3 Best Kodi Skin Editors for Awesome Customization

Kodi is a highly celebrated media streaming platform. You will find tons of builds, repositories, and addons in the Kodi library. And the best part is the download and installation of all these things is quick and easy.

But the regular look of Kodi can sometimes become boring. Right?

The local cable connection doesn’t provide you with the option of customizing the look of your entire setup. But Kodi does.

Kodi hosts various themes and skins for its users that you can customize according to your choice. Using the skins of the Kodi app you can change the entire appearance.

The default Kodi skin happens to be Estuary. However, if you want to add more sleek animation with a modern look and design then you can give it a new look with Kodi Skin Editors.

Yes, you heard that right. Users can create new skin or modify the already existing skin.

Want to know how?

Then keep reading as we share more about personal customization and skinning right here.

Top 3 Kodi Skin Editors

Kodi has a robust and flexible framework for its user interface. Its new GUI library is written from scratch which allows you to change everything from images, colours, fonts, text and more.

And today we will be sharing the top 3 Kodi Skin editing tools that you can use to give your interface a whole new look.


Notepad++ is a powerful and advanced text editing tool in the market.

After a quick and easy download, you get all the advantages of editing for different programming languages.

Its small program size and fast response speed are the highlights of this editor.

You can use this source code editor to make customizations in your Kodi skin. Notepad++ has a line of active options and functionality more than any other Editor.

Notepad++ is easier to use and understand, therefore is one of the best Kodi skin editors for beginners.

Its multi-view editor provides syntax highlighting and folding. And so certain bits of the code will be highlighted so you can make the changes accordingly.


You can modify the built view types according to your choice. It provides different view type options for both PVR and full-screen use.

Its auto-completion for functions, function parameters, and auto-indentation together makes coding quick and easy. This gives Notepad an edge over the other editors.

One of the interesting features of Notepad++ is that it is compatible with a variety of plugins.

And so you can easily integrate it with other programs and improve the functionality of your Kodi skin.


  • It is completely free to use Text Editor.
  • Notepad++ is a highly portable editor and you can run it using a USB Stick as well.
  • It is a multi-view editor that comes with a syntax highlighting feature.
  • You can customize your own view types of the Kodi interface.
  • Easy integration with other editors.


  • The editor lacks a search option which can come in handy a lot of times.
  • The design of the editor and its interface design is old-school.


With KOver aka Kodi Overlay, you get a lot of customization and configuration options.

Originally it was designed to be a PVR skin, however, you can dynamically change colors, sizes, positions and make many more changes, all thanks to its evolved code layout.

At the start, only one view type is available. However, you can use the “auto-build” and “designer” features to edit the view type and create new ones respectively.

Five different view type options are available in horizontal and vertical mode. The auto-build feature also allows you to apply color schemes of your choice.

It offers four different color schemes, namely the default dark, default light, default FTV style, and default Flat style.

KOver Kodi Skin editor

With KOver skin editor you can customize the home menu by setting the icons and buttons. The default viewtype of the KOver skin only shows the submenus. But you can change it to the show widgets as well.

The advanced features of KOver include three powerful tools. The KOver Designer is a WYSIWYG editor for building viewtypes. The Import/Export tool allows you to share your creations with the community.

And the last tool is the KOver Color tool that works as an editor for creating color schemes.


  • It is built across a powerful layout manager.
  • All the customization options are simple and straightforward.
  • There are five different viewtype options available.
  • It allows you to change the color scheme of the layout as well.


  • You need to have some coding skills to create custom lists.
  • KOver doesn’t ask for confirmation while importing.

XBMC Skin Editor

Another known skin editor for Kodi is the XMBC Skin Editor. It is Shareware software that allows the users to view, modify and build XBMC skins according to your taste.

It is a professional application that is free and easy to use. It is packed with a lot of powerful features like skin validation.

It is better known as the Syntax Highlighting XML editor. This helps you read the codes better and make the changes accordingly.

XBMC Skin Editor

In addition, it also comes with a skin preview button. And so before applying the changes that you have made, you can preview them before.

The XBMC Skin editor functions on the drag and drop editing function. It is the easiest way to customize the skin. Just need to drag your selection and drop it in the editing window.

Another well-known and liked feature is the Color Picker. This tool helps you add colors of your choice and edit the default version.


  • It allows easy editing and modification of Kodi skin.
  • The editor comes with the Calculator and Color Picker tool.
  • It allows skin preview before applying the changes.
  • Syntax Highlighting is another useful feature.


  • The positioning of text on buttons is dislodged.


With this, we end our list of best Kodi editors for awesome customization. You can install the Kodi skin of your choice and use these editors to make further changes.

Kodi skins make your interface look appealing and actually depict your taste. And these editors help you customize it accordingly.

For better results, we would suggest you choose light skin over heavy ones. This will not only go easy on the editor but also easy for you.

What do you think of these skin editors, let us know in the comment section.

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