Is AT&T Blocking Kodi? – A Complete Guide

AT&T aka American Telephone and Telegraph Company is the largest Telecommunications Company in the world. It is the largest provider of telephone services and Internet across America as well.

So you will find an AT&T router and broadband connection in almost every other household in the States.

And so you will find Kodi. Kodi has proved to be a great platform for people to stream content online.

There are tons of official Kodi addons that you can install and stream without any issue.

However, if you have installed third-party applications or are streaming censored content then there are chances that you will get a warning message from AT&T.

So does that mean will you not be able to stream Kodi anymore?

Will your Kodi be blocked forever?

No, that is not true. And so today we are going to share with you AT&T Kodi blocking and how you can avoid getting a warning.

Is AT&T Blocking Kodi?

The Kodi community is growing at a very fast rate. The users are not only downloading third-party addons but streaming a lot of content that is illegal and censored in your area.

And the operators have always had privacy issues when it comes to third-party addons. So would the AT&T router be blocking Kodi?

The answer is No.

Kodi is an open-source platform and until you are using it to stream legal content you don’t have to worry about any blocking message.

You might receive a warning message in the following two cases-

Pirated Content

When it comes to pirated content and materials, the USA has stern laws. And if you are found violating those laws, then you will be charged or served a severe penalty.

And Kodi is one streaming platform that allows easy access to all sorts of media, whether it has copyright protection or not.

So when you are browsing Kodi, you might find a link that is not copyright protected.

Kodi and AT&T

The AT&T blocks such links and so the number of results you expect also reduces. As a result, you might feel that your router is blocking Kodi links.

However, this is not the case. Only the pirated content that you are trying to stream via their network is blocked so as to protect you from any trouble.

And in case you access any site unknowingly then you might get a warning message. And so always be careful while browsing the Internet.

Legal Content

Using Kodi to stream local content, or media files stored on the hard drive, or from a source like YouTube with no copyright issues is easy and completely allowed.

However, when your chosen media server has conflicts with the state laws or legal rules, then AT&T might block the streaming. You will not be able to access the AT&T router.

And so AT&T blocking Kodi is a complete rumor. You can easily use Kodi to browse and stream legal content while residing in the US. You won’t face any issues.

How to Avoid AT&T Warning Message?

One of the easiest ways to avoid getting your Kodi blocked by your ISP is by using a VPN service.

Using a VPN can help you access pirated and banned content within the US.

Most users resort to this method to mask their identity and area from their Internet Service Providers.

No matter how easy and reliable it may seem, using a VPN means violating the state law of browsing pirated content and then hiding it.

And so it is not recommended to use VPN as you can land into trouble for your momentary pleasure.

There are different VPNs available that work just fine in the US. You can use NordVPN, ExpressVPN or IPVanish like VPN services.

Here are three easy steps to prevent AT&T IP address from being identified by your ISP.

Step 1- Sign up for a VPN service that is available in the US and UK regions.

Step 2- Download the particular VPN service on the device you will be streaming Kodi.

Step 3- Connect your VPN app to the server and then launch Kodi.

Now your AT&T won’t be able to block your streams and add-ons. You can have instant access to everything and anything.

How to Avoid AT&T Warning Message

VPN allows you to bypass the server and now you can safely stream the Kodi content that AT&T would have blocked.

Along with streaming of illegal or pirated content, VPN also provides you with the following benefits-

  • Protects your personal information from spies.
  • Ensures secure connection against scammers and hackers.
  • Gives access to the geo-blocked Kodi addons.
  • Keeps your identity anonymous online.


A number of users have received copyright infringement notification regarding their Kodi streaming.

This started a rumor which said that AT&T is blocking Kodi.

But this is not completely true. If you are streaming legal content then you will not receive any warning message.

However, if you still want to download third-party add-ons and stream pirate content, then use AT&T VPN. You will be able to stream everything without any issue.

What is your take on streaming illegal content on Kodi and the use of a VPN? Share with us in the comment section.

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