How to Fix Can’t Cast Oculus Quest to Chromecast Error

The Chromecast by Google is an amazing device that helps you share your VR experience with everyone.

Users have been taking full advantage of this feature to cast Oculus Quest to Chromecast. Its portability ensures its presence in all family get togethers and hangouts.

However, sometimes a little technical bug can lead to errors like Oculus Quest not showing up on Chromecast or unable to cast Oculus Quest to Chromecast.

It is a common error and can be resolved with easy tricks and workarounds.

So let us see some ways to fix the “Can’t cast Oculus Quest to Chromecast” error and what can possibly go wrong.

How to Fix “Can’t Cast Oculus Quest to Chromecast” Error

Despite the awesomeness of the Oculus Quest, it can be incredibly frustrating at times due to lag errors.

But you don’t have to worry anymore as we have got a few ways that will work the best.

Method 1 – Tighten your Network Loop

The first solution to any problem is acceptance. Acceptance of network problems is hard for many people. They don’t want to agree that their WiFi network is slow or poor or inconsistent.

So if you are not able to cast Oculus Quest to Chromecast, then get out of your network loop first.

Start by disconnecting the device from the current Wifi connection. Next, arrange a travel router and connect the Chromecast and Oculus Quest to the router.

The Internet is required for streaming and this will help you resolve the error if it is caused by network issues.

This is an excellent way to check if the issue lies with your network or not. If this method doesn’t help, then try the next one.

Method 2 – Power Cycle Oculus Quest

Another way to get the casting option on your Oculus Quest or Oculus Quest 2 is by rebooting it.

In order to reboot your VR headset, follow the steps given below-

Step 1 – Power on your headset. While it is on, press and hold the power button present on the right side.

Step 2 – Wait till you get the shut down screen.

Step 3 – Now select the Restart option.

Reboot Oculus Quest

This will reboot your Oculus Quest or Quest 2 within a few seconds. After the device restarts, go ahead and check if you can now cast it to Chromecast.

Method 3 – Enable P2P Connection

According to some users, enabling P2P connections worked like a charm for them to connect their Oculus Quest to Chromecast.

Sometimes our network doesn’t allow point-to-point connections. And so we need to enable the casting option.

Step 1 – Open the network settings of your router.

Step 2 – Go to Wireless Networks. And then look for the P2P option.

Enable P2P connection

Step 3 – Enable this option.

Enabling the P2P connection has worked for a lot of people and so you can try it.

Method 4 – Factory Reset Oculus Quest headset

Clearing off the data has helped a few users, and so if the methods mentioned above don’t work then you can try a factory reset.

You can either do a factory reset via your phone or the headset. Here we are sharing the steps to perform the Oculus Quest factory reset using the VR headset.

Step 1 – Start by turning off the headset.

Step 2 – Then press and hold the power button and volume down (-) button together. Press it till the boot screen loads on your screen.

Step 3 – Now with the help of your volume buttons move to the Factory Reset option. And when it gets highlighted, press the power button.

Factory Reset Oculus Quest

Step 4 – Again use the volume button to highlight the Yes option and then select it using the Power button.

Factory Reset Confirmation dialog box

That’s it. You can also do it using your phone if you want. This will bring you back to a brand new Oculus Quest where you will lose the downloaded content and games. However, the purchased items will still be there.

Bonus Tips:

  • For Oculus Quest casting prefer using a wired friendly Chromecast device.
  • Make sure both Quest or Quest 2 and Chromecast are connected to the same Wifi network.
  • Try to isolate your streaming leg from other devices in your home or connected to the same network.
  • Try running different episodes to ensure the issue is related to the casting feature or a particular episode only.
  • Check the speed of your Internet.
  • Interference due to walls or other electronic devices can also cause the issue and so keep both your devices in the same room.


Oculus, a virtual reality headset has proved to be a mind-blowing gadget, especially for gamers.

However, like other gadgets and devices it also faces issues like freezing, or Chromecast not showing up, or connection failure.

If you are also stuck at such an issue and looking for ways to troubleshoot the issue on different platforms, then we hope this article will beof help to you.

Do try these methods and let us know which method worked for you. Also, if you have discovered some way to resolve the issue, then share it with us in the comment section.

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