How to Install Bell Fibe TV on Roku Quickly?

The Fibe TV app is the one-stop solution for streaming live TV and on-demand content. You can even enjoy your recordings on the go.

You can stream content via the Bell Fibe TV channel on your mobile, computer, smart Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, tablets, and Chromecast.

That definitely is a long list of devices that support the Bell Fibe TV. However, if you own a Roku device and want to install the Bell Fibe TV on Roku, then it is a bit difficult.

The Bell Fibe TV app is not available in the Roku Channel Store. And so you cannot install it directly.

But, you can still stream the Fibe TV app on your Roku TV. Want to know how? then keep reading.

How to Watch Bell Fibe TV on Roku?

With Fibe TV you can search for your favorite TV shows, catch up with live TV and even pause it as and when you want.

And to get the Bell Fibe TV channel on Roku, here are the two methods that you can try.

Method 1 – Mirror Fibe TV to Roku

The Bell Fibe TV app is available on the Google Play Store. You can download it on your Android smartphone and even on your Android TV.

However, if you have the Roku TV you can download and install the Fibe TV on your smartphone. And then mirror it on Roku.

Step 1 – Go to Google Play Store on your Android smartphone. Search for Bell Fibe TV.

Step 2 – Click on the Install button to get the app on your device.

Step 3 – Now sign in to your Bell account using the MyBell login and username.

Once you have entered the Fibe TV app, you can now mirror your screen to your Roku TV. Also before mirroring the screen, make sure your Roku device and your smartphone are connected to the same network.

And if it is connected to the Bell Unlimited Internet service, then the process will become easier and faster.

Before we change the settings of our Android device, let us enable the Screen mirroring option on our Roku TV.

Step 4 – So, go to Settings, followed by System.

Step 5 – Here you will find the Screen mirroring option, click on it. And then finally choose Enable Screen Mirroring.

 Enable Screen Mirroring

Step 6 – Next, let us set your Android device to connect it with Roku. So go to the Settings of your mobile.

Step 7 – Click on Display> Cast Screen.

Step 8 – Next click on the three vertical dots, or the Menu option. Choose the Enable Wireless Display option to enable it.

Cast Screen window

Step 9 – You will now be able to see Roku as an option on the Cast Screen window. Select your Roku option and now whatever you play on your Android phone will be displayed on your TV as well.

With different smartphones, you will find the Cast Screen option at different places.

Method 2 – Use Chromecast to Watch Fibe TV on Roku

If you have the Google Chromecast device, then you can easily watch the bell Fibe TV on your Roku set up.

Just like the above process, you need to have the Fibe TV app on your smartphone. Then with the help of Chromecast, you can cast the content played on your device on Roku.

Step 1 – Open Google Play Store or the App store on your device. Search for the Bell Fibe TV app.

Step 2 – Once you install the app, login to your Fibe TV account.

Step 3 – Now start streaming any show or video on the Fibe TV. as you will click on any area on the screen, you will see the Chromecast icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Chromecast icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 4 – Click on that icon. And then choose the device you want to cast your screen to.

That’s it. You can now watch the Fibe TV content on Roku.


Roku comes with limited functionality when compared to other devices like Apple TV or Android TV.

And one such issue that you will encounter is the absence of the Bell Fibe TV app. Since it is not available on the official Roku Store you cannot install it on your device directly.

But we have got you two easy ways to stream the Fibe TV content on Roku.

You can either directly mirror your smartphone screen or if you have Chromecast then you can cast the content.

So don’t just sit back and get going to watch Fibe TV on Roku. Do let us know your views on these methods and share them forward.

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