7 Best Kodi Ad Blockers to Remove Ads and Popups

Ads can be pretty frustrating and annoying. Right?

While we are browsing, streaming, or playing games, these ads pop-up out of nowhere. They keep pushing their service and products to you.

And when you are streaming your favorite content on Kodi it is more common. Platforms like Kodi are paid to play different advertisements to create awareness amongst their users.

And as these ads are important for some of the sites and apps you cannot escape from them.

But you can use Kodi Ad Blockers to remove Ads and Popups.

If your favorite sites are not optimized for a good user experience, these Ad removers will come in handy.

So let us have a look at the 7 Best Kodi Ad Blockers that you can download and install as a Kodi addon on your interface.

Top 7 Kodi Ad Blockers reviewed

There are various adblocker services that you can try to stop the advertisements from interrupting your streaming.


The first privacy and ad blocker app on our list is Blokada. It is a free, open-source application designed for Android and Android-based devices.

Top developers have contributed to the program and therefore you can experience an active community over here. This ad-blocking software provides you with open source code for everyone to have a look at.


It effectively blocks the Kodi popups, malware, trackers, and ads. You can protect the mobile data and your private data with a single application.

With Blokada make your device faster and maintain your digital privacy.

So when you are using Kodi to watch your favorite shows, Blakoda will remove the ads and ensure seamless streaming.

And the best part is it works nicely with ExpressVPN.


  • Blokada is completely safe to use.
  • Free to download with no-app purchases.
  • It blocks ads and protects your device from malware and trackers.
  • Compatible with Android as well as Fire TV devices.
  • It doesn’t share the information of your network activities with other parties.


  • It is not compatible with iOS devices.

Adblock Plus

The Adblock Plus is a great weapon that helps you get rid of all the advertisements completely.

The Adblock Plus Kodi addon is compatible with all types of Operating systems from Windows, Mac, Android, and others.

It is one of the most popular ad blockers for Google Chrome, trusted and downloaded by millions.

It provides fast, sleek, and cleaner ad-blocking capabilities to enjoy sites like Kodi, YouTube, and more for seamless streaming.

Adblock Plus

The Adblock Plus Kodi addon blocks the popups, banners, video ads. It even stops the tracking of your online presence and ensures your digital privacy.

By blocking these interrupting ads, your pages will load faster and your online experience becomes much better.

However, if you want you can support some of the websites and accept the display of their ads. This is useful to keep Adblock Plus powerful and free for the community.


  • This Adblocker is open-source and free of cost.
  • Adblock Plus is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Android devices.
  • Easy tracking and protection from malware.
  • Faster loading of pages.
  • It provides customization features like whitelisting of your favourite sites.
  • Seamless streaming on Kodi.


  • It provides Acceptable Ads by default.
  • With time, the number and blocks might reduce.
  • Consumes a lot of processing power and RAM.


With AdGuard you can surf the Internet and stream your shows on platforms like Kodi safely and ad-free.

Online tracking and intrusive ads can be annoying, but AdGuard helps you get rid of them and protect your device from malware.

AdGuard is not only an ad remover but also a multi-purpose tool. All of its amazing features combined ensure a better web experience. It protects you and your children from dangerous websites and speeds up the loading of your streams and TV shows.


Unlike other ad blockers, it is not available as a browser extension. Rather it is an application-based blocker that blocks ads straightforward.

AdGuard Blocker hosts special filters that do not even miss ads like chat boxes, signup forms, and even other insidious ads.

The best part is, you can easily use AdGuard along with VPN. Yes, most of us use VPN while running Kodi on our devices.

The two thus help you block the ads and at the same time mask your identity online.


  • It protects your data from a huge number of trackers.
  • Blocks the activity analyzers swarming on the web.
  • Provides you with browsing security to avoid all fraudulent, malware attacks, and more.
  • Easy access to any content.


  • AdGuard’s premium features are not free.

uBlock Origin

Another well-known ad blocker for Google Chrome and Firefox is uBlock Origin.

It is an open-source platform that effectively blocks ads on various platforms. It is an efficient blocker that is easy on the RAM and CPU of your device.

