5 Best Browsers for Your Roku Device in 2021

“Tech geeks can never be bored of any technology that comes in the way”. And Roku is one of them. Launched long ago in 2008, it is the most popular digital streaming platform to date. With changing time Roku has evolved so much that you can’t deny its existence for binge-watchers.

Everything comes with its pros and cons, so does the Roku. When it comes to browsing, Roku only has a limited set of functions and features, which is of course a downside.

But, who said this limits its usage? Every limitation brings with it opportunities for something new. Yes, you heard it right. There are different browsers to enhance your streaming experience.

In this blog, we are going to give you a list of the 5 best web browsers to use with your Roku. So, stay tuned to not miss any latest updates about this.

5 Best Web-Browsers for your Roku Device

Here is the list of browsers you can use. Let’s get started:

1. Media Browser for Roku

Media Browser for Roku

Media Browser is a suite of applications that allows users to stream any media content from their computer to a Roku device through the use of an internet connection.

The media browser is available in the channel store. Therefore, it is easy to use. The overall theme of this browser looks good as it ensures calmness in the eyes of its users. The best thing about this browser is that Roku supports this browser, so there is no issue in using this.

Pros of Media Browser for Roku

· The media browser is supported by Roku, so you won’t face any problem in surfing or loading heavy content on your streaming device.

· It is good for accessing audio content and pop-music.

Cons of Media Browser for Roku

· Media Browser does not support video content.

· It does not play any video content or picture.

2. The Roku Channel

The Roku Channel

The Roku channel is one of the best browsing channels we have ever come across. The constant updates within this browser allow access to fresh content every time. Also, the content in this browser is drawn from various secured and trusted sources such as yahoo, therefore, they are always updated.

Pros of Roku Channel

· You can access any video and audio content of your choice.

· It is supported by Roku. So, you can use this internet browser to stream the latest movies and shows.

· It provides access to various interesting sources.

Cons of Roku Channel

· We haven’t found any cons in the Roku Channel.

· You can use this browser without any worries.

3. Firefox


Firefox is one of the oldest browsers we have seen since our childhood. This is another browser you can opt for for your Roku device. If you have a certain inclination towards the latest movies then this is one of the most recommended browsers to use.

Pros of using Firefox

· It enables you to watch the latest movies.

· It has a collection of different streaming content you could have found otherwise.

Cons of Firefox

· Firefox offers all these services in the paid subscription.

4. Youtube


If you don’t use this platform, then it is a sin!! From watching tutorials to finding short movies, and then some birthday songs to impress our crush, we all have used youtube. It’s not just a media platform but has emotions with it.

Have you ever thought of using Youtube on your TV Screen or Roku? If not, then let me break the shell. You can use this browser on your Roku device as well and enjoy your favorite videos on a big screen.

Pros of Youtube

· It allows you to access any content on a single platform.

· It has faster search results as compared to other browsers.

Cons of Youtube

· You can download videos directly from the browser into your device.

· It has some paid shows as well.

5. Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is the most famous streaming browser in America. It allows its users to binge anime shows and various movies. The best part about this media streaming browser is its HD quality and fewer ads. You can also watch geo-restricted channels by using some tricks and techniques.

Pros of using Crunchyroll

· It gives HD movie qualities.

· It shows fewer ads as compared to other media browsers.

Cons of using Crunchyroll

· It is available only in America.

· It has a monthly subscription.

· It is not directly accessible on Roku.

Didn’t get it? Try Screen Mirroring

While scrolling down the list, you must have got a fair idea about using a web browser on Roku. If you are too lazy to get such subscriptions, install or do a bit of setting up of such web browsers to your Roku device, then the easiest thing to do is the screen mirroring.

Screen Mirroring means casting your smartphone or laptop content onto your TV screen. It is one of the simplest ways to access any browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I browse the internet on Roku?

Yes, you can browse the internet on Roku by using a third-party application because Roku alone is not supported directly for browsing the internet.

2. Are there any free web browsers for Roku?

We have discussed various web browsers above. Most of them are free. There are other browsers too that are free to use. You can pick Web Browser X, Youtube for free.

3. Can I get Google Chrome on my Roku device?

Roku does not support Google Chrome directly. There are different ways to cast Google Chrome on your Roku device. Try screen mirroring to get google chrome on your Roku device.

4. How can I cast these browsers into my Roku?

Use Screen mirroring for the fast and easy cast of these browsers into your device.

Thus Concluding,

We have covered the best 5 web browsers you can use on your Roku. Do let us know which browser suited you the best.

Thank you for reading the article. Do let us know if you want more information about such topics. Also, shoot your queries in the comment section below. We would love to answer all your queries.

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