An Easy Guide on How to Stream Audible on Roku?

Audible is one of the most famous audiobook providers that can be used on your smart devices like smartphones and laptops.

When Roku lovers do stuff at home, chilling on their couch and eating snacks, streaming audiobooks on Roku arouses the general interest of the audience.

How to Stream Audible on Roku?

However, Roku users may get upset because as of now Roku is not supported and compatible with Audible audiobooks. Streaming Audible books have neither Audible channels nor compatible AA and AAX players.

You cannot use the famous Audible app to play audiobooks on Roku.

Then the question arises, are there other ways to play audiobooks on Roku? The answer is YES.

If you want to stream and enjoy the Audible audiobooks on Roku easily, follow the below guide to stream Roku into Audible files and enjoy unlimited movies, podcasts, stories, etc.

How to Stream Audible on Roku?

Now you may think about how to make Audible books compatible with Roku as it has been clear above that you can not stream Roku Player on Audible.

A perfect solution is to make Audible audiobooks compatible with Roku players that enable Audible audiobooks to be successfully streamed to Roku.

In simple terms, you need to convert Audible files to other Roku supported formats.

Therefore, in this way, one can remove format restrictions and enjoy Audible audiobooks on your Roku smoothly. Furthermore, you will get to know about the compatible formats of Roku and the steps to convert Audible to Roku.

Roku media player

Roku formats do support Audible

As a popular streaming media player, Roku can more easily stream media files to any TV that facilitates your media experience.

It is necessary for you that you should convert Audible files to the formats supported or compatible with Roku.

We recommend choosing the MP3 format as it is compatible to play on ordinary players and devices. Once you change Audible files like AA to those formats, you can stream Audible audio to Roku.

Roku supports the following media formats.

  1. AAC- .mkv, .mp4, .mov
  2. MP3- .mp3, .mkv
  3. WMA- .asf, .wma, .mkv
  4. FLAC- .flac, .mkv
  5. PCM- .wav .mkv .mp4, .mov
  6. AC3 / EAC3- .mkv, .mp4. .mov, .ac3
  7. DTS- .mkv,, .dts
  8. ALAC- .mkv, .mp4, .mov, .m4a

Steps to convert Audible to compatible format with Roku

Here, we recommend you use a reliable audio converter for the Audible conversion process.

The converter will convert Audible format into Roku supported format, such as MP3 and M4A.

One can get converted Audible files with minimal quality loss. Even better, a powerful converter does an excellent job by preserving all-important tags and chapter details.

Most audiobook Converters fully support different versions of Windows and Mac OS. Through converter, Audible files are successfully converted from smooth Audible files to Roku compatible activities.

Step 1. Download any powerful audiobook converter

Download and install any high-rated audiobook Converter. Run the downloaded program. In the case of Apple, iTunes will be launched automatically to synchronize or link the audiobook playlist to the available converter.

Step 2. Choose the files you want to convert

  1. After starting the audiobook converter, you need to select your favorite content that you want to stream on Roku.
  2. Generally, Audible Audiobook formats are .aa and .aax. In the case of Apple, you need to grant the authorization of the Audible account to iTunes. Then, download the Audible Download Manager.
  3. Now search and go to the Library on the Audible desktop site, and then download audiobooks.
  4. After this step, select OK or YES in the pop-up window to authorize your computer.
  5. Then log in with your credentials to your Audible account and hunt down the downloaded audiobooks in the Audiobooks section of iTunes.
  6. But for Mac users, you should click on the blue link on Audible and say Click here to complete activation to activate Audible account on iTunes.

Step 3. Start converting it into Roku compatible formats

Now, convert it into the above explained Roku compatible formats like AA, AAX, etc. Therefore, please modify the output settings such as format, folder, etc, and convert favorite content accordingly.

Step 4. Copy converted file into a USB drive

After converting it into the desired format, just copy it to a USB drive and then insert it into the Roku device.

Copy converted file into a USB drive

Step 5. Stream your favorite Audible Audiobooks to Roku

After completing step 4, you can stream supported Audible files through the Roku device without any interruption or difficulty.

After that, you will notice that you have successfully converted Audible audiobooks and streamed them to Roku TuneFab audiobook converter.

In Conclusion

We understand your hustle when it would be difficult for frequent readers to give up on your favorite stories and want to know the end of your favorite stories, movies, and shows.

So, what is the perfect solution in this scenario?

We got a solution for all users of Roku. We have explained the few easy steps above to make your streaming experience worth remembering through audible. We hope that the above guide will help you to listen to your favorite story while closing your eyes and resting on the balcony under the sky full of stars.

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