Bluetooth Devices not Showing up on Apple Watch – 5 Fixes

IPhone communicates with Apple Watch via WiFi and Bluetooth connection. Pairing the two devices is an easy and straightforward process.

However, users raised an issue regarding the syncing of their iPhone and Apple watch.

There can be various reasons and factors due to which you can face some trouble pairing an Apple Watch with your iPhone.

Until your Bluetooth device is listed as a device that can be connected to your watch, you cannot pair the two.

If you are also looking for ways to troubleshoot the Apple watch Bluetooth issues then keep reading.

There are various tried and tested methods that can help you deal with the pairing issue, and show all the Bluetooth devices on your Apple watch in no time.

So let us begin.

Proven Fixes for Bluetooth Devices not Showing up on Apple Watch

Sometimes, out of nowhere, we encounter the Apple watch Bluetooth not working issue. But do not worry as some simple troubleshooting can resolve the issue.

Method 1 – Restart Apple Watch

Apple watches too can be reset like other Apple devices via force restart or soft reset. You can refresh the memory of your device, and clear caches and apps with a soft reset provided the display of your watch are responsive.

Part I – Soft Reset Apple Watch

Follow the steps given below to perform a soft reset –

Step 1 – Power off your watch by pressing the side button for a few seconds. A Power Off slider will appear.

Step 2 – Drag the slider to turn off your watch.

Power slider to reset Apple Watch

Step 3 – Wait for a few seconds, and then again press the Side button or the Sleep/Wake button to power it on. Wait till the Apple logo appears.

Part II – Force Restart Apple Watch

You can perform a force restart if your display is unresponsive or stuck. Follow the given instructions for restarting your Apple Watch –

Step 1 – Press the Digital Crown and Side button together for about 10 seconds.

Step 2 – Once the Apple logo appears on the screen, release the buttons.

A forced restart can also help you fix your Apple watch Bluetooth issues. You will be able to see the Bluetooth devices that you can connect to on your watch, without losing any internal data.

Method 2 – Check for Updates

Before removing the apps and data from your iWatch, check that your device is running on the latest Operating system. The next method is to update your Apple watch.

Start by checking the iOS version of the device. Open the Settings app and click on General. Then under Software Update.

Apple watch software update

If there are any pending software updates then a message “Download and Install” will be prompted.

Note – You can check for the recent iOS versions only when the Apple watch is paired with your device.

Method 3 – Check your iPhone Settings

If the Bluetooth devices are not showing on the Apple watch, then here are a few iPhone settings that you need to check.

Yes, it is not always due to some technical or software, or hardware glitch that unpairs your phone from the Apple watch.

The Apple watch Bluetooth issues can also be due to changes in some simple settings. So let’s have a look at some of the settings that you need to check.

Airplane Mode on iPhone and Apple Watch

Airplane mode interferes with the communication between your Apple Watch and other devices. So swipe up on your watch to open the Control center and check if the airplane mode is on. You can turn it off by simply clicking on the icon.

Turn Off Airplane Mode

Similarly, on your iPhone or iPad or the device you are trying to connect, check whether the airplane mode is on or off.

Bluetooth option on iPhone

Again Bluetooth is an important setting that needs to be turned on while you are trying to connect it with your watch.

You can turn on your Bluetooth from the Control center of your phone. Users usually face trouble pairing Apple Watch when the Bluetooth option is turned off.

Turn On Bluetooth on iPhone

Method 4 – Clear Network Settings

Our iPhone device stores information about our previous connections so as to make our future connections easy and fast.

However, sometimes this data might be causing the Apple Watch Bluetooth not working issue. Try resetting the setup and then connect your iPhone to Apple Watch via Bluetooth.

Step 1 – Open the Settings of your iPhone. Go to General > Reset.

Step 2 – Then choose Reset Network Settings.

Reset Network Settings

Complete the process and then again try to connect iWatch Bluetooth with your phone.

Method 5 – Forget the Device and Reconnect

The last method that you can try is forgetting the Bluetooth device you had previously connected to. Unpair your device and then try pairing it again.

Under Settings>Bluetooth, select the device that was previously connected and click on forget the network. Then refresh the page to see the devices available to connect.


The Apple watch Bluetooth issues seem to be a little bit tricky, but it is not.

You can easily resolve the problem with some quick and direct changes in the settings.

We have tried to cover all the working solutions that you can try. However, if none of the methods mentioned above works, you can reset your Apple watch to factory defaults. It will erase all the content and settings, but it is the ultimate fix for you.

Let us know if we missed any method that you used to pair your Apple watch.

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