It is just not an ad blocker. You can also call it a wide –spectrum content blocker that saves up your memory and CPU efficiency.

It offers EasyPrivacy and EasyList features that block the ads and prevent malicious tracking. From various filters, you can select the number of ads you want to block.

uBlock Origin

You can add the Google Chrome extension to your browser and enjoy its various features.

However, you can also enjoy its premium features with the upgraded version.

And so just like other ad blockers, you can switch between the pre-installed filters to unblock banners, ads, pop-ups, and even install some new filters.


  • It is a free and open-source platform.
  • Allows you to block the JavaScript locally as well as globally.
  • Extension available for Google Chrome, while you can install it as a plugin for Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.
  • It hosts various pre-installed filters, block trackers, and pre-filter URLs.


  • It interferes even with the financial and e-commerce sites.
  • You can face some technical glitches now and then.


The next ad blocker is Ghostery, which is designed to block traders and function as an ad blocker.

The ad blocker Google Chrome extension is completely free to use. Ghostery is available as a Cliqz browser plugin along with Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox Safari, and Opera.


The Ghostery ad blocker app is completely safe and secure for Android as well as iOS devices.

The ad blocker is very easy to use and works well with apps like Kodi.

So whenever you are streaming third-party applications, Ghostery helps to block ads and pop-ups.

The most probable way of malware infecting your device is when you browse the web. And Ghostery takes care of it. It controls the JavaScript used in the websites and reduces the chances of infection.


  • Smarter Ad blocking optimizes the performance of the page.
  • It has a dynamic interface that allows you to customize when and what to block.
  • It comes with an enhanced anti-tracking system.
  • With Ghostery you get faster, cleaner, and safer browsing.
  • When you visit a website, it lists if the company is tracking you.


  • The customization feature is not up to the mark.
  • It is quite aggressive.
  • Can block even file uploads from trusted sites.

AdBlocker Ultimate

This is another effective ad blocker that does not accept any sort of ads.

With AdBlocker Ultimate you can take control of your digital space leaving behind all the malicious trackers, ads, pop-ups behind.

AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate uses exceptional technology to block the display ads and video commercials that pop-up while online streaming.

It even allows you to customize a list of acceptable ads.

Your personal data is kept safe from the trackers and analyzers active on the Internet. And so you can safely share your data with different platforms without any worry.


  • Removes ads and malicious content.
  • Free Chrome and other browser extensions.
  • Disables sneaky tracking and blocks ads.
  • Filters the ads and speeds up browsing.
  • Decreases the bandwidth and memory usage of web pages that you visit.


  • It claims to be free but may ask for a dollar or two as a donation.


Last but not least Kodi Ad Blocker in our list is AdLock. It is a new kid in block, but its effectiveness and performance are at par with others.

This Adblocker is available as an extension as well as Android and Windows tools.

It even offers a parental tool that helps you have control of every ad and pop-up in the right way.


You can easily add it to your browser while streaming on different platforms like YouTube, Kodi, and more.

It even blocks Twitch ads successfully. Yes, you read that right.

Twitch followed YouTube and came up with multiple types of ads. And AdLock promises to block the commercial, too loud and unskippable ads.

You can try its free version till it works for you.


  • A popular and effective ad-blocking service.
  • It is supported by a large community.
  • It offers protection of your personal data, and reduced data usage.
  • Compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS OS.
  • It blocks Kodi and Twitch ads, pop-up messages.


  • The frequent occurrence of glitches.
  • Doesn’t work with Crunchyroll.


So, guys, these are the top 7 Kodi Ad Blockers that you can use to remove ads and pop-ups.

Most of these ad blockers come with Google Chrome extension. You can easily add it to your browser for seamless browsing and streaming.

Ads played between the media, sometimes are allowed to make the users aware of certain products.

But if you wish to get rid of them completely, then try these ad blockers.

You can either use it as an app, extension or search it in your Kodi library if you get a suitable addon.

Share your favorite Ad remover or any AdBlocker that works for you with us in the comment section.

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