How to Cast DirecTV to Chromecast Using iOS

Chromecast enabled smart TVs are becoming quite popular.

They are affordable and bring the on-demand and live content to your TV. And after various channels, DirecTV, now called AT & T TV, also supports Chromecast.

It is available in both web and app versions. So you can use it on your Android or iOS device, or on computer or laptop.

The basic Chromecast or Cast feature allows you to mirror your screen to TV.

And with DirecTV you get the chance of streaming different channels under different categories.

And so today we are going to share with you the guide to cast DirecTV to Chromecast using an iOS device.

How to Cast DirecTV to Chromecast Using iOS

You can cast DirecTV now to Chromecast using different platforms like Android, iOS or Windows computer

So if you are using iPhone or iPad, then follow the steps given below.

Step 1 – To begin with, download the DirecTV app on your device. You can either go to the App Store or click on the link given.

Step 2 – Once you have downloaded and installed the app, launch it. Sign in to your DirecTV app.

Step 3 – As you will open the app, you will see the Cast icon at the top corner. Click on it.

Cast icon at the top corner

Step 4 – Next choose the device to which you want to Chromecast the media content on. You can connect your iPhone or iPad.

Chromecast option

Step 5 – Now play the content on your iPhone or iOS device. It will be casted on the device you choose.

That’s it. So if you are using an iPhone or an iPad then with the help of the DirecTV app you can cast it to Chromecast directly.

How to Cast DirecTV to Chromecast using Mac

Now if you are using Mac, and want to stream DirecTV on the big screen, then here are some easy steps that will help you.

Step 1 – Set up Chromecast with your TV. And then open the Google Chrome browser on your Mac.

Step 2 – Now go to the official website of DirecTV. You can browse it by clicking on the given link.

Step 3 – Next enter into the DirecTV account by giving your credentials.

Step 4 – Now open the menu on your browser by clicking on the three vertical dots. And select the cast option.

Casting option

Step 5 – Select your TV to which the Chromecast is enabled or attached.

Select source

Step 6 – Next under the source tab, you will see the Share your screen option. You can either use the Cast Desktop option or Cast tab.

Step 7 – Now select any video that you want to play.

Within a few seconds you will be able to see the video on your TV.


AT&T TV, aka DirecTV is one of the best streaming services that are compatible with Chromecast.

You can mirror the video streams to your TV using iOS or Mac devices.

It is available as the iOS app version and so casting the DirecTV shows on the big screen has become easy.

Compatibility with iOS devices is a bit tricky. And so if you have been looking for ways to cast DirecTV to Chromecast using iOS then we hope that this method will help you.

For any more queries or questions, share it with us in the comment section.

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