How to Listen to Apple Music on Roku

How to Listen to Apple Music on Roku

Roku is often referred to as a Roku Streaming Player. Roku is one of the most popular small decoders that provide digital content and entertainment for people. Roku Media Player lets you stream media online using online channels.

In addition, Roku Media Streaming supports many music streaming services. Unfortunately, the Apple Music app is not supported by the Roku Stream Box, so you can not play Apple Music on Roku TV.

Can you listen to Apple Music on Roku?

You can not stream Apple Music directly to Roku. You can easily stream music files like mp3 and WAV files through the free Roku Media Player channel, allowing you to play your content on a multimedia server on your local network or a USB stick connected to the Roku3 via USB as well as with Roku 2 XS.

Apple Music on Roku

However, Apple Music songs in M4P format are protected by Apple FairPlay, which Roku does not support. For this reason, Apple Music files are not the only DRM protected, but they also cannot transfer Roku AppleMusic files, such as MP3 files.

Now it is recommended to connect Apple Music to Roku through a USB port. We recommend using the USB port to add local files to your Roku for functions like playback. However, Apple Music is encrypted and cannot stream to Roku through a USB drive.

Apple Music songs are encoded in M4P format and can only be read on authorized devices. Roku is generally compatible with AAC, MP3, WMA, FLAC, and WAV. M4P is not part of the Roku audio player channel.

Due to the above-explained reason, you can not stream AppleMusic on Roku with the iPhone “Playon Roku” app. Want to know how to listen to Apple Music on Roku?

Listening to Roku Music

How to Listen to Apple Music on Roku

Method1: Through Apple Music Converter

To successfully stream Apple Music to Roku, you need to remove the DRM and convert the AppleMusic to a Roku-compatible MP3 format.

Apple Music Converter helps remove DRM and convert audio tracks to pure MP3 files.

Apple Music Converter

We recommend you first download the free trial version of the Apple Music Converter and follow the steps below to convert Apple Music to MP3.

Step 1. First, download Apple Music Converter> Install and run Apple Music Converter on your devices such as your computer or Mac> iTunes will automatically start altogether.

Step 2. Select the Apple Music track you want to convert.

Step 3: Click to save the Apple Music track to a playlist on the left side of the app.

Step 4: Then select the song you want to convert.

If your favorite Apple Music songs are not listed, first go to iTunes and add them to your iTunes music library. Then open the program again.

Convert AppleMusic to Roku MP3

Step 5: Now, select MP3 as the output format> Click Output Format> Select MP3 or FLAC as the output format. Other parameters like codec, bit rate, sample rate, etc. will be modified accordingly. You can change if you want. Here, it is recommended to select the Apple Music bit rate of 256 Kbps as the bit rate.

Step 6: Now convert AppleMusic to Roku MP3> When you are done, click the Convert button in the menu above to convert AppleMusic to Roku compatible MP3 format.

Method 2: Via USB port

If you possess a USB flash drive, you can use this method to take advantage of AppleMusic on Roku.

Listening Apple Music on Roku Via USB port

Step 1. Copy and paste AppleMusic from your computer to your USB stick.

Step 2. Connect your Roku to a USB storage device via the USB port.

Step 3. Open Roku Media Player and hunt down an image of a USB drive.

Step 4 Select USB storage in the main interface. Now, play AppleMusic on Roku from the connected USB stick.

Method 3: Through Plex Media Server

Wonder, how do I use Plex to play Apple Music on my Roku Smart TV?

Plex application is compatible with Roku, which is usually pre-installed. Here’s how to stream Apple Music to Roku directly from your computer via Plex Media Server.

This is the step for you.

Step 1. First, install the Plex application on your device.

Upload Apple Music to Plex Media Server

Step 2. Now, Upload Apple Music to Plex Media Server.

Step 3: The third step is to open a Plex Media Server on Roku with your Plex connected account.

Step 4. You can now play Roku Apple Music on your computer.

Method 4: Apple Music Screen mirroring may work


Step 1: Go to Play Store> Install Apple Music

Step 2: Launch the application and enter Apple ID.

Step 3: Browse Notification Panel> Hit the Cast icon present in the notification panel.

Step 4: Hunt down Roku device from available devices

Step 5: Go back to the Apple Music app> Now play your favorite song.

Step 6: It’s done! Enjoy your favorite music from your Roku device.


Install mirror for Roku

Step 1: Launch App Store> Install Mirror for Roku

Step 2: Now launch the application Mirror for Roku

Step 3: Choose your Roku device> Enable permission for mirroring

Step 4: Select Start Mirroring> Select Start Broadcast

Step 5: Open Apple Music> Enter your Apple ID

Step 6: Now play your favorite song and enjoy!

PC on PC

Step 1: Go to on your PC

Step 2: Enter your Apple ID.

Step 3: Press Windows + P> Go to the Project tab> Select Connect to a wireless display.

Step 4: Choose your Roku device and enjoy any of your favorite songs on your Roku device.


Apple Music is a dedicated music player made for Apple devices. It has over 70 million songs with features to view lyrics, Airplay, and offline streaming.

For Roku users, there is no official channel for Apple Music. But with some little bit of work, you can stream Apple Music on Roku by following our guide on How to Listen to Apple Music on Roku.

We hope that this article will resolve your Apple Music streaming issue on Roku permanently within a second. For more Roku-related issues, follow our more fixes guides. Till then………Bye, Bye folks!

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