How to Fix Can’t Join to Voice Channel on Phone in Discord?

Discord is a popular application that ensures quality voice, video, and chats featured for gamers. You can create a server, and invite your friends and people you know to communicate while playing games.

Its user-friendly interface and ever-evolving features make it compatible with different mobile platforms.

However, users have reported that while connecting, the Discord voice chat did not work.

It can be due to various reasons like the wrong configuration of the Discord Voice Settings, or the Discord voice server not connecting.

All such causes can lead to the Discord can’t join the voice channel on phone issues. If you and your gang are also stuck at the screen to connect to the voice channel, then this guide will help you.

How to Fix Can’t Join Voice Channel on Phone in Discord

If you are not tech-friendly and have been using Discord just as a chat app, then we have some easy solutions for you. You do not need to be a pro to get your Discord voice channel working.

Method 1 – Edit the Input Mode to Voice Activity

The wrong configuration of the Input mode or the Voice Settings of the Discord application can lead to errors like the voice channel not connecting on the Phone.

And so you can change the Discord call or Activity Settings to Voice Activity.

Step 1 – Open the Discord app. And then go to Settings.

Step 2 – Then click on Voice and Video option.

Discord Voice and Video option

Step 3 – Under the Input Section changes the “Input Mode” to Voice Activity.

Set Input Mode to Voice Activity

Make the above changes.

Also, while making the call ensure that the “Input mode” is set to Voice activity only.

After making the above changes, restart your phone and launch the Discord app. Start a new call and check if you can join the Voice channel.

Method 2 – Reconnect to the Server

In the Discord app on your phone, there is a possibility of being unable to join voice channels.

Sometimes we disconnect the call because we can’t hear the person. Unfortunately, I was unable to connect to the server.

In such a case, you can first try to launch the server and then connect to the voice server.

Bad networks usually move you out of the circle, and so try to reconnect to the voice server.

Method 3 – Force Stop Discord App

The Open Sound Library for Embedded System is one audio feature that helps you improve the functionality and fix audio issues concerned with the Discord app.

So one way to troubleshoot the issue is by switching to the optimized API, force stopping the Discord app, and then relaunching it.

Follow the given instructions to complete the process.

Step 1 – Open the Discord app and go to Settings. Then click on the Voice and Video option.

Discord Voice and Video option

Step 2 – Now look for the Low Latency Hardware Acceleration option, and set it to Force Calls to Use OpenSL ES.

Set Force Calls to Use OpenSL ES

Step 3 – Close the Discord app. And then go to the Settings of your phone.

Step 4 – Next click on the Apps option or open the Application Manager.

Application Manager

Step 5 – In the next list of apps, locate Discord. Then click on it.

Step 6 – In the App Info section, choose the Force Stop or Force Close option.

Discord Force Stop option

This will stop the running of the app completely. Also, this step will free your Discord application from the phone’s RAM, and give you a fresh start.

Now relaunch the app and try to connect to any voice server that is active.

Method 4 – Update the Discord App to Beta Mode or Latest Build

The frequent bugs and glitches can be fixed by regular updates released by Discord. So an outdated or old application can cause the “Discord can’t join voice channel” on the Phone issue.

You need to update the Discord app to the latest build or the beta mode, and check if the issue can be resolved.

Step 1 – Open Google Play Store on your phone. And then click on the Hamburger icon.

Step 2 – Select Apps and Games.

Google Play Store Apps and Games

Step 3 – Under the Installed apps section, click on Discord.

Open Discord App

Step 4 – Click on the Update button.

Update Discord App

Once the app is updated, check if you can join voice channels now. If not, then follow the steps given below –

Step 5 – Again go back to the Discord app within Google Play Store. Scroll down and click on the Join option i.e., Join the Beta.

Join Discord Beta Version

Step 6 – And lastly confirm the Beta program option.

Wait for a few seconds till you are added to the Beta program. Then restart your phone and ensure you can hear the audio.

Also, after joining the Beta program, you can further look for updates if available.

Note – The Beta versions of the Discord app are a little unstable. And so be careful before opting for it.

Method 5 – Check for Outages

Lastly, if nothing works then you can check the current status of the Discord server.

And so visit, and check if there are some issues with the Discord server.

Discord Server Status

This method is one of the best ways to fix errors when you are stuck at the connecting screen.


Server issues are quite common with Discord.

This leads to various audio and connection issues. So the best way to troubleshoot the “Discord can’t join the voice channel on phone issue” is to check the server status.

If the status is all clear, then move to the voice and video settings to ensure that it is rightly configured.

We hope that this article will help you resolve the voice channel issues. However, if nothing works then you can contact customer support for further assistance.

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