Best Live Streaming Apps for Android Gaming

7 Best Live Streaming Apps for Android Gaming

The power of the Internet and the online world is undeniable.

Live streaming got popular with the streaming of video games. A lot of streamers started live-streaming their game, following which influencers and other celebrities took up live streaming as well.

So if you are also wondering about different platforms where you can go live with your content, or looking for apps where you can catch up with such content, then we have got you covered.

Today we will be talking about some live streaming apps for Android gaming that will up your streaming game.

Best Live Streaming Apps for Android Gaming

There are thousands of platforms or we call it apps available out there.

Most of the gamers recommend using a PC or the bigger screen to stream videos and games. But if you are wondering if Android is a powerful platform to stream games, then let me tell you it is.

Yes, you can instantly stream games via an Android device using one of these 7 top live streaming apps.


Periscope is an official streaming app by Twitter. It is a popular Android app for the live streaming of content.

With this app, you can go live from the place where you are and reach anybody and everybody using your Android device.

With Periscope, your phone gets converted into a small, ready-to-go live platform that helps you stream especially your video game from anywhere.

It is an easy to use and completely free app that lets you share the link of your gaming streams with your audience.


You can share it on different platforms like Instagram or Facebook, and further check the highlights of different live streams.

While the default settings keep the live streaming of your games accessible to the public, you can either limit it by banning one user at a time or by sending private links to only selected people.

One of its notable features is the mapping system where you can list your favorite or trending streams.


  • Easy and user-friendly interface.
  • It sets highlights for the trending gaming streams.
  • You can share live stream links on your Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • It gives you detailed statistics on your live stream like live viewers, replay viewers, the total time it was watched, and more.
  • The app is completely free with no in-app built purchases.

Cons –

  • The video lasts for about 24 hours.
  • The quality of the audio and video limits depending upon the duration.

Omlet Arcade

If you have been playing mobile games for some period now, then you might have heard of Omlet Arcade.

It is a popular and highly rated game streaming app that lets you stream your mobile games to a live audience.

The apps support hundreds of Android games including popular ones like PubG Mobile, Minecraft, Brawl Stars Fortnite, Among Us, and many more.

It comes with custom tools that let you share the best moments from your streams, squad up your friends to form a team and strengthen your game.

Omlet Arcade

If you are not streaming, then you can connect with your favorite streamers and play with them. You can conduct matches and join the open community to compete and up your gaming.

And in case you don’t want to play, you can even watch the pro players from all over the world compete in global Esports tournaments and clan fights.

Recently, Omlet Arcade released an update that lets you take on your favorite streamer one on one in a private session.

Pros –

  • It comes with the most convenient tools for mobile gamers.
  • It offers a highly interactive and exclusive chat room where gamers can spend unlimited time.
  • The active forum of Omlet Arcade provides the users with all the information that they might need.
  • It ensures easy recording along with fast uploading of content that you can share on various platforms like Facebook or YouTube.

Cons –

  • The chat rooms can be a bit risky.
  • You might have to wait longer for a design or interface update.


We all have heard of Twitch, right?

Twitch is a live streaming app for Android gaming and videos by Amazon. Its streaming features let you come online within seconds.

The Twitch app runs on an amazing algorithm that tests you with different criteria and then suggests things that will suit you and your gaming.

Its chat preview allows you to interact with your fan and keep a track of your chat feed.

Here you can play various games like PUBG, Fortnite, Minecraft, FIFA 18, League of Legends, and more.


If you like to play in dark mode, then Twitch has got you covered. It ensures a late-night gaming experience for its users with minimum to no issues or crashes.

Apart from chat, you can even live talk with your fellow gamers, fans, and your team about the gaming strategies like maps, drills.

Connecting with people and fans from all over the world during live streaming sessions is possible with Twitch.

Pros –

  • It is a simple and instinctive application.
  • You can build your own community of gamers and streamers here.
  • It allows you to play games, advertise and earn.
  • With Twitch you can interact with an audience in real time.
  • The interactive live shows on Twitch are worth watching.

Cons –

  • Might be a little difficult for beginners.
  • Sometimes loading of content creates an issue.

365 Scores

Another live streaming app for Android smartphones is 365 Scores.

