5 Best Kodi Anime Scrapers You Need to Know

Anime is not only for kids, right?

It is something with which people from all age groups connect. And so if you are an anime fan and looking for authentic and high-quality streams then you are on the right page.

Kodi is an amazing platform that fulfills your anime love by providing you with links for all the old, latest, and popular anime shows.

But you must know about the Kodi addons that get you the premium links.

And so today we are going to talk about the 5 best Kodi Anime Scrapers you need to know about.

Top 5 Kodi Anime Scrapers Reviewed

Many of you might be thinking what are scrapers? And why are we talking about anime scrapers rather than Kodi anime addons?

Basically, the various Kodi addons that we install on our device search for media links on the Internet. It matches the Internet results with our query to get us the best results.

Kodi addons do not store the videos and content. It scrapes the links from multiple platforms making our work easy.

And so we have to go through lesser sources. Therefore make sure you enable good and working scrapers which get you the best links.


The first anime scraper is AnimeHere. This Kodi addon is one of the trusted, popular and go-to addons for streaming anime.

It gives you free access to a wide collection of anime content. If you are looking for dubbed anime then AnimeHere addon is best for you.

It is owned by one of the well-known brands of anime content, DKnight.

AnimeHere is basically a scraper addon that gets you all the content by scraping links from the web.


It further categorizes its content for easy navigation of all the updated content.

With the help of AnimeHere, you get access to different anime series and the fascinating library of this top-rated Kodi addon.

The best part about this anime scraper is that it gets all the active and working links for its users.

And so when it comes to content diversity of high quality then AnimeHere is the best option.


  • Top rated addon with high-quality streams.
  • It scrapes links for anime content from different web sources.
  • Easy to use interface with the standard layout.
  • It promises content diversity with HD content.


  • The technical error might come up.


Japanese animation aka anime is loved by many for its bright plot, the constant passion of emotions, and the original drawing. And so their fans are constantly looking for sources to stream them.

AnimeGo was thus launched as a project dedicated to anime only. So that you get all your favorite content in one place.

AnimeGo is one of the most liked and amazing anime Kodi addon. For all the die-hard cartoon and anime fans, AnimeGo is a nice option.


You can call this addon a multi-scraper as it gets you multiple links. You can thus pair it with Trakt, Real Debrid, and EIM portal.

Other than anime, the top categories in AnimeGo include Kids Movies, Latest News, Kids Network Disney Pixar, Anime Zoe, SuperHero Cartoons, Anime Movies, Animated Shows, Retro Cartoons, Just Lego, Kids Learning and Boxsets, Disney Nature, Kids 3D, and 4K Movies and much more.

Its huge anime database gives AnimeGo an edge over all the other Kodi addons. It offers the best quality streams in the most convenient and exciting way.

You can install it easily like the other third-party Kodi addons.


  • It is a multi-scraper Kodi addon.
  • It pulls links from different web sources.
  • Its huge anime database gives it an edge over other Kodi addons.
  • The content is categorized into particular sections.


  • Parental guidance is important before giving control to kids.


Another well-known animation and cartoon add-on for Kodi is Animetoon. You can easily get it in the Origin repo.

Here you get access to a wide range of content from cartoons, movies, dubbed anime, TV shows, and more.

The Animetoon addon also features some popular animation series and so it is considered to be one of the best Kodi addons for anime.


It is one of the highly recommended addons to anime and cartoon lovers.

One of the main reasons behind the liking of the users for Animetoon is that they can access a lot of anime content for free.

However, one of the downsides of this addon is that the streams it hosts are from unlicensed sites. So be careful of the pirated streams.


  • It scrapes links for anime content and cartoons from multiple sources.
  • You can get the popular and latest animation series here.
  • The content available here is for free.
  • The addon has a user-friendly interface with a simple layout.


Animetoon links you to sites that host pirated content.


The next Kodi add-on for watching anime content is Hummingbird. It is a new addition to the list of addons that offer cartoon and anime content to its users. This brand new addon is developed by Wilson Magic.

If you are using Kodi for some time now, then you might have heard of Masterani Redux. The latter was also developed by the same company.

So you can definitely trust Hummingbird for providing the users with top-notch anime streams.

As compared to the other Kodi addons mentioned above, we can say that it is the most advanced addon.


One of the reasons being it doesn’t scrape just one site, but various sites to get the video content on-demand.

Various hosters are being scrapped for making your anime experience better and best.

Apart from the content diversity, Hummingbird is also known for its highly organized menus.

The users like the way all the content is categorized as it allows them to navigate easily. In addition, its advanced search functionality is liked by many.

The Hummingbird Kodi addon also supports lists like MyAnimeList, Kitsu, AniList that takes care of your watch list and keeps a track of the progress of your favorite anime.


  • It is a popular and trusted anime addon developed by Wilson Magic.
  • It comes with advanced search functionality.
  • The feature of the watchlist allows you to track the progress of your favorite anime.
  • The content is organized into separate menus.


  • Some errors might appear with time.


Last but definitely not least Kodi addon for watching anime is WatchNixtoons. You can find it in the Incursion repository.

The enormous range of content that it hosts is scraped from one particular website.

This is the best part as you don’t come in contact with multiple hosters for the same.

Its multiple categories and sections include ongoing series, TV shows cartoon lists and favorites Ova series, and movies.


From old to latest anime titles you can get almost everything here. Also, it is your one-stop place for all the dubbed and subbed anime series.

With a user-friendly interface and easy navigation, WatchNixtoons is undoubtedly one of the best anime addons.

WatchNixtoon’s genre list gives you the option to choose a series or TV show or movie according to your choice.


  • WatchNixtoon is an amazing option when it comes to single link scrapers.
  • It prevents visiting multiple hosters to get the streams and links for anime.
  • The content is categorized into different sections for easy navigation.
  • It includes both old and latest anime titles.


  • All the video links might not be of high quality.


There is a massive demand for anime content today. The craze for anime TV shows, movies, and cartoons is increasing.

And even after cutting the cable cord, you can enjoy non-stop, unlimited content for free with Kodi.

You just need to know about the best Kodi addons for anime.

Even though there are plenty of such addons which claim to host anime and cartoons, we would advise you to try the above-mentioned add-ons for sure.

Also if you have been using some Kodi addons for streaming anime, then let us know about it in the comment section.

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