How to Cast Oculus Quest to Amazon Fire Stick?

Oculus Quest is an original and ultimately virtual reality gaming system. And if you have their VR headset and controllers then you can play it almost anywhere.

You can effortlessly set it up at your home or any other place, whether it is big or small.

You can connect it to the gaming computer and with the help of the app you can easily access the gaming titles.

And so today we are going to share with you one way to easily cast Oculus Quest to Amazon Fire Stick.

Yes, you can show your best gaming moves to all your friends by casting the Oculus Quest on your TV via Amazon Fire Stick.

So if you have your hands over both these two amazing devices, then you can definitely get the best out of it.

So let us see how you can cast Oculus Quest to Amazon Fire Stick.

How to Cast Oculus Quest to Amazon Fire Stick

Casting your Oculus Quest games on the TV screen is a dream of many. You can boast your gaming skills in front of your cousins and friends. And at the same time, they can as well enjoy and have fun.

So if you have a TV compatible with Amazon Fire Stick then you can go ahead with this process.

Step 1 – Check if your Oculus Quest headset and Amazon Firestick are connected to the same Internet connection.

Step 2 – Now on the Oculus Quest headset, you will observe the Sharing option.

 Oculus Quest headset

Step 3 – Next choose the Fire Stick option.

That’s it. Now everyone can see what you are viewing in your visual headset, on the large screen.

Also if you do not have Amazon Fire Stick, this method will also work with Google Chromecast and your Smart TV.

Alternative Method – Use AirScreen App to Cast Oculus Quest

Another way to cast Oculus Quest to an Amazon Fire Stick device is via the AirScreen app. Now even though there is a free version of the app, you will need the pro version for this method to work.

AirScreen App to Cast Oculus Quest

You can try casting with the free app, however, if it doesn’t work then upgrade to the pro version. You can first try the 7-day free trial and check if the app works for you. Later you can get it for around 2$ a month.

Step 1 – First, launch the AirScreen app. Then click on Start.

Launch the AirScreen app

Step 2 – Now wait till you get the new dialogue box for connection.

Wait for the new dialogue box for connection

Step 3 – Go to the Quest and click on Sharing, Then choose the Cast option.

Choose the Cast option

Step 4 – Now select the device that you want to connect to, Amazon Fire Stick in this case.

And that’s it. The content from the Oculus Quest headset will be cast to your TV directly via the Amazon Fire Stick.

Also just like that by pressing the back button within the AirScreen app you can stop casting.


Casting or mirroring the screen of your smartphone to your TV is quite easy.

However, now you can show everyone what is playing inside the headset, by casting it on your TV.

With the help of Amazon Fire Stick, casting becomes easy. If you want you can also use the AirScreen app.

We hope that this guide was helpful to you. Do share your opinions with us in the comment section.

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