Roku. Now launch the VLC media player app and start streaming your files.


VLC Media Player is compatible with most of the OS and devices. But when it comes to Roku TV, direct installation and sideload like workarounds don’t work.

However when you have options like VLC Chromecast and screen mirroring you can simply enjoy VLC media files on Roku.

Also, one more point to remember is that the old Roku Express and Express+ models do not support screen mirroring.

So if you own one of these models, then you may have to look for some other alternatives.

Do share your thoughts on Roku Chromecast from Windows and Android with us.

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