You can access the live sports for the whole day. Every five minutes the app provides you with news, scores, updates, and more.

Not only are you updated with the statistics of your game, but also its sports TV guide feature also keeps you updated with the current news of your preferred game.

The app remembers your personal choices and gets you the correct information and so you do not need to search around for your favorite sport or team or their matches.

365 Scores

The app also has a live TV guide option that includes the coverage of all the live gaming events. And so this app is more of a personalized platform where you can stay updated with the latest news of your preferred sport.

This live sports coverage app is extremely user-friendly and customizable.

And the best part is that it offers the coverage of the 10 best sports like Champions League, La Liga, NBA League, Premier League, Football, Tennis and lots more.

Pros –

  • It gets you the fastest updates on matches, scores.
  • With its live match tracker, you can catch up with the game.
  • You can watch the game in real-time as it streams live on the platform.
  • According to your choice, you can select teams and leagues to get sorted information.
  • The 365 Scores app can be customized easily with its user friendly interface.

Cons –

  • Not suitable for streaming your own game matches.

VK Live

Another live streaming app for Android gaming that you can try is VK Live app. The app was recently launched by the brand on the Google Play Store. Similar to Periscope, VK Live also ensure live streaming of the content to a wide range of audience.

If you want to become famous and popular, then this app will help you broadcast yourself in real time to millions of viewers out there.

On this live streaming platform, you can talk, stream your game or perform anything at which you are good to acquire people’s attention and praise.

While you can share your videos with your fans and other streamers, you can also view the live streams of your friends and fellow streamers.

VK Live

You can either broadcast your live streams on the VK wall or in the app.

While most of the features are like the other live broadcasting apps, what makes VK Live interesting is the voting feature.

Right, in order to build up the excitement and competition it gives your viewers the opportunity to vote during the live streams. And as you earn votes you can buy custom stickers and enjoy more features.

Pros –

  • It is an amazing platform that lets you interact with other streams, fans, and viewers.
  • It also allows you to view the live streams of friends and other streamers.
  • You can send gifts and stickers to your favorite streamer to make your interaction more interesting and attractive.
  • Viewers can vote for you during your live streaming as a virtual gift.

Cons –

  • The frequency of updates released is low.
  • Sharing emojis with strangers can be risky.

CameraFi Live

The next app is CameraFi Live that was designed for live streaming on Android devices. The app is not known by many but it is definitely worth trying.

The CameraFi Live makes use of your phone’s camera to record your game. You can also attach a USB camera unit as you feel comfortable.

CameraFi Live

With CameraFi Live you can broadcast your content live on YouTube and Facebook like social media platforms.

It is an interactive platform that ensures fast sharing and responses.

Pros –

  • It allows you to broadcast streams live over time without any restriction.
  • The app gets connected with camcorders and DSLR that ensures professional video quality and higher performance.
  • Great content quality is an impressive feature that most users like.
  • The live poll voting, picture in picture feature, 360 degree streaming, video filters, image overlay, and advanced texts are some of the advanced features of the CameraFi Live app.

Cons –

  • Require a VR camera or DSLR for professional video quality.

IBM Video / UStream

Have you heard of UStream before?

It was the pioneer of live streaming platforms. However, it has recently been renamed IBM Video. With the change in name, there have been some changes in its features as well.

And so while you can live stream your games, it also allows you to conduct corporate events. Its reliable set of features has changed the tone of the app, making it suitable for corporate environments.

IBM Video

IBM Video is a simple app that offers basic integrations with apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Pros –

  • It is a reinvented platform designed to keep businesses in mind.
  • The safest choice for corporate events and environments.
  • Allows video upload for on-demand display.
  • Availability of multi Content Delivery Network for maximum reach.

Cons –

  • Limited integration with a few apps.
  • Basic user experience and interface design.


Nowadays people share their gaming streams and experiences with their followers and friends.

This not only inspires their audience but also helps them acquire fame and success.

You can set up your audience on different platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram using different live-streaming apps.

We have listed the 7 best live streaming apps for Android gaming that you can use to interact and share your content.

Go through the features of all the apps and choose the one which suits you the best.

And don’t forget to share your favorite live game streaming app with us in the comment section.